The Bulutong Diaries Day 1

NOTE: Super long post!!! Warning lang, hahaha. Pag bigyan na, I'm sick!!! =(

After humbly reaching 300+ friends here in my blog, I will write about something gross and personal (hahaha). I am so sorry if you're not into icky stuff (skip my posts muna for several days or, ulp, weeks! =/)...but right now I am super scared and freaking out.

Flashback (on slowmo), just a few weeks ago, I've been blogging about being emo and lonely. To vaguely put a story out of all the sudden word-pour, I was super attached (not in a romantic relationship, just to clear the air) that when changes came, I felt: a) left behind, b) k.s.p., c) praning with my own life. I wanted my own change too, I guess, even when I am also afraid of this change. Natakot ako mag isa!

And what will God give to someone who is too dependent, can't live on her own, and suddenly dreads her "Me Time"??? 
He "blessed" me with the POX. 


Still, I went out today (ang selfish ko for doing this, because ayaw ko nga ma-pirme sa bahay at ma-sad, lumabas padin ako kahit may spots nako sa tummy na pwedeng contagious). I had dinner with Tamems and Marj in Greenbelt, and Dra. Marj (interning in Makati Med) examined my "spots", and she confirmed that they do look like chicken pox. :P 

While still unsure (kasi I don't have fever, yup nag Google nako haha), I guess I have to condition myself na may sakit na talaga akong nakakahawa, and I have to rest--physically and emotionally--AT HOME (my fear: to be alone).

Bloggers United is barely 2 weeks away, and IT KILLS ME TO THINK NA PWEDE KO SIYANG MAMISS OUT. =(

More than the "ang panget ng mukha ko" and "ang dami kong 'pimples'" phase...I realized that what pains me is I feel that God's telling me to slow down...alone. He gave me time AND THE SITUATION to rethink about my life and my emotions.

I now appreciate the days I can easily go out and attend events and Barx gimmicks...To think during those times I was Ms. Gloomy, sulking and always BV. =P 

But all has been said and done, and I just hope people I have pestered will forgive me. I AM SORRY. Now, I am TRYING to enjoy "Me Time" again (ask my Multiply friends, I was Ms. Me Time before!!!)...So here are my to do list, aka ...

Why Having Bulutong Rulzzz!!! (Hahaha):

1) More time for se-rieees yooo!!! Hahaha! Catching up on my How I Met barkada. Already in season 6, so if matapos man ako, I will also try to watch other series and even movies!

2) Solo Partaaay!!! Hahaha! Seriously, I guess it's more of... License to Pity Party! =P I have more time to cry about my insecurities without being caught-in-the-act by my sisters, hahaha! I'm sure this isolation will be like a retreat/recollection for me again. :p

3) I can have an ambush room makeover! After junking my room with Anagon Collection stocks and even The Fashionista Commuter giveaways and freebies from events, this is the perfect time to segregate, arrange, give away, and throw. Also, I am really looking forward to more time for DIYs!

4) The Big Comeback! I can start planning and working on the big comeback of Anagon Collection! I miss my "baby"... =(

5) ...

Actually, I can't think of anything na. =/ I am just (to be honest) sad and as depressed as ever. 
My gawd, even my sisters are talking to me behind the door!!! Hahaha!

Oh! I took photos from awhile ago's dinner with Marj and Tamems! :) Don't worry, hindi obvious yung yucky spots ko, hahaha:

Sinadya kong sepia, para di masyado kita marks, hehehe.

Funny story, yesterday I thought pimples lang yun asa nose and below my lip and chin ko...Hahaha. Nilagyan ko ng acne cream kasi may PFW pa akong attendan! :P



Mineee!!! <3 :)
Eggplant Parmigiana :)

I guess there's this current urge for me to go out and enjoy, and the urge to take action on things impulsively... And then suddenly the universe wants me to stop. It frustrates me. But I have no plans on fighting back. Will take this as a sign, and just gooo with the floooow~~~~

Pray for me, I think it's time for me to get my groove back. And feel free to buzz me when you see me online. Matagal tagal na walang kausap to, wah! Silent retreat ang peg! Hahaha! :) Ciao!

PS: Pwede bang mag exercise ang may bulutong? Hahaha. More time to hit the stairs! Hehehe!


  1. when i had chicken pox, i had a fever for 3 days and the scabs went completely off after 2 weeks.

    you should rest for you to get well soon :)

  2. OMG. Sad to hear that Anagon! :c I've never had chicken pox! I took shots last year!!! ang mahal pero I don't want to get them now! feel better!

  3. Thank you so much Reina...I am super scared, sana hindi siya bulutong talaga =/

  4. Thank you Maje!!! Scared ako na magka chicken pox din, and di ko na akalain magkakaron pako =/ Mas mahal ang gamot ... Kaya you made the right decision to take vaccine shots! :/ Sigh!

  5. Ana! pagalng kaaa. malapit na BU! hehehe

  6. I knooow...Ang sama ng loob ko. :/ Kung di lang to nakakahawa, I swear wala akong pake kahit tadtad ako ng "pimples"!!! Hahahaha!!!

  7. aawww... me too, d pa ako nagkaka chicken pox and im planning to have shots kasi mas mahirap daw matanggal ung "spots" pag mejo oldie, hehe. i hope ndi bulutong syo. would love to see u sa BU and will approach u na, hehe :) pagaling ka po.

  8. Thank you Jen!!! :)) <3 Sana talaga hindi siya bulutong... Kasi wala akong fever. Sana talaga, pero super dami ko nang spots to think na hindi siya hay haha =/ Hope to see you sa BU din!!! :))

  9. Get well soon, Ate! Yung friend ko excited pa naman siyang makita ka sa BU.

  10. get well soon! i got my pox when i was 12, it only lasted for a week. just don't scratch it and hope for the best, also get a lot of rest cause more than medicines, your body's own immune system works best for fighting the dreaded bulutong. about exercising, im thinking the sweat might irritate it more. good luck, don't scratch! when it's gone, try human nature's sunflower beauty oil if there are any dark spots left :)

  11. Nadine natouch naman ako :) Praying maging ok na by next week :)) <3

    Sarah thank you! Sana maging ok na in a week din :) I'll try to rest more nalang than magpapayat pa hehehe...And thank you for the Human Nature tip...Sana talaga maging ok na ;) Thank you uli! :)

  12. Hi Ms Ana, Hana here. Get well soon, Ms. Ana :) You're contagious until the vesicles dry off. I hope you'll be able to go to BU though! Just take some measures to boost your immune system (vit C, good food, etc) I really appreciate the realization despite being down with the chicken pox :) It's inspiring, really, kahit simpleng bagay lang :)

  13. Thank you so much Hana for appreciating! :) <3 Super natouch ako! :) I really hope my immune system wont fail me this time, I want to get going! But I guess I haven't learned my "lessons" pa so eto kulong padin! :) Pray for me! :))

  14. Regarding Sarah's comment, I sell Human Nature products sa office! I also use the Sunflower Beauty Oil for my scars sa legs, I'll give you a bottle sis! =)


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