ATTENTION STUDENTS: Tik Tok App is Giving Away Up To Php1-M in Cash Prizes!

I first discovered Tik Tok app through the Instagram posts of Korean actor Nam Joo Hyuk (@skawngur). He is the cutest!! 😩❤ I have downloaded the app since, but had no chance to use it yet. If you're a student, then I am giving you a reason to download and create your first Tik Tok video!

For sample Tik Tok videos, watch NJH hehehe:

Acting skills πŸ’―!
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So cool, oppa! πŸ˜€
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And of course, the viral chin-on-hand "Fool In Love" video challenge:
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Leading short-form video app Tik Tok allows you to easily create 15-second short videos with unique effects that you can share on social media. Whether it's dance, comedy, or free-style performance, Tik Tok encourages users to let their imagination run wild and set their creativity free!
You think you can pull off these videos? Now it's your time to shine! 
Tik Tok is all set to find the most exceptional creators from the top universities in the metro with its first-ever campus tour in the Philippines. All college students from different schools are welcome to join in this contest!


1) If you haven't yet, download the Tik Tok app here:

2) Make your video! Be creative! You are allowed to join solo, duo, with your barkada, or even with your professors!

3) Upload your video/s in Tik Tok with the hashtag #tiktokcampusaudition.

4) Top video entries from each school will be announced on Tik Tok's social media accounts: INSTAGRAMFACEBOOK, and TWITTER.


The top five students with the most number of likes from each university will get the chance to win a scholarship of up to Php20,000 from Tik Tok!

Winners will also be given a chance to perform on stage during the campus tour and become part of Tik Tok's pool of influencers worldwide!


Tik Tok will also hold their campus tours from August 4 to September 28. Tik Tok creators can enjoy the Dance and Dubbing booths, some customized gifts, and meet and hang out with other Tik Tok creators.

On August 4, Pinoy top bands 6 Cycle Mind, Better Days, Gracenote, and Banda ni Kleggy are set to perform for the students in the National University. They will also cap the campus caravan with the gathering of all the winners (venue TBA). This campus tour is made in cooperation with Vivo Philippines.