Bulutong Diaries Day 3

Last night, my parents finally took me to the nearest hospital. Although I don't feel anything naman talaga, except when I look at myself in the mirror (hehe), I just want to make sure na chicken pox nga siya. Also, I really want to do something about this and hindi yun hihiga lang ako sa kwarto the whole day, or in my case...Computer marathon. :P

My new bestfriend (for now, haha :D)
Watched How I Met Season 6 episodes, and finished Blind Side yesterday. Downloaded updates of HIMYM for today's viewing! :) I wonder what movie I'll watch tonight! :)

So the parentals took me to the hospital when dad got home from work, and after they had dinner (I ate earlier, baka may mahawa sa sisters ko).

I always feel a lot better when I visit the hospital, and pag may gamot ako. :P I know hindi maganda masyadong dependent sa gamot, but mas comfortable talaga ako. :P

As expected after too much Googling, Dra. asked me to take Acyclovir. 5X a day, for 5 days...
The most expensive gamot: Worth P100+ PER TABLET. :P

My other gastos:
 Hehehe. :P I thought it will be fun to have my own picnic here in my room, di ko din sila makain ng maayos. Ang weird kasi sabi ng doctor hindi naman daw symptom or part ng having chicken pox yung vomiting  =/

And since wala akong picture, eto nalang:
Hehehe! From Quasimodo! ;P

Except for lessening the things on my floor, my room isn't at its tiptop shape yet. Ang pinagka kaabalahan ko lang everyday is my computer...And not even tulog/rest. :P I haven't even started with Anagon Collection plans, but I guess ok lang. I hope I get my groove back, and not get used to being like this. =/

Anyway, back in our car when my parents took me in the hospital, and I was seated at the farthest back..I heard dad asking my mom if may lakad siya tomorrow, and mom said: "Hindi ako lalabas. Baka si Gia..."

Hahaha! Awww... <3

Dad also talked to me while mom bought my Mighty Mart goodies.

Dad: Sige, mamaya, prayer and meditation na gagaling ka...Kelan uli yun event niyo daw sabi ni Cea?
Me: Friday, next week na...Please please, ilang buwang preparations yun, tapos hindi ako makakapunta.
Dad: Prayer and meditation na gagaling ka by Friday...And without marks! 

The parentals also started the whole Bulutong Stories...And I learned that mom was the first to catch the virus in their household of 6 kids...Tapos lahat ng kapatid niya nagkahawa-hawaan nalang sa kaniya! Haha! And as if that's already the worst thing that could happen, PASKO pa daw nun...So they spent Christmas inside a room, and dinadalhan lang sila ng food ni Nanay! :D

Ending this post with a quote from Marshall's dad, because the parentals know best, and they always give the most sound advice:
Here's a secret, I can't see worth a damn either buddy. 
I just kept driving forward, hoping for the best.

I love you Mom and Dad!

Kung kelan ako may sakit, dun umulan ng events! :/ I'll miss the Fashion Academy Launch tonight, Sharon, Tomato and Zumba event on Saturday, Athan's birthday on Sunday, and Neutrogena event on Monday. =S I hope there is something good that will come out after this, Lord.. 


  1. Awww sorry to hear you're sick! Hindi pa ako nagkaka-chicken pox at natatakot akong magkaron. @.@ haha

    Feel better soon <3

  2. Ako din di ko akalain to bestie =/ Thank you so much :) <3

  3. Love the quote about marshall's dad!!! :) HIMYM addict ka rin pala anagon! Get well soon! :) - Jamaila

  4. Hope you feel better soon :) Before you know it, this will be done and over with!

  5. I love how I met jam! :)) Cant wait to see you soon! :) <3

    Jen thank you! :)) <3 Yes, may this be done and over! :)


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