Last Wednesday...

Alam nyo yung may pa-planner-planner ka pa, pero hindi mo rin 
dinadala around kasi ang bigat? Lol.
I only check my sched night before, and try to memorize the events (or write them sa post-its).
Minsan pag may new ganap na ibibigay sakin and wala ako sa house,
I can't say kaagad na free ako, and instead,
"Check ko mamaya a, asa bahay kalendaryo ko." Haha.
Di ko talaga mautilize cellphone calendar! ;p

Last Wednesday was one of those days na hindi ko mashado na assess ang
activities ko, with the time and venue nila.

First stop: MOA Arena
UST v DLSU Round 2 Game

Teng vs Teng (And Mariano in the middle, hehehe)

We were leading sa early part of the game (thanks to Afuang!),
but the Archers conquered the 2nd half with their
consistent three-point shots. Parang ako Kami dapat ang three-pointers a! :p

Yup I was seated next to Archers (both sides haha),
but Ickay and Ate Danna (naka peace sign) mga Thomasians! :)
All is well, though, told my katabi "Don't worry, both sisters ko La Salle!"

With few sec left, Coach Pido called a time out, and I knew
he was brewing yet the most epic play again in Growling Tigers history.
And with calculated moves, the team was able to tie the game--with only 3 sec left!
Everyone got up from their seats, and were screaming (and nagmumurahan na!) like crazy!
Archers got ball possession for a seemingly impossible chance to
spoil our overtime dreams... But their rookie Jeron Teng (brother of Tiger star player Jeric)
took a shot---and the ball went in before the buzzer. End of game.

My disappointed boys, and the final score:

After the school hymn, I left na (without saying good bye to Jic,
I knooow, torpe! Lol).

Cab to MRT Edsa > MRT Trinoma > Cab to Maginhawa

Second stop: Moonleaf Tea Shop, Maginhawa QC
Meet my idol blogger Ashley Dy for the first time!

Visit her blog:

Ashley is a Pinay, but she lives in Osaka, Japan for 3 years na with her family.
Teacher sha don (cool noh!), plus she always travel around Japan
and post lovely photos of the beautiful (and fashionable!) country in her blog!
I love her style (minsan ko lang sabihing inspiring ang style, and sha yun!)
plus her words and stories are really interesting and worth reading!
Aside from online comments, may time din na Ashley sent me a postcard!

Fan girl ako nyan! Nasabi ko pa:
"Ang ganda mo naman, kainis!" Lol.

That day, Ashley gave me a Vivi Japanese Magazine, and these chocolates
(win ang Little Twin Star packaging, cute talaga!).

Karl ( and Mike ( also came over!
We talked about veryvery dream country lang nila Karl! :)
Naaalala ko yun conversation about ligawan sa Japan, na
girls send daw love letters to the boys, and if di bet
ng lalake si gurl, pwedeng di nalang niya pansinin. In short,
Girls ang nanliligaw!???
O guys a, pag 30 nako and single padin, alamnyona where to find me, lol.

Ashley also shared to us some film photos she took:

We also talked about the different styles according to
places in Japan, like trendy Tokyo, or yung extreme style pag nasa Harajuku ka.
Sobrang interesting! Then I asked Karl,
"O satin naman Karl, kamusta naman pag sa Alabang?"
Karl: "Samin naman sa Caloocan.." Trololol.

Spent just a few minutes there, but sobrang naenjoy ko sha!
I hope to get to hangout more with you sis! :)
A photo before leaving, with Mike this time, na naka kimono talaga! :)

Cab to Quezon Ave > MRT to Santolan Station > Sarah's Car

Third stop: Robinsons Place Ermita, Manila
Wrangler Fall / Winter 2012
Read more about this event here.

After the show, I finally had my first meal of the day in TOSH.
Had my usual Eggplant Parmigiana with Penne Pomodoro,
and learned that bff Paul knows how to cook.
Sarah suggested we have coffee in Starbucks para more energy pa for the night.
We strolled a little, bought Pax's styling needs, before heading to our last stop.

Via Paul's car, Resorts World
...where he handed me this:
Ever New purse! :) He also gave Sarah a cute sunglasses neon pouch.
Thanks Bff!

Fourth stop: Marriot Hotel, Resorts World Manila
Lee Cooper Launch
Read more here.

We met Pax after the show, and headed to our veryvery last ganap that night,
na walking distance lang.

Last stop: Opus
CMG x Traffic x Belvedere Event

The venue was crowded na, so Sarah and I just headed outside sa bar area.
We talked about our businesses over vodka.

I remember telling Sarah "Grabe, ang saya ko, I made it!" (accomplished
everything set for the day).
Then Sarah said something nice, something like: "Jan ka lang. It gets better."

Ended the day chilling in Mcdo with Pax, Paul, and Sarah.
Ang bummer lang that I wasn't able to take a group photo, haha.

Visit their blogs:


  1. DLSU vs. UST is the new DLSU vs. ADMU!

    Di ba teentalker din si Ashley Dy? :D

    1. Hahaha true true hahaha! ;D Yes Teentalker din si Ashley I think dun ko nga sha first nakilala! :)

  2. Super busy!!! Hahaha!!! Very nice. I love Ashley. Super down to earth!

    Sana makapagmeet din tayo when I go home to MNL. I'll tell you stories from Tokyo naman. hehehe!!!


    1. Hehehe :) She is super nice! :D Hay lagare day nga that day, and yes I hope to meet you too someday! :) With Jam ha! ;)

  3. Kaenjoy magbasa ng kwento mo palagi sis! :) Haha naku ako rin sa first part of the year lang enthusiastic sa planner. More more bitbit everywhere. But nung lumipas na nabibigatan na ako and di ko na nadadala. Relying on phone's calendar na lang! Haha congratulations sis bongga ng time management skills!! :)

    1. Salamat sis, lalo for reading my posts a!: ) Kung pwede lang 2x kang commenter of the month, gow! hahahah! ;D

  4. Hi Ana! Thank you so much for your time!!! Super busy ka that day pero dumaan ka pa rin.. So happy to finally meet you! Next time ulit! :) :) :)

    1. No regrets! :) Cant imagine missing that chance to finally meet you...Hehe, serious! :)


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