"Post War"


Cuma-car Show

Went to a car show in SMX with Marj and Alli last Saturday afternoon:

Coffee at the Travel Cafe

Hindi ako uminom ng coffee the whole duration of my bulutong, because I've lost my appetite and I've been throwing up after eating. :P Last Saturday though, I felt better so I ordered my first coffee in 2 weeks!

My girls Alli and Marj :)

Some neat finds: 

Angas lang parang pakpak, hehe:

Mr. Bean car! :D

I am in love with small cars, although my work and lifestyle wouldn't permit me to own one. Hindi kakasya mga pang bazaars! Hehehe!

I love 60s / 70s looking cars. Volkswagen and Beetle are my favorites! Look at the converted Volks...Pick up na siya! Perfect sa tindera like me! ;) Hehe!

Hippie Beetle! May top down na, may surf board pa! Beach babe ang tema, hehe!

...May picnic basket set up pa! :D

Hello Car-Freshner! Hehe ang kulet lang!

I'm not into sleek cars because they're just "not me"--But I find the matte cars during the show too cool:

Alli and a matte car! <3

Party mode lang everyday! Woot! Bagay to kay Tamems!
Party rock is in the house tonight! Everybody just have a good time! Hehehe.

Neon Cars! Attention kung attention! Haha!

Eto pa isang coolnuzz! :D

Saw lots more vintage cars, na mas trip ko talaga, but they have a special section for VIPs only. :P

Tamems Birthday 

After car show, I spent my late Saturday night with almost the whole barx in Dillingers in Greenbelt 3 to celebrate my dear Tamems' 25th. 

Said hello to Tamems with my gifts:
Letters/Photos of our Barx, and red flats--part of her wish list! :)

Inumen ne nemeeen! :D Hahaha! Galante Tamems, woot!

I made sure to buy Tamems a cake! :) "Birthday Must" talaga sa akin blowing of candles, kundi hindi kumpleto! :)
Everybody sang happy birthday, and niloloko namin Tamems baka may sumigaw sa Dillingers: "Drinks on the house!" Hahaha patay ang pitaka!

Sumosolo cake cutting! :D Hehehe! Cute!

Barx <3 Tamemsky :)

Tuloy tuloy lang inuman at tawanan! :)

I love you Tamems! :) <3

Lyka Day

I am always with my high school friends, but bihira lang college friends because of school and super busy sa work. So I'm happy pag nagkayayaan na and pwede sila! Marlene chose May 31, but siya pa ang hindi pwede the last minute! :P Had fun with Lyks though...We watched Pirates of the Caribbean in Glorietta! :) And now I am on Pirates high! 

Afterwards, we went to food choices for dinner:

Laki lang ng pizza ha Lyks, haha!

Me and my Go Greek: My Favorite! :)

Falafel Gyro Platter! :) 

I love moments like this one na we just hang out and eat or drink coffee; we get to talk more about our own lives since the last time we saw each other. I haven't seen Lyka for such a looong time, but every time I get to personally talk with her, narerealize ko na why I became close friends with her way back in college. Kilalang kilala niya ako, ang scurrryyy! Hehehe!

Ano kaya tong binabasa ni Lyks' na ganyan ang expression niya? Hehehehe.

Lyka is still the good listener with the sound advice. Palagi ako pinapagalitan nito! Hahaha. Got the chance to listen to her "stories" too...I really missed Lyka and I am just thankful she's still here for me whenever she's on vacation from law school.

Right after my chicken pox, thing with eating, big personal issues, organizing Bloggers United, neglecting my business, and a whole lot more stress from the past weeks, I feel I am on a stage in my life now where God is permitting me to breathe again and take control of where I am going. Post-War: Right after the gruesome fight for things I didn't expect to come (but maybe subconsciously I did). I feel that I am in the situation where I can clean up my mess, start again, and hopefully find that inner peace and love I've lost along the way. :) 

Post War: Not only a period of anxiety, the postwar period was also a time of dynamic, creative change.(source)


  1. It's good to hear na ok na po kayo and you're able to be with your friends + coffee :D Hehe.

  2. Thank you Yanna! :) Yes friends! And of course, cant live without my coffeeee! :) <3 hehehe! :) See you soon sis!!!

  3. finally! bulutong diaries is now closed lol.
    yay! see God really answers prayers, i've included u in mine, take care ana :))

  4. waah ang kyoot ng mga cars!!:D love it! happy birthday to tamems!:)

  5. Charles: Thank you for your prayers..I super appreciate the love and support, salamat talaga :) <3 Take care too!!!

    Ava: Makakarating kay Tamems! :) Hihi!! :D Thank you Beb!!!

  6. Grabe. Pagkagaling mo sugod agad. Ang daming ginawa! :))

    I want a vintage car now too!!

  7. Hahaha sugoood kagad! :) Sleep when you're dead ba, hehehe :) Joke lang! :) I want vintage car too, Michelle! :P


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