Bulutong Diaries Day 7


So, how are you? 

Stuck for how many days here in my room, I've experienced zigzag of emotions, sometimes I just want to shut them all down, and watch good ol FRIENDS. 

I thought I already stopped with all the vomiting post-eating thing, but today I feel like throwing up again after food intake. I hate it. Nasasayangan ako sa food. :/ Haha! I also miss pizza and Mexicali and other good food "outside"--I really wish I am all well again so I can just run to the nearest Starbucks and get a venti frap--which I also miss.

Also, I woke up today and realized it's 6am sharp, and my mom miraculously was still asleep. Kawawa naman, I think I tire her. So I got up and wore my plastic gloves and got my own water myself, wala pa namang gising.

Although I heard yesterday that Ate caught the virus already...Kahit anong iwas and prevention na ang ginawa namin. She had her chicken pox check up last night, and confeermd ang balita. =/ Hope she's coping well, and wala pa naman daw masyadong spots si ate, sabi ni mom. Naku lalong mapapagod si mom samin! 

Anyway, after taking my 6am meds, I woke up again for the 10am, and saw these goodies in my room:

My sister Cea works for Oishi, so when mom asked nights ago if I wanted to buy bargain chips and Smart C+ drinks..I immediately handed the P200. P100 for that huge bags and bags of chips, and only P100 for 9 bottles of my favorite drink! :)

On another note, after transferring files from my FB back to my good ol Multiply...Finally I can say that Anagon Collection on Multiply is up and running again! :)

I really missed my Multiply days, and it's so much better there. And mas maganda pa yun layout ng online shop ko dun because I can be more creative there compared in FB. I just have to finalize layout plan with my ever-reliable web designer from before (Xyla! :))...And I hope when I'm well, back to business na talaga uli--like new collections and all! I'm even thinking of bringing back meet ups!

So, have you joined my Blog's Second Birthday Giveaway? It's till the 25th nalang, so join join join! :)) Oh, and more of my giveaways linked on the sidebar, check them all out if you want to win cool prizes! :)

Hope you're all doing well, as I am not really in my tip-top shape. But I am praying for something POSITIVE, and I trust God in this. I really really believe that IT will definitely happen in Jesus' name. They are nothing but good intentions, so I know I am on the right track. Please do place a silent prayer for me too, when you say your graces today during mass--As I will not be able to go to church padin with this condition *sigh*. Praying here in my sweet room ain't that bad, though. :) Love you all. :)


  1. I'm praying for you sis :-*

    Uso nga ata talaga ang bulutong these days, kasi my Tito has it din (he's 48 years old, btw).

    Gusto ko ma-try yan Smart-C na yan, todo promote ang friends ko last night eh =)

    Basta magpagaling ka lang ng todo kasi Bloggers United na! I really really really want to see you there! And marami rin maghahanap sa yo for sure! Pagaling kayo ni Ate Kaka :)

  2. i just browsed ur multiply yest and yes it was in tip-top shape na ...wanna buy soon! will they be avail in the BU? and yay for Meet-ups!!! praying for your fast recovery dear!

  3. Omg 48 na sis? Ang hirap siguro nun...i hope he is ok ;) Thank you sis a, sana talaga makaattend ako ng BU, right now nahihiya ako na may matakot sa bulutong ko haha, pero pagaling na ako, sana ok na ng Friday, or even before friday since we have to organize stuff pa pre-event...Sigh. Loading up on smart C though! Hehee!

  4. geishcharles: thank you so much :) please pray na maging ok na ako by BU, will def bring anagon collection stuff!! :) thank you so much, and God bless you!!!

  5. Oh no, nagka-bulutong ka pala. Get well soon, dear!

  6. tagal mo na my sakit kawawa ka nman i hope gumaling kna!:)

    shi <3

  7. Oh my.. I hope you get well soon. I remember my bulutong days.. highschool ako nun. And yes, nagkandahawaan na sa bahay... pano BU? anyway, hope that totally healed ka na before the event! pupunta ako dun with my friends. :) Get well soon!

  8. BREAD PAN. :))
    Gumagawa na po ulit ng layouts si Ate Xyla? I miss her scapbook-ish layouts. :)

    Get well soon! :)

  9. I had the chicken pox narin pero mas masama yung akin cause I had it during christmas! :(

    Hope you're coping well! :-)

  10. Thanks Pretty Glitters! :) Hoping for the best! :)

    Wow thank you Kai! Hope to see you there, approach me a! :)

    Nadine: Nagrequest lang ako kay xy! :) sana sana tuloy, i miss her layouts din hehe :) thanks sis, missyou!

    Mimi: thank you so much! :)

    michelle: awww my mom had same story, so stuck daw sya sa room =/ Thank you so much, im trying! :)

  11. I'll be at the bloggers united event. I hope you'll feel better already. Stay pretty!

    followed your blog. :)



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