Bulutong Diaries Day 8


Intermission muna in the middle of my Friends marathon!
Blogging time uli, hehe!

Another day. Hay. I really hope things will go well. I really can't tell when all these vague things I keep blabbing about here in my blog will fall into place. All I can do is just lift everything up to Him, and pray that things will clear up in God's time. I really can't wait for that moment when I'm in the middle of something on a steady happy day, I'll suddenly stop and go "Ahhhh! Kaya pala nanyari yun..." Bla bla bla.

Oh God, that will be the day. (Don't worry, I will not forget to blog about it when that moment comes! Hah! :P)

Right now, everything is as dark as the threatening sky.

Speaking of the gray skies, una bulutong, and now my worry is that a storm is coming daw this Friday. Which is Bloggers United day lang naman. =/

Hay awa naman!!! Kahit konti!!!!

Some updates on my condition:
- black / dark spots. I can really say na pagaling na ang aking chicken pox. Nasa stage na siya where everyone in the house should avoid me, haha. Still itchy, though, and alas may mga nascratch nako sa face ko. :P Note to self: Pudpuring uli ang nails.

- no need for meds. The Acyclovir, an anti-viral medicine, is for 5 consecutive days lang pala. 5 medicines per day for 5 days. Haha! No need to wake up at 6am...But kanina nagising parin ako, and mom entered my room parin for breakfast! Only a week passed, and iba na kaagad system namin. I am really amused with "getting used to" matters.

- nasusuka padin. Sadly, I still throw up after eating. Awhile ago when lunch was served to me, super takot ako kumain because I know I'll just go vomit-y after. =/ But I tried to eat parin, and had crackers nalang beside me all the time--takot ako mawalan ng nutrients sa body more than anything. =/

So there! Preparing stuff for Bloggers United kahit nasa house lang ako. Computer stuff, like I made the power point for sponsors, IDs, texted some sponsors, and posted articles and stuff in BU FB and blog. For now, I am just hoping for the best this Friday! :)



  1. Thanks Michelle! :) Hoping for the best! :)

  2. Get well Ana!!! Hoping to meet you on Friday!!!=)

  3. avoid proteins and oily foods muna... eat foods rich in vitamin c because it will boost your body's immunity and it will help in the repair of skin thus will make healing of scars and small wounds faster. Hope this helps! and lotsa water ^_^

  4. malay mo something great will come out with all the bad shizz happening to you! :) hang on ana! :) get well soon!

  5. Thank you Ayieh! :) I'll see you on Friday! :)

    mae: Thank you so much! Super Vit C loaded when I get the chance to eat properly :) Hope will heal na talaga..And I love water kaya ok na ok heehee! Thank you so much for the pieces of advice! :)

    Hazel: Thank you, I really really believe in that. :) <3 Thanks so much!


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