Happy List 9.13.2011

1) Meeting with DLSU kids for their thesis!

This group of Business Ad seniors chose me as one of their thesis subjects! :) Their topic has something to do with online businesses, and I am just flattered that they chose Anagon Collection!
photo from Jenny's fb
Gave this to the girl who contacted me during our first meeting in Starbucks Madrigal. I try my best to give tokens to kids who feature my shop. :) Jenny (who said she reads my blog :)) and her groupmates were from DLSZ highschool, and from early texting with Jenny, she told me kabatch daw nila si Jic. Nakakatawa lang kasi hindi naibabanggit si Jic the whole "meeting", so akala ko karesperespeto pako...but before I left for an ATC strolling, kelangan lang talaga maihirit na "O baka makasalubong mo si Jeric a!" Hahaha!

2) Spotted in Philippine Star:
photo from chai muncal
Thank you Chai Muncal for tagging me in this picture, I found out that Daryl Chang featured me (well...just my hat! Hehe!) in her Phil Star column on the Mango FW2011 Fashion Show! Happy to be a Mad Hatter all the way! :)

3) Http://www.anagonzales.com is going to the Blogapalooza!
Weeks ago, Sir Azrael contacted me via email regarding their Blogapalooza project. Although this event coincides with the Port88 Bazaar, I just can't miss this for the world! Check out "What is Blogapalooza?" (Taken from their official website)
"Blogapalooza is a community. It’s a link between big and small businesses who have something cool to share and the online community of people who love to share. Blogapalooza is a blogger event on crack! Lots of giveaways for the bloggers and online community and a chance for big and small businesses to present their product / brand / thingamajig to 100-150 Influential bloggers and online social media influencers"

4) First BER2011 Bazaar for Anagon Collection!

Speaking of Port88 Bazaar, Anagon Collection will be participating in the 2nd year of this north-bound super sale! Will be selling alongside with Aisa Ipac's Archive Clothing, Melai Entuna's F-Stop Shop, and Aie Corpuz--My 3 lovely blog friends! I realized I met Pax and Melai for the first time in the Port88 Bazaar last year! Magiisang taon na tayo guys!!!

5) Another Game Day!!!
Win or lose, a Tigers' Game Day is always a happy day for me. I love seeing my boys play hardcore...Sayang lang we weren't able to beat the Bulldogs para naka third sana kami, and will go against AdU (ranked 2nd) for the Final Four match this coming Thursday. But no, unbelievably (haha) natalo kami so ang first naming makakalaban ay ang very challenging na ADMU Blue Eagles (first versus fourth).

Happy bonding again with my "institusyown!" Vany and Ickay + our Archer friend (sila ang second game versus FEU) Jazz--who always visits my stall when I go bazaar-ing in DLSU :))

Finally a photo with one of my Bully Bros Ron Javier! :) Proud to see him play, finally!

With Mrs. Francisco. :)
We wonder who will ever replace her position! Told Ma'am, "Kami nalang po!" Hehehe!
Pag ako nagka MANagon Collection (for men ng Anagon Collection na imbento ng Barx ko haha) talaga at yumaman, magiging big sponsor ako ng Tigers hahaha.

6) Met a Blog Reader in Araneta!
photo from luisa
While waiting for my friends before buying our tickets in the Red Gate, I spotted a girl flashing me a nice big smile, so I approached her and gave her a big hug, and that was only when she introduced herself and asked for a photo! Luisa said she reads my blog, which is really flattering! Nakakatawa lang, paano kung nakangiti lang pala talaga siya sa akin, bigla ko nalang niyakap e hahaha! :) Thank you Luisa, and so happy Thomasian pa siya! Hope to see you on future games!!! And naspotan kita and your friends sa TV during the game ha! ;)

7) Modified Hair
photo from ava te and frank ruaya

Some people have noticed this already in my recent posts! I had the upper part of my hair darkened. Barely a week, I realized medyo nahihiya ako na mag commute with light hair, lakas maka-Americana! Hehe! Kidding aside, my dad asked me to darken kahit yung taas lang, and I left the lower parts light for the mas pansining "ombre style". :) Mas commuter-friendly to, and I don't have to hide my hair na with my beanie when I go out and ride a jeepney. 

8) Finished reading The Secret!
Fellow e-book readers, raise yer hands! Hehe! 
I may love the scent of fresh papers that only a newly bought paperback can posses, but the convenience of reading via my iTouch is enough reason for me to be a convert. First, dim lights forever sa room ko. And second, it's super mas madali to read from an iTouch during my long bus and train rides--assorted choices of books pa ang mapagpipilian without me having to bring them all in my already-heavy bag!

Thank you Pax for your ebook website recommendation!

9) Jason Mraz live in Maniluuuh!
from from dianne dequina
Almost didn't believe the tweets that Mr. A-Z is coming here!!! Thank you Dianne Dequina for linking me to this poster! Totoo nga! Confeermed! And P3500 lang ang VIP! :D So mga Jason Mraz fans: see you on October 30, 2011 at the Smart Araneta Coliseum! Wuh!

10) Miss Philippines Shamcey Supsup - 3rd Place in Miss Universe 2011!
photo from sir sunny andrade's fb
Woke up at around 10am just in time for the end of Evening Gown and announcement of Top5!
What do you think of the results? For me, dapat nag First man lang si Supsup!

Anyway, this made my day:

Divine Lee
Salamat! Parang kachika lang kayo noh? Haha! Usapang kanto! RT: Best in comments/tweets: ms. ! :D

Enjoy na enjoy na ang manuod ngayon ng beauty pageants dahil sa mga bonggang becky Twitter commentators katulad ni Madame Divine! ;))

Anyway, congrats Shamcey Supsup!



  1. Wow nandito talaga akesh?? Well, di naman talaga ako pero parang ganun na rin! Hahaha (labo) pinapakita ko yung keychain ko sa friends ko tapos natutuwa naman sila! Pinopromote ko na rin site mo para mag order sila hehehe =p

    Thanks again Ana!!:)

  2. Hahaha super thank you Jenny! :) Next time mag photo op naman tayo para di nalang grab pic ang inatupag ko hehehe :)) Thank you at umorder pa si mudra in law mo! :)) <#

  3. I actually thought your hair color just "changed" dahil sa pag-ayos! Hahaha. Pagko-commute talaga, you have to get used to getting stared at! Although may limits pa rin yung kaya mong i-tolerate. XD

    Kakatuwa din yung biglang niyakap mo yung girl :))

  4. Claire: sobrang daming limitations!:p hirap maging takaw pansin baka akala mayaman ako at madaming pera hahaha!:p and oo nga naku natuwa talaga ako kay luisa! Nafeel ko na e, ay nakabonding ko nato sa blog hehehe :))

  5. I am so loving your hair darling!

  6. Hi! Hope you can share the ebook website ate ana pleaaaaase :D

  7. Hi Ana! Do you still make customized wire keychains? Hindi ko kasi makita sa Multiply mo (or bulag lang ako :p)

  8. Kym: Aww thank you so much! :)) <3

    Blabbermouth! :) Here! :D epubbud.com :)) Enjoy!! :)

    Romzs: Yes! :) Here http://anagoncollection.multiply.com/photos/album/70/WIRE_ART_ACCESSORIES :) Thank you!!

  9. See you at the Blogapalooza! :) Pwede ba kong mag-Hi sayo if I happen to see you there? :))

  10. Hi. Ms. Ana! I've been a follower of your blog for more than a month now but I think this is my first time to comment.

    Anyway, I'm lovin' your blog. I checked out your collection and I must say they're really nice.

    ..at natawa naman po ako sa 'pagpapalit anyo' niyo kapag magcocommute na. Nakakarelate ako. I like to dress up when I go to work but that would mean enduring people's stare in the jeepney. Di ko naman magaya style niyo..ang pagdadala ng extra clothes or slippers..kasi I don't want to bring any excess baggage. Kaya lilipat na lang tuloy ako somehwere near.

    Anyway thanks uli. You're an inspiration for an aspiring online seller like me.

    More power!

  11. here's myblog pala: http://jill-des.blogspot.com/

  12. hi! can you recommend sites for e-book downloads? thank you so much! :)

  13. RIA!!! Ikaw yun nameet ko by the entrance right!? :)) Thank you for being the sweetest! :) See you again soon sa future events!! :)

    Jill: Wow! :) Where ka na mag stay? :) I really hope I get to have funds to transfer (with my family of course) sa place na mas convenient ;) Makati or Taguig! :) Got your url, will visit and follow mwah :)

    Chal: epubbud.com!!! :) Happy downloading! :)

  14. Thanks for the ebook site Ate Anna! :) Late reply hehe

  15. Blabbermouth: no proby! :) enjoyyy!!!


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