The Final Shot

Okay. If you've been a katambay here in my blog since the early part of the year, you'll see my very obvious mood/emotional transitions. From starting the year na super high with life, by around May I re-met "EmoGon"--> My Drama Queen self. I acquired the chicken pox (remember the bulutong diaries? :D), got emotionally low it affected a lot of more important things, and felt that: Potek eto na ba ang quarter life crisis? 

Medyo na-alert ako dito when I got a message in FB yesterday na she used to read my blog everyday, but stopped when I suddenly became madrama...just because she wouldn't want to catch the bad vibes. I totally understand her, and medyo nahiya din naman ako SA INYONG LAHAT na nagka phase akong ganun. 

Instead of going back, regretting, and deleting these old but REAL entries...I'd like to thank all of you nalang for sticking with me during my personal crisis. I really really appreciate the time you gave to me, and all the pieces of advice and encouraging words. Later on, my letter sender switched gears and told me na pero ok lang yun since it's my blog. I asked her "Pero ngayon.....okay naman na ako right? :))" And she told me na I am doing good now.

Anyway, ang haba ng intro ko, hahaha, when all I wanted to talk about is the last game of UST Growling Tigers. Night before the game, I was having doubts with my team beating the big guys collectively called the Ateneo Blue Eagles - the team we haven't beaten for a loooong loooong time. But dahil nga I am induced with The Secret pill (Hehehe)...I slept with this big TRUST in my heart that my team we will not fail this time. Mananalo kami!

I woke up ng Game Day with this I BELIEVE spirit--which ironically came from Ateneo's posters hahaha. My cousin bought an Upper A ticket for the two of us in UST days before, pero my girls went to Araneta super-duper-early that day and was able to acquire Lower Box tickets for everyone! Tried to sell the two Upper A ng parang scalper lang hahaha, pero we only sold one ticket to a group of kagulong Thomasian boys. Nakakatuwa sila!

Ang lakas ng kumpiyansa ko sa team ko. May nababasa akong tweets na parang high ba ang mga taong naniniwalang pwede namin talunin ang Ateneo, pero hindi nag waver ang aking stand. Sabi nga sa The Secret: never doubt. You have to picture daw the end result, and feel how it will really feel pag nanyari na. 

Kahit leading ang Ateneo for most of the game, hindi sila umabot ng 20-point-lead - which is ang usual nilang ginagawa samin. The Tigers was all-heart and gave them a hard time with good defense, but we fell short din sa mga fast breaks and even sa free throws (and sa dunks ni Slaughter, grr, haha)! Anyway, the last few seconds mattered the most: Umulan ng tres on our side, and UST narrowed Ateneo's lead down to effing three points! 

Bloody Chris Camus fought life-and-death for the ball.
(photo by Sir Paul Ryan Tan)

Our Captain (and the love of my life? haha) Jeric Fortuna led the team and never gave up.
(photo by Sir Paul Ryan Tan)

Our big man Kharim Abdul took charge with painted area offense and defense.
(photo by Sir Paul Ryan Tan)

Our rookie Kevin Ferrer blocked the shot of Rookie of the Year Kiefer Ravena.
(photo by Sir Paul Ryan Tan)

My view: The yellow crowd passionately cheered GO USTE throughout the game.

With a mere 13 seconds down the line, and only 4 points para mag tie (63-67), I closed my eyes na and imagined a win. Ganun naman kaming Ustedyante e, naniniwala sa miracles. To borrow a line from the Hunger Games, I was praying and praying that may the odds forever be in our favor. I felt this rush down my spine when I thought of this line, and when I opened my eyes, Ateneo's Chua missed his free throw, and our big guy Abdul took the ball, passed it to Jic our ball handler--and saw Jeric Teng in the three point line.....who took the shot...And the ball went in! 

At just 2.7 seconds, Ateneo's lead was down to three, we were hoping for an overtime. Coach Pido called for a time out...And when the buzzer signaled our final shot in this game...Here's what happened:

To borrow the words of Paolo Mariano:

With 2.7 seconds left in the game, Jeric Fortuna got the ball at the top of the key, several inches away from the three-point line. The score read 69-66, in favor of Ateneo de Manila University. He took the shot. Two defenders jumped and failed to block it. It was probably the longest 2.7 ticks of Fortuna’s career. Thud. The ball ricocheted off the board. Game over.

photo by August Dela Cruz
"But I hurried the shot....Malakas lang talaga."
(Jeric Fortuna in his interview with Paolo Mariano)

photo by Celest Flores

The scene that made me cry, I can't even look.

Whispered to Ickay: Uy naiiyak ako..
My pinsan: Ate Gia o umiiyak si Fortuna.

Sorry for the really long entry, haha, as this is the last time I'll be writing about the Tigers---well, for now. I can't get over that the season has ended na for us. But I am still proud of our team. For all its worth, I'd say here na hindi ninyo kami pinahiya. People were expecting that we will finish of as SEVENTH during the start of the season! And from being an emo girl who was all-over telling her sob stories to any person she encounters...I became alive again when I got involved with the UAAP. I am not sure if you've noticed the sudden turn around of my mood these days. I owe it all to watching basketball. Lakas maka pawi ng quarter life crisis! I'll miss the natural high and looking forward to the Game Days with my girls.

Fun part: Pictures! :)

Went out and saw the looong line for the second game: ADU vs FEU

My girls Ickay and Alexa. :)

Ron Javier mah man! Hahaha!
"Uy wag mong paaalisin si Jic ng wala kaming pic a!"
Ron: Oo! Akong bahala sa inyo!

Our Chinese boys: Paulo Pe and Kim Lo! :)

Kevin Ferrer

Melo Afuang

Chris Camus

Kharim Abdul

I love Jeric Teng! :)

E ayun e, kagulo! Hahaha.
Jeric Fortuna. <3 Hahaha! And Alexa! ;D

In front of a restaurant:

Share ko lang din tong pic during Alexa's interview kay Jeric Fortuna and other Tigers:
Ansabe ng cute smile, girls?! :D Hehehe.

Night before the game, iniisip ko na anong maihihirit sa kaniya. (kilig, haha) But the day mismo, waley, natuleley aketch! Ano bang magandang pang season finale sa aking sariling One Tree Hill? 
One Tree Hill's Leyton. Photo from Fanpop.Com

Ano ang tutumbas o hihigit pa sa...

1) Heart pic kung heart pic na maraming gumaya? :D (Bitter e noh, sorry haha)

2) Hugs kung hugs pic!

3) Body guard mode sa mga fan girls?





4) !!!

Yun lang! :) That's it for Season 74...............and I hope you enjoyed the show! ;)

"He did much with not much while others had much but didn’t get anywhere." 
-Sir Ricky Olivares on Coach Pido and the UST Growling Tigers


  1. I love it ate Ana!! Nanuod ka ata halos lahat ng game nila!! ;) <3 And may picture ka with them especially with my baby Teng. ;___; Boohoo :(
    May next year paaaaa! Woot, woot! <3

  2. Karlita: Yes buti may next year pa Karlita! :) Oo naman, I try to watch EVERY game (nuks) since nag champ tayo nun season 69 :)) <3 Baby teng hahahah :D

  3. Anaaaa ako na ang napatili sa holding hands piktyuurrr! hahaha! =P ang saya sayaaaaaaaa kamown! =P

  4. ano ba yaaaaaan. :'(((( naiyak ako saholding hands niyoooooo!!!! shocks laaaaang. :"(((((( i envy you..:(((((((((

  5. Anon: Don't cry! :( Pareparehas lang tayo, supporters ni Jic :) Pantay pantay lang tayo :) <3
    Let's keep on supporting him sa future games! :)

  6. Ghoent: Ansabe sa holding hands anetch!!! :D Hahahaha!!! Parang winner nadin ako! ;D Hahaha!

  7. :) gustong gusto ko kasi siyaaaa. super, alam mo yung 4pm class ko pero 7am pumapasok ako para lang makita siya pumasok sa bldg niyaaa!!!! hahahahaha. :)) crazy me. :))

  8. Anon: wow matagal na pag aantay yun a! Anong ginagawa mo when you see him, and after?:))


    Naloka ako dito sa upuan ko teh!!!!! Bigla ko tuloy siya namiss. Hahahaha :))

  10. Jennnyyyyyy!!!!! Hahahhaha ansabe talaga!!! Eee kileg!!!:)) naku di lang ikaw nakakamiss sa friend niyo tey!!! Alam na! Hahahaha!;D

  11. I think we all have our ups and downs. Ok lang magkaron ng emo/madrama posts every now and then! As long as wag magtagal. Sabi nga nila "kung may pinagdadaanan ka, daanan mo lang, wag mong tambayan." :))

    Anyway... on your pic with Jeric Fortuna:

  12. Thanks Claire! :) and tama, bawal ang tamad.. Walang tatambay!:) thank you a, you are one of those who "traveled on" with me even during the lowest times... I appreciate it. :))

    Eeee kileeeeg lang!!! Hahahaha!;p

  13. nakakakilig naman! ang dami mong pic with Jeric Fortuna! :)

  14. Issa: Hahahaha :D Kakilig ngaaaa!!! Thomasian too? :)

  15. hahaha.. wootttt!! Anagon ikaw na tlga, You already! ang smile ko abot tenga habang tinitingnan ko mga pics nyo ni J.FO.. kinikilig ako.. holding hands kung holding hand with baby jic.. malambot ba hands nya? hehe <3

  16. kinikilig ako doon sa holding hands grabe!!!!! (sabi tuloy ng katabi ko bakit bigla daw akong napa-ngiti :)
    Kaya ang sarap basahin ng blog mo kasi parang pag nagkwekwento ka dito parang nararamdaman ko nararamdaman mo :) Huwag mo na lang pansinin 'yong nagco-comment sayo na minsan madrama ang entry mo, sa totoo lang kahit professional writer kapag may pinagdadaanan sa buhay nag rereflect sa sinusulat niya what more sa mga blogger. Keep writing Anna..looking forward for more of your personal blog :)

  17. Nakaka-good vibes lahat ng posts mo, Ana!!! ☺ Hahahaha love it! Lalo na shots with Jic. Bet na bet!


  18. I am certified: eeeeeee!!! Ako ang kinikilig sa inyo pagbinabasa ko tong comments nyo hahahaha!!! Salamat sa suporta sa loveteam harhar!;p naku very manly hands tey, protected lang ang feeling ko pag hawak sya... HAHAHAHAHA!!!!

  19. Glenn! Awww super natouch ako with this comment :) thankyou for apreciating my blog-- through the good and bad times!!:) i cant express tey my gratefulness sa love nyo :)

    And eeeee super kakilig ni jic!!! Lakas maka gv!!! Hahaha!:)) nakakahawa ba ng pag boombadoomboom ng heart ko (super bass) hahahaha :D thanks again! <3

  20. Arnie!!!:) bet! Pak! Award! Senkyu sa pag suporta sa loveteam!!! Hahahaha!:) potek cute nya noh!;p

    And yey ... The happiest thing is to know that youve made people smile :)) thankyou!!!

  21. Super adorbs lang ni Fortuna! Inggit aketch! :)

  22. Anon: Feeling is mutual! ;D hahaha! Ang cutiepie niya noh? :D Heehee! :)


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