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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Modern Corset from With Love Clothing
Mej pa-conservative man, I still love owning bustiers and seeing them in my closet, hehehe. Found the perfect fit from With Love Clothing, a brand owned by the nicest Ms. Emer and her husband that I often see during bazaar stints. I love their dresses tpp (with bustier top), and the mesh-back bustier variation. Visit their online shop here.

Better Than Cellphone Case
...A Boostcase! First time ko to get a case first before the phone, haha! Paweird ako ng paweird! ;p Went to Galleria last weekend after my dentist appointment right across the mall, and then checked out the Beyond the Box store. Saw lots of iPhone5 casings, but this yellow Boostcase protective snap case with attachable battery case won my heart. Kelan ko na ba bibilhin telepono ko? Haha.

Can't own too much skirts!
The AM Project was my neighbor last SuperSale Bazaar, and their affordable clothes ay sobrang best-sellers to the shoppers! Check out their site (to be updated soon!) for trendy pieces that are budget-friendly.

Give yourself a weekly home facial!
My favorite The Body Shop releases these skincare masks for only P95 each! Feel softer and smoother, look brighter and more radiant with these no-peel masks. Available in Tea Tree, Seaweed Ionic Clay Mask, and Vitamin E variants. 

Myra Magic!
Myra's Vitamin E comes from a natural source, making absorption better and more effective in keep the skin healthy. For longer lasting beautiful stress-free skin, use Myra Daily Sun Protect for SPG, Myra Hand & Body Lotion before sleeping, and Myra's Vitamin E Capsules for safe beauty from within.

Geek in the Pink
Part of Les Moda's back-to-school collection is this crazy pair of DIY sunnies! I love that it's pink, oversized, and embellished with cutesy pearls and flowers! Mapapagraduhan ko ba to? Hehehe.

AM Project
Beyond the Box
Les Moda
Myra Beauty
The Body Shop
With Love Clothing

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  1. I love the AM Project's skirts and With Love Clothing's Bustier top! Wow! I wish I could wear gorgeous skirt and sexy bustier top. :( Nice recommendation of products!

  2. Ooh nice picks! Outfit post naman po dyan! =D

  3. Wit wew! Can't wait for your post wearing the corset!

  4. ang cute ng sunnies!!!

  5. Those are pretty! I'll have to check it out.


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