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Day-Trip To Suwon

Sunday, December 04, 2022

I think I forgot na how to blog / write! Huhu! Any mental block tips!? Tips for the uninspired!? Will try to take it one day at a time so I can still document this trip! :) Here we goooo...

On my first full day in Korea, I decided to step out of Seoul right away.

I LOVE Seoul, but ever since the pandemic, I've been thinking about continuing my adventures outside the city. I missed it!

I took a long bus to the fortress, entertained by the sights outside the window and my Spotify playlist. It took me around past an hour to get to Suwon, but didn't felt like it.

Random full-length mirror at a train station in Seoul; decided to eat first in this tteokbokki / kimbap place at the train station called Mariya, before taking the long bus to Suwon.

When I got out of the bus, the sun was BEAMING! Air was cool, but sky was so blue--this is what they usually call a lovely day in Kdramas!

Even if this was my first time in Suwon, my first real encounter of the city was years ago, when I missed my train stop because I was too focused on my phone. I hopped out of Suwon Station to backtrack, and I remember clearly receiving messages on my IG Story that I should have explored the area nadin. I took down a mental note that I should go back to Suwon next time for a planned visit, and here we are!

I walked and walked, following my Google Maps to my first destination: A restaurant. I was already starving, but this restaurant is not just any resto.. but also Woo Young Woo's Kimbap place! 


- The capital and largest city of Gyeonggi-do, where the HQ of Samsung is located

- The only remaining COMPLETELY WALLED city in South Korea

- Hometown of actors Song Kang, Lee Jong Suk, Shinee's Onew, TWICE's Jeongyeon, ASTRO's MJ, Enhypen's Sunoo, and even our favorite fan meeting host in Manila Sam Oh!

Korea buses appreciation, a beautiful sunny day in Suwon:


As usual, I got intimidated by the restaurant's pure Korean menu, but had to brush it off and just entered Kajaguruma. There were a lot of people outside, mostly locals, taking pictures in this filming location. It just shows how the Kdrama Extraordinary Attorney Woo was truly a hit even for Koreans!

Like most Kdrama restos I've visited before, Kajaguruma does not carry kimbap like in Woo Young Woo. Instead, they serve Japanese food like salmon and tempura. I chose the omurice which sounds filling for a long day. It still has bits of meat in it, which I just set aside (I am a lacto-ovo vegetarian), but the food is indeed satisfying. After eating, the person behind the cashier handed me two lollipops as I paid for my bill. 

Took me lots of guts to finally ask a random passerby to please take my picture with the store facade (introvert solo traveling probs lol), and was lucky that the one I asked took so many nice pictures!


Geolocation: 37.283714, 127.011540


 (Went to the wrong location akkk*#$%)

For this trip, I have a lot of scheduled meet-ups with Filipino friends who are now Korea residents, including Laira who is a friend from the blog industry.

Since I still had time before Laira and her family arrived in Suwon, I decided to look for another Kdrama location from my list. I found out that several Kdramas were actually filmed in Suwon, including one of my pandemic favorites: The Uncanny Counter! The epic noodle shop where the main characters meet a lot is a cafe in real life.

Later on, I figured out that I went to the wrong cafe ..arghhh! Super magkamukha sila! And what's more unfortunate is that the cafe I was looking for is already permanently CLOSED! :( 

Sharing my personal list of ...

Anagon's List of Kdrama Locations in Suwon:


Suwon's Hwaseong Fortress is actually HUGE! It was a miracle that I was able to meet up Laira and her fam.

Laira and I talked so much while strolling around. It's so nice to hear the new life of an old friend from the industry. We usually just meet during events when she was still in Manila coz she's handling a lot of brands that I worked with before. Now she has a beautiful family in korea and I am super happy for her!

Stopped to watch this outdoor theater performance, featuring the story of the Suwon fortress:

Suwon is indeed a very artsy city! Would love to explore more next time.

So many steep areas too that require hiking! Will wear better shoes when I visit again:


- Hwaseong Fortress (literally means the "Brilliant Castle") is a UNESCO World Heritage built by King Jeongjo of the Joseon Dynasty in honor of his father Prince Sado. Prince Sado was executed by his own father King Yeongjo for not following orders to commit suicide, so he was locked alive in a rice chest. 👀 

- Suwon was actually targeted to become the capital city after Seoul (but obvs that did not happen)

- As mentioned, Suwon is HUGE it was hard to see everything: from the four main gates, the towers, etc. Next time, will go back on a guided tour to see more while learning about its rich history

25 21 LocationWhile walking around, I saw an arch and had the gut feel to ask for a photo with it. Later on at the bus while heading back to Seoul, I realized that I just took a picture with a 25 21 Kdrama shooting location!

Where this heart breaking scene was filmed:


After saying good bye to Laira and her family, I decided to go straight to the KSPO Dome in Seoul hoping to catch The Fact Music Awards. I knew I only had 1% chance since tickets were soldout already online, plus I was already late coming all the way from Suwon, but I tried nadin since I had nothing better to do that night.

I was outside the venue for a good hour or so, along with other foreign fans, waiting and waiting till the sun has set. Walking back to the train station, I passed by a park were there was a "live play"--streaming the program on a huge screen while fans of one of the nominated idols were gathered in matching blue hoodies. I checked it out for a while, but not wearing their color made me stood out, so I just went home.

I realized that whenever I travel solo in Korea, eating was my least priority unless it's Kdrama filming location resto or cafe. Ang hirap din kasi mag dine sa Korea when you're alone, plus vegetarian pa ako. But I swore to try better for this trip! 

That night, I once again felt dyahe to go inside a resto so I just went to the nearby GS25 and hoarded whatever food or snack I can eat for dinner and breakfast the next day. Then I started packing everything back in my luggage since I'll be leaving Seoul again in the morning, heading to an exciting city that I was  very much looking forward to for this trip (To be continued).

Finally tried this corn ice cream Jungkook had in the Telepathy Run BTS episode. It's good!

Thank you Laira for the thoughtful gifts!

Packing time again! I realized why I wanted solo rooms now, maliban sa sobrang dami kong gamit for this trip, hindi na dyahe mag ingay every time I need to pack again.


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A soothing and tranquil environment, expansive green spaces on sprawling terrain, and creatively curated themes

For many years now, these had become the key features of the Golden Haven brand and serve as its best-selling attributes—a fact that was once more proven when Golden Haven held the hugely successful Grand Launches of its two new properties: Golden Haven Iligan and Golden Haven Puerto Cagayan de Oro.

Left to right: Elena Teresita Condevillamar; Melba Tamparong; Lizette Pumicpic, West Mindanao Cluster Head; Email Lustado, Golden Haven Operations Head – Nationwide; Mae Tumbaga, Business Devt. and Technical Services Head Mindanao; Vice Mayor Marianito “Dodong” Alemania; City Councilor Atty. Marlene Young; Melodia Javier, Ilagan Branch Manager; and Armien Alorro, executive assistant to the mayor.

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DAY ZERO: Heading To Korea

Thursday, November 24, 2022

안녕하세요 Annyeonghaseyo! I am finally back from my "revenge travel" in Korea! 

Cebu Pacific Air flies MNL to ICN once daily, CEB to ICN 3x weekly. 

BARENBLISS New Korean Makeup Review

Wednesday, November 23, 2022

I finally tried the Tiktok famous Barenbliss makeup brand!

Barenbliss is a new makeup brand that originates in Korea, and you know how much I love all things Korean, including Kbeauty products! They really work well on my skin, plus points for Barenbliss being founded by Korean makeup artist Kim Jina. 

Barenbliss packaging is very fresh and youthful--and also sturdy which is most important to me. After wearing Barenbliss products during my latest events, I can confidently recommend their products to you!

Hamilo Coast: an idyllic sanctuary for Olive Ridley Sea Turtles

Tuesday, November 22, 2022

Flaunting breathtaking vistas, a plethora of recreational opportunities, and posh residential enclaves, Hamilo Coast is, without a doubt, an oasis for city-weary urbanites. But what makes the 40-hectare prime leisure resort community truly a sanctuary is its commitment to nurture nature, above all else.

Turtle hatchlings were released to the ocean in Pico de Loro Cove by the SM Leisure Resort Residences team headed by Business Unit Head and Executive Vice President, Shirley C. Ong (4th from left).

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Max Mara opens its first store in Manila

Thursday, November 17, 2022

Max Mara is pleased to announce the opening of its first store inside the well-known shopping mall, Greenbelt in Manila.

The northern portion of the Greater Manila Area is perhaps some of the most underrated sectors in the Philippine real estate market. Residential developments in the northern tip of Rizal and the south of Bulacan, are deemed by some home seekers as too close to Metro Manila and its urban woes: air and noise pollution and vehicular traffic. Others bemoan their lack of provincial charm.

Bria Homes is offering affordable housing in strategic locations in Bulacan, giving this province an immense potential for accelerated economic growth and property appreciation in the future. 

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Monday, November 14, 2022

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Where To Have Your Money Exchanged to Korean Won (KRW) - For Filipino Travellers

Thursday, November 10, 2022

One of the common questions I got on my Instagram Direct Message is: "Where can I have my money exchanged to Korean Won?"

My answer is, as expected, there are DIFFERENT WAYS where you can acquire Won (KRW) for your Korea trip! It just depends on what is convenient for you....

Glutathione has been a part of our skin-care products which helps us achieve fairer and even-toned skin. But do you know that there are actually two types of glutathione and that not all glutathione supplements are the same?

The last part of our Gyeonggi-do 2D1N tour with and K Story Tour is the Gapyeong County--home to the popular tourist spots of Korea namely Nami Island, Petite France, and the Garden of Morning Calm.

I've been to the Nami Island several times, with different people and different seasons, but it's my first time visiting when there's peak fall foliage. Our visit was in October 27, and although the island was packed with locals and tourists alike--the sight was worth it!