Happy List 10.6.2011

1) Randomly saw my college friend Cords!
I was waiting for Pax and Melai for our Bloggers United sponsor meeting along Panay Ave, and thought of eating muna sa Tropical Hut. Then biglang nag ring phone ko, then biglang sabi ni Cords: "Anagon may problema ako...Asa Tropical Hut ka ba?" 

Nalurkey ako! :D Sabi ko "Akala ko mangungutang ka na e!" Hahaha!

2) Bloggers United X Posh Nails
The team went on a meeting with Posh Nails for the coming bloggers' bazaar (December 3!!!), and for other collaborations. Super exciting!

After the meeting, we continued our chikahans at a coffee shop in the "National Bookstore" mall. While Pax was ordering, hinirit ko lang "Libre mo naman ako!" And natuwa sya that she treated me a cup of brewed coffee! :D Hihihi! <3

Outfit picture c/o Pax: 
Ang tema: May P.E. today, e tinatamad nako mag change back into complete uniform (hehehe).
Lakas maka-all-black rockstar, haha.
Black Tee -Bench
Black Skirt - Landmark
Loafers - Aerosoles
Glasses - Starfinder
Green Satchel c/o Paisley
Watch c/o SM
Body Slither - Anagon Collection 


3) Speaking of rockstars...Today is Ernville's Album Launch!

I am feeling a bit groggy (as in mainit na mata ko huhu) so I don't think I can go hayyy...But if you're free tonight, you might want to catch this event:

Ernville's Greatest Hits
Robot Lounge and Resto
Program starts promptly at 8:30pm

It would have been an exciting night, currently LSS-ing on Ernville's The Oracle:

I've been thinking about what the oracle said! (Hehe)

Ernville: Jim Bacarro on vocals and guitars, Ernest Aguila as lead guitarist, Manny Tanglao on bass and vocals, and Cholo Hermosa on drums and vocals:

4) Another vid that made my Happy List! Hihihi! ;D
What is Jic Jic dancing the dougie? :D Pateach naman please!!! Hahaha!

5) Desserts-overload with Krissy!

Met up with Krissy and  spent a few hours before our event that night in Parvati Trinoma!

I can't choose!!! Ref after ref after ref of cakes!

I got myself an iced cafe mocha while waiting for Krissy...

...Only to realize that their cakes come with a cup of (my fave) brewed coffee!!! :P 
I had the triple layer chocolate cheesecake. :P Salap, favorite ko yun sa ilalim na layer! :P

6) New uploads for Anagon Collection! Check out www.anagoncollection.multiply.com now! :)
An "Everyday Corsage" :)
What do you think of the new Multiply selling system?
Let me know if you prefer that more than the old-school albums-order form method! :)

7) Speaking of Anagon Collection, if you are on of my suki, please do take time to answer this survey, organized by fourth year Business Management students of DLSU for their thesis:

Anagon Collection Customer Survey

Relevant information and suggestions that will come out from this study will be applied in further improving my humble online shop. ALSO to encourage you to answer this survey, I will request for the names of all those who submitted their completed surveys and draw one winner of Anagon Collection and Fashionista Commuter gift pack! :) Will announce the deets of the prizes soonest...for now, Answer Answer Answer!!! ;-)


  1. Thanks teh!!! :) Mukhang masarap yung cake. Nagutom ako kahit kakakain ko lang =)) kalokah!

    See you next week:)

  2. Jenny: See you!!! Bobonggahan ko pa tong announcement nato sa future solo post :))

  3. Bloggers United on December 3? Yey, hopefully I can go and shop! Inggit ako nung nakita ko yung pictures from BU dati and I can't go because of boards review.

  4. Claire: yes sa 3 na!:)) dec!! See you a!!!!:D

  5. Really love your Olsen-sque fasyown! :)

    Fashion Blogger

  6. Pampatanggal talaga ng stress yung dougie ni Fort no. :"") Lalo na si Ron eh, lambot. HAHA!
    Yey, see you on December 3!! FINALLY! :"D


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