Bulutong Diaries Day 5

If you've been on the internet for quite some time these past days (like. ahem. me), I guess you've already read about the May 21 "end of the world" thing, and the zombie outbreak tips from the CDC.

Not one to believe right away, can't help in this condition but feel praningsky that what if these aren't just scares? What if it really is the end of times, and all I did for the last few days on earth was stay in my room, eat and drink, sleep, sulk at my problems, spend time in front of my computer, or watch series and movies (I've finished My Amnesia Girl last night, and started with FRIENDS marathon). =P Lord sana makabawi pa ako!

Anyway, some updates! :)

So yesterday afternoon, it was the first time I spent HOME ALONE because mom really has to go out to do some grocery shopping, and buy more of my meds. I wasn't in bad health anyway, and emotionally I feel stronger, so I said it's ok.

After spending time online chatting with my high school best friend and  transferring Anagon Collection stuff, I saw tweets on American Idol, and so I watched the show in our hall...Using plastic gloves to turn on the TV (hehe). I realized I am rooting for the growling girl Haley. I love that she's just having fun, but I learned today hindi daw siya pasok. :P I think I just jinxed her, haha.

When they got home, mom brought my dinner inside my room. First time ko din to eat my meal in my room, kasi umuwi narin si Cea. Usually nauuna ako kumain kaya sa dining padin. But it's ok, I just devoured my Chowking tokwa and kangkong while watching My Amnesia Girl, hehe!
 After eating my dinner and my ice cream, and still watching (plus checking my FB and Twitter every minute--haha)...I realized I didn't feel the need to vomit. First time in so many days! I felt good about myself. :)

Also, mom showed me the new meds she bought at the Generics Pharmacy...Acyclovir at half it's price! Asa P40+ lang siya per tablet, compared to the P100+! Hope these are as effective!
 Although when I tweeted about this, marami namang nagsabing parehas lang daw, mas mabilis lang daw tumalab yun branded...Hehe. :P Oh well, let's see!

Today I started making wire art orders again, since someone deposited in my account yesterday. 

I can feel that I am back to business na uli (yey!). Sana mag tuloy tuloy na to. It's hard to admit this, but  naburnout din ako with what I am doing, and suddenly I just got tired of everything. I want my groove back, and the first step is always to take the irreversible step--Take Action....Sabi nga ng God's Wants You To Know ko a few days ago, hehe.

So back to the first topic, if today is the last day, and tomorrow is the end of the world...What will you do? You're so lucky you're not stuck in your room. Do something extraordinary today! I'd love to run outside and go to my friends and hug them and tell them THANK YOU and SORRY, but then, this might just all be a scare and magka bulutong pa sila and instead of loving me, they'll hate me for my recklessness and gullibility --hah! So tonight I'll just dance to Jay Sean...It ain't the end of the woooorld! :D

See you when I see you guys! Pagaling nako! Kelangan na lalong magtago mga kapatid ko, at eto na daw ang phase na mas nakakahawa!!! ;P


  1. "Do something extra-ordinary today!"
    -I guess I'm doing something extraordinary tomorrow, I hope it really is not the end of the world.

    Get well Ana. :)

  2. Thank you Bianca! I really hope hindi nga, at hindi pa ako bumabawi sa pagka BV ko from the last weeks pre-my bulutong :) I will be a good girl na, haha! :)

  3. Welcome to the bulutong bandwagon haha! It's good that you had it now rather than later para tapos na. xD Wow, I also just watched My Amnesia girl, haha xD Hope you have a speedy recovery :) and after that, live life to the fullest na!

  4. Awww thank you so much Pau! Feel ko huling huli nako with this whole bulutong bandwagon hahaha :D But I think perfect timing din siya with my whole situation, or else ill still be stuck in my not-so-good self days or even weeks before i got sick.

    And wow parehas pa tayong nanuod ng tagalog flick a hahaha, thank you so much, and yes after this live the life nako! :)) <3

  5. kapikon ang doomsday na yan. bakit naman kung kelan magugunaw ang mundo at mamamatay na tayung lahat eh saka ka pa nabulutong? tsaka, pwedeng next saturday na lang ang end of the world? May bloggers bazaar pa noh, and you have to be there.

  6. OMG ang dami ko na talaga na-miss!!!! First time ko marinig yan end of the world at zombies thing na yan!!! At hindi ko din alam na chicken pox pala ang sakit mo!! Kaloka, akala ko flu lang!!! Get well soon!!! *hugs* (hindi takot mahawaan kase nagka bulutong na LOL)


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