Happy List 8.5.2011

I'll start with the gloomy story, para tapos na..hehe:

Sunny sunny supposed-great-day, but the Tigers lost again against the "bigger guys" yesterday (the team na wala pang talo), as we tried desperately to break the losing streak. I remember the days when we defeated the Blue Eagles during the championship circa 2006, and I was graduating. Golden glory! I guess that sparked my love for this team, I was hoping for the comeback. Hindi na naulit. Hay.

I wasn't in a good disposition after the game, medyo na BV nanaman ako and everything--even unrelated things--come rushing back! There goes that feeling again! SHOO!

Ayoko naman na everytime something wrong sprouts in my life, here I go again. Good thing there are happy things that happened...so my Happy List starts here:

1) Wala man picture kay Captain, my Captain, Jic / Jeric Fortuna (hahaha)...We saw him when we went to Starbucks to meet someone. This was before the game...so hindi ko ineexpecto patronum. Nakakakilig lang kasi when he saw us, napangiti siya and he raised his hand signalling a high-five. Akala ko for Ickay and Imee lang, but when I passed by, he left his hand hanging there. AKK lang talaga! Hahaha! Arte ko! pero my heart stopped talaga ng bongga. Hahaha! Para akong high schooler! Feeling ko ata asa One Tree Hill padin ako! Hahahaha!

File photo nato, from a game last year, hehehe. Yun din naman suot ko kahapon, hahaha.

Mas kilig:
Silong sa payong! hahaha.

2) Cea left for Hong Kong yesterday--her first time to go abroad with just her friends AND with her own money! I am so proud of my sistah! Wala man marunong samin mag drive ngayon ng iniwan na koche nila parentals (and Ate is at work)...I helped the bunso COMMUTE her maleta. Di ko kaya iwan si payatot kahit alam ko kaya naman niya yan! Anyway, have fun Cey!

3) This month marks my FIFTH year of being a vegetarian! :D

Started circa 2006 (mentioned 2006 twice in this post na a!)...Back in college. So the photo above is my makeshift burger hahaha. Removed the meat, then added fries and lotsa ketchup! Masarap!

I'd like to make a longer separate entry on being a vegetarian pero I need time to do that and right now medyo gahol ako sa time, but I can't stop blogging (again, it's my outlet! :)). Anyway, I am a lacto-ovo vegetarian (I still eat dairy products and egg), and I don't mind if you eat meat in front of me. I am the only one in the family who doesn't eat meat, so I really thank my mom for cooking separate dishes for me for the past 5 years.

Also, I don't mind "selecting" gulay or a pasta/pizza with meat--lalo na pag parties or events na ito lang ang hain, hindi ako mag"iinarte"/bitchfit at magdedemand ng tokwa (haha!). Usually, I eat muna before going to an event, or lalabas ako to eat muna! :) I don't do this to lose weight (kasi ako na ang matakaw na vegetarian! Haha! Sarap ng carbs! Potatoes, pasta, pizza!). Anyway, it was a choice kaya hindi ako nahirapan. Gusto ko siya, and hindi ko mahanap single reason why...I just knew I'll be a vegetarian. :) And yup, I do love animals! :D Haha!

4) A feature on Candymag.com! :) Yey!
So happy to see myself in my favorite teen mag, haha! :D Check out the other girls who graced the "Fashionistas at the SOFA Grad Show!"

5 And last but not the least, got to hangout with Doc Marj again yesterday:

...Siya. Hehe.

And we ate and talked, and talked some more....

And realized our dreams (or my dreams nga lang e! very sure na si Marj sa career path niya) and why we've remained friends even after the "bakante years" na we can't meet each other na dahil graduating siya sa Med. Nakakatuwa lang, this dinner turned my gloomy afternoon (Tigers' lost) into a good day. Ayoko masabihang dependent, and I know I have to be "happy with the company of my self"...but whywhywhy my friends still make my world go around. :) <3


  1. I've tried being a vegetarian. didn't really work out for me. :))

  2. Gusto ko kwento how I started ...unti unti talaga. :) Started with doing away with everything pero may ground meat padin or beef...eventually inayaw ko nadin :) Anyway, it's really one's choice! :) Kanya kanya talaga! :)) <3

  3. Love reading your post. I don't know but for some reasons, kinikilig ako habang kinekwento mo na kinikilig ka kay Captain, hahaha! I miss eating at Cafe Med, I love the pizza with the eggplant, its all veggies (not a vegetarian here), but super yummy, and the white sauce is to die for!!! I think it's a good idea on your future post to make us kwento how you became vegetarian, interesting I'm sure! - Mar
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  4. i was a vegan for about the same time too until i got pregnant and started craving for burgers and pepperoni pizza! weird :) but now, i still dont eat beef

  5. Miss you sisss! Can't wait to bond again with you tomorrow! Just keep on collecting things to include in your Happy Lists and everything will be A-okay ;)

  6. Wow..five years of being a vegetarian is really a great achievement! I only survived one year on it..yikes.:: ♥ you blog by the way.:)

  7. "So happy to see myself in my favorite teen mag, haha!"

    But I can't even count how many times I've seen you (and your accessories) in Candymag! :))

    Do you have an idea why athletes wear those sticker-like thingies on their bodies? Like yung blue na suot ni Jeric Fortuna? Antagal ko nang curious diyan :))

  8. Mar: yeeey narealize ko ang sarap nga palankiligin! Masyado ata ako nacaught up with other things, nalimutan ko na magkacrush! Hay buti anjan si Captain! Hihihihi. And yes, ill try to work on a veg blog entry :) cool yun, pati tips ng mga kinakainan ko when im out hihi, foodie lang!

  9. Sarah: wow nag veg ka din!! Minssn veg foodtrip! Hehe! Naku pag ako nabuntis ano kaya ccrave ko!:D

    Krissy: sayang tm!!!!! Imy!!!! See you and chikahan on sun!!!!!!

  10. Wella: yey! Wow thanks for appreciating!! And grabe one yr is a long time na a! Mahirap nga igetover ang karelasyon ng isang taon e!! Hahahaha! Anong first mong kinaing meat uli?:)

    Claire: honestly di ko din alam, wahahaha!!! but then, thanks for reminding me... Magsndang conversation-starter yun a! Hehehe! And haha wd candy! Matagal tagal nadin kasi!;D

  11. Siempre pa, natuwa na naman ako sa happy list mo. it really is a great thing to remember kung ano ang mga happy things in life natin. lalo na pag gloomy days. or yung mga araw na gising mo palang sira na agad. :)

    Kung kaya ko lang maging vegetarian na din, I will. Parang di ko lang malaman saan ako magsisimula. I don't really fancy eating meat everyday. Madalas nga hate ko pa, feeling ko hirap idigest. (I'd really love it kung magkakapost ka about how you really did it) baka sakali mainspire ako. Though I know it'll be hard. You're lucky, having a mom to prepare all your dishes sa house. He he. pag gaya ko baka bukas-delata lang ang drama haha.. Sweet talaga super mom mo, I'm really sure now she's trying her best to be perfect for all of you (Maybe a post about your mom too, I'd love to get to know her better)
    Pero nagustuhan ko ang fries and lotsa ketchup burger. matry nga minsan. carbs-katawan din.
    (Ikaw ang vegan na mahilig magpatakam tuwing madaling-araw)

    At ang kilig post.. hmm kelan ba ko huling kinilig? ha ha..

    Hope your sister will have fun in HK.

    at of course naman. congrats sa feature. :) happy din ako for you! lalo na at i love your outfit sa pic :)

    Happy list lang lagi. :)
    loving this concept a lot..
    (pasencia na sa sobrang haba post, kung makareact naman talaga ako eh noh , nobela..he he..:) )

  12. I sooo love your blog. :)) New follower here :)

    Oh, btw, i'm a fellow thomasian too. cant wait for your next posts.

    much love,


  13. Belle and Ria: Thank you for your comments, my loves ! :) <3


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