The Bulutong Diaries Day 2


Grabe first day palang mapirme sa house, suko nako! :P My mom's super frustrated kasi labas ako ng labas ng room ko (ang init habang wala pa sila Ate and Cea). Hindi din ako makatulog kasi ang kati and init. =/ 

Nakakatawa pa that mom served me typical dish for the sick...Soup. I wasn't hungry, but super nalungkot ako lalo sa food hehe. And after eating, nasuka din naman ako. =/

And it's super frustrating pa that I have to ask mom to turn on the electric fan for me, or get things for me, or if I can seat here, use these utensils, where can I get the pirated DVDs, etc. (bagal kasi mag download, only to find out ayaw mag play ng pirated sa comp ko huhu) ... Praning rin kami kasi my 2 sisters hindi padin nagkaka chicken pox! I have to note that I used the toothpaste...Hehehe. =S

To think I feel na SUPER LAKAS ko. Sa super lakad, ayoko matulog, and nabobore ako. Itchy lang, pero I started to cleanup my room. Walis walis, arrange things. Kung hindi ko lang tignan sarili ko sa salamin, iisipin kong magaling ako. :P (Wrong move ang pagtingin sa salamin, ang pangit kooo huhuhu)

I wanted to take a bath 5x today sa init, but mom said bawal daw, very patient mom made me bathe in hot water, asked me to use a different soap, and not let me overscrub my itchy spots.

I wanted to cry, and I was super vocal about this to my mom! "Hindi ko na ata kayaaa!!!" and she'll tell me "Ayan ang hindi sanay sa bahay!" And I agreed with her naman "Oo nga e, kaya ako binigyan ng bulutong e!"...Hahaha, hay. =/

I have good stories though, first is that an Air21 package arrived today...And I knew it was for me (Yahoo!):

I LOOOVE surprises, and opening gifts! Hihi!

Parang birthday ko lang! :D Haha! <3
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Thank you NIVEA!

Anyway, I am still trying to get used to this whole isolation thing. Eto na ang frustrating na sakit...Kasi hindi ka pwede bisitahin. Hahaha. :P But thank YOU to all those who texted me just to check if I'm ok...Mona Beans, Tamems, Ana, Krissy, and even to my reader Ann who went out of her way and even texted me some Bulutong Advice. <3 Thank you to those who tweeted me especially Abi and Alli for all the "suggested series" talk. Thank you also to those who messaged me in my last entry, or in my Facebook...It feels good to know na kahit wala akong dalaw (haha)... I felt the love guys. I think I can get by. :,)

One day down...Pray for me loves...
Will finally visit the hospital later. =S


  1. Aww special mention pa :)

    I know how hard this is for you sis, pero I'm still hoping it's not bulutong and skin allergy lang =S I have red rashes all over din brought by allergy to sunblock. Kagagaling lang ng Quezon, ayan I look like Lucban longganisa =/

    I'm praying for your super speedy recovery! Gow sis!

  2. Hay I think this is not just rashes, talagang ichura niya bulutong (based on my googling nga lang hehehe)...And do pray for me sis, Kundi iniisip kong sumugod ng The Lounge kahit pimply and sick haahahha joke lang! :) <3

  3. Anaaaa, na-sad naman ako, parang miss na kita agad kahit magkasama lang tayo nung sunday. pagaling ka ha?

    btw, sweet ng mama mo. hahaha

  4. I know! Sya na ang nurse! :) Hehe..Thankyou tatie, I miss you too! :)

  5. get well soon, beb!! hope you feel much better in the next few days!

  6. Ava: Thank you so much beb! :) I really really pray din... =/ One week minimum daw hay ...

    Junghyun: Thank you so much!!! :) <3 I really appreciate it!

  7. Hi Ana I read you tweets and nag-worried ako(over di ba???:) If thats really chicken pox then it will take two weeks to dry up (I experienced that when I was in high school), meaning if ever I'll attend the Bloggers United event baka di na kita ma meet in person :) Any way get well soon...Hope your well before the BUAISA :)

  8. Awww thank you Glenn! Sana nga :) <3 Im really hoping to meet lots of you that day, hay... :/

  9. ana pagaling ka. =) had chicken pox when i was a baby, so meron akong mga marks dahil panay daw ang kamot ko noon. haha, fail. so, don't scratch ok! =) time to contemplate nga siguro to, so go ahead and reflect. =P hope you get well agad! =)

  10. Thank you so much Ghoent! :) Medyo naudlot na ang blog giveaway natin, hehe :/ Benta yun baby, but atleast di mo na talaga "nafeel" :) I think measles naman ako nun baby! Haha!... Sana maging ok na before BU :) Thanks again!


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