Bulutong Diaries Day 4


You have to give me credit for some of these. 

I have some little --but still-- improvements on my "isolation retreat". 

I'm starting to just laugh about not being able to attend events just because I might spread the disease (haha). 

I am writing in my diary again, trying to recollect my thoughts and emotions that started to get out of my control. 

I also try to read a few passages from the Bible, as much as I can. I really want to reconnect with Him.

And speaking of reconnecting, I also chatted today with my best friend from high school. We talked about random things! She's also a busy bee, and she's in the States now, so medyo nawalan kami ng communication. (Actually, nawala talaga). It turns out, God is also slowing her down, she's also sick--and much worse than my condition. =/ Stuck in her house, we were given time to chat again. :) It felt good to catch up with her, and know that she isn't really completely gone...And I have her forever.

I also reconnected with my best friend from college--another person I lost touch with. She texted me about a random classmate she saw dealing in Resorts World--and then we texted about other things like plans when I'm already well. "Pag magaling ka na a. Yung magaling na magaling ka na." HAHA! Siraulo padin! ;p

I also decided to assess my Anagon Collection websites, and realized I have to delete the Facebook because I just love my Multiply. :) I hope I can get free layouts or something, haha, as I am re-transferring the albums from Facebook back to Multiply. There's more creativity when I am in my old virtual shop, and though lahat naka FB na, I missed tinkering with CSS and playing with my homepage. :)

Another good thing that happened today is that I again received a package from Nivea...the second one for this week. <3 

Nivea knows how to spoil and make a sick girl happy, haha!

Whitens, Hydrates, and Protects--For glowing skin, even under the sun!
NIVEA Visage Sparkling White Foam
NIVEA Visage Sparkling White Scrub
NIVEA Visage Sparkling White Toner
NIVEA Visage Sparkling White Day Oil Control
NIVEA Visage Sparkling White Night Care
NIVEA Visage Sparkling White Day Age Control

*Available in leading department stores, supermarkets, drugstores nationwide.

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I can't use these babies for now, but I think they'll help my kawawa skin post-Bulutong. I wonder if they'll lighten my scars? I WONDER IF I'LL END UP WITH SCARS??? :/ Huhu!

Last night, I was able to finish I Love You Philip Morris, and all episodes of How I Met (bitin!). Today,  it's almost 7pm and I haven't even watched anything. I think I'm getting used to this, na hindi na ako naiinip (ng slight, hehe). I really pray that I recover my scars..Not only from the chicken pox, but also what's inside. May I get that peace that I once had.

Soooo....Thank you so much for all your prayers and well-wishes. Nakakagaan talaga ng loob. :)

"Sometimes, things fall apart to make way for better things."

Not exactly what I want now, for things to fall apart, but I love the "to make way for better things". In my case, things went into havoc to make it even better in the end. I believe in this. And I will make this happen.


  1. "May I get that peace that I once had."

    - You will get this sis, and more :)
    See you soon!

  2. Thank you sis, this meanssss soooo much to me :)

  3. Do you get them all for free?


  4. u deserve such blessings! hope you're well now!~:))

  5. i love you philip morris is such a good movie, hope you get well soon :)

  6. Anna: Yes sis! :) Big thank you to Nivea! :)

    Geish: Thank you so much, doing better everyday! :)

    Sarah: True! I enjoyed it :)) Thank you so much, pray for me :))


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