UAAP Saturday

Guess what's the worst thing that can happen in a day:

a) Finding out that I was chewing on thumbtacks from the food I bought while watching UAAP last Saturday. What if I accidentally swallowed it?? I was in the middle of watching a friggin tense game!!!
b) Dead cellphone battery in the middle of an IMPORTANT transaction.
c) A hot bus ride, when I paid for aircon bus fare.
d) Bus suddenly stopping in the middle of the road, at NIGHTTIME, and then suddenly STENCH filling the whole bus causing everyone around me to PANIC. =p
e) All of the above.

Would you believe that I actually had to deal with ALL these last Saturday!??? I was super excited to watch the UAAP game (as blogged that morning) with Ana, who really surprised me of wanting to watch live! 

And I actually enjoyed watching with her! I was hesitant at first since, although friends, when it comes to having different teams in competitions; badmouthing and sour-graping can't be avoided! But Ana was just laughing while I booed and cursed and cheered (too much)! ;) During the half-time, and UP (her team) was still leading, she told me that I was the "pressured one", and she wouldn't mind losing again (her team has zero wins as of the moment). I knew then that Ana is different! :) You know I love you Ans! :)

Anyway, UST almost lost when UP made two (amazing) consecutive three-point shots during the last 20+ seconds...slimming our lead to just 2 points! Just told Ana "Marami pang nanyayare sa ganyang oras"! I was screaming like crazy, but I was impressed when our team "wasted time" with a cool play of passing the ball around the court till the buzzer gave off. My throat hurts at the end of the game, and I embarrassed myself from all my hysterical antics (hahaha) but I felt good after the game. "Ang sarap pala manalo?" 

Been awhile since we won, sigh. =p I was super proud!!!

Anyway, photooos! :)

Warming up few minutes before the game

With Ana, a Maroon-er! :D

Pointers from Coach Pido

hello empty chairs! sigh. when will the tigers gain its fans back. =/

Calling the starting 5 of UST! Ana told me Fortuna wasn't part of the first 5 to lessen the pressure on him. 8D (buti ka pa alam mo! haha!)

weak start. but still ready to fight!

UP during the halftime performance

Jeric Teng

UST finally getting the momentum, UP feeling the pressure

"ever your valiant legions. imbued with unending grace." - I love you UST!

Congrats UST's #17: Jeric Teng! :-)
[And syempre #7 ;p]

I spy with my litol eye, Jic Jic and Coach Pido ;p

Golden Girlsss! Me with Ickay and Vany :)

Spotted in the crowd during the second game (DLSU vs FEU). Eeep I screamed! ;p
Tabi ako sa inyo please? Hahaha!

In today's papers:
Jeric Fortuna

Jeric Fortuna and Chris Camus
Philippine Star. <3


  1. Thumbtacks on your food? That's crazy. I would have gone Rambo on their asses.

  2. oh yes i did! :p went back to the food stall and complained, but i just received my refund the biggest serving of my order. ;p


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