Friday, February 27, 2015

Dove Go Play

I can't ever miss a Dove event, most especially when it comes to their shampoo because I am a big fan. Ever since the convention last year, I was sold to Dove's haircare effectiveness. For this year, we were reminded on how Dove can take care of our hair's damage--while we go about and play with our regular blow drying, plancha, coloring, and curling. Thanks for taking care of this stress!

TRIVIA #1: Did you know that even towel drying, combing, brushing, and exposure to sun and wind can cause damage to the hair!?

The event was held at the exhibition hall of the Mind Museum in Taguig. Following the white (with a splash of color) dress code, I must say the ladies all looked great that afternoon.

Another trivia: "Did you know that 84% of women are aware that styling activities damage their hair, but still continue to do it because it makes them feel good about themselves? In fact, 8 out of 10 women say that when their hair looks beautiful, they feel happier about themselves."

I am guilty when it comes to continuing with hair coloring even though this is drying! And I know a lot of girls who can't leave house without blowdrying!

Of course, as a brand that loves its users and advocates in Real Beauty, Dove recognizes this dilemma! Dove’s latest campaign invites women to Go Play with their Hair, while Dove takes care of the damage. Thanks to Keratin-Actives, a new, patented hair care technology, Dove Damage Therapy not only repairs damaged hair but also strengthens it to make it more resilient against future damage. Keratin-Actives provide superior nourishment and deeply penetrate into hair to repair it from the inside out, so hair looks, and feels healthy, and moves beautifully.

A demo on how Dove can protect your hair even with constant heat from blowdrying. 

After the main program, we were all lead at the back of the venue, where everyone's encouraged to play around with the hair styling tools and accessories!

Hair chalk! :D

The Clingies, contented na with just taking our selfies with the giant lighted mirrors. :p

Mother Earth and the fluorescent hair clip-ons!

Of course, there's always a sweet surprise at every end of a Dove event! We all took home this kit with hair accessories and hair styling tools that we can use and abuse... just because Dove will take care of our hair's damage. :) Tease, twirl, tousle and still have beautiful hair!

Dove’s Intense Repair Haircare range is available in all leading supermarkets, drugstores, and department stores nationwide.


Wednesday, February 25, 2015

TOMS Spring / Summer 2015

The absence of a shoe started it all.

Just a little trivia, TOMS is actually derived from "Tomorrow Shoes", from the original concept of Shoes for Tomorrow Project. Ever since, the brand is in the business to help improve lives. In fact, they see their One for One campaign not just as a corporal policy, but a movement. Sa totoo lang, every time I hear TOMS' story, I always feel inspired!

TOMS Founder and Chief Shoe Giver Blake Mycoskie unintentionally started the brand and the movement while traveling in Argentina in 2006. I think this is for the Amazing Race Season 2 with his sister? Anyway, Blake witnessed the hardships faced by children growing up without shoes. His solution was simple but revolutionary: To create a for-profit business that was sustainable and not reliant on donation. Blake's vision soon expanded from TOMS Shoes, to TOMS Eyewear, which has now helped restore sight to over 200,000 people in need.

But the best part is, although TOMS is already known for their signature slip-on style, they continue to grow and improve their products by coming up with other designs and even a new line. I am sure you know of the TOMS Sunglasses already, but now they also have TOMS BAGS!
Each piece is guaranteed to make a statement -- while keeping the company's pledge to provide a SAFE BIRTH for a mother and baby in need with each purchase. One for One.

TOMS SS2015 is an exciting breath of fresh air to the brand. 
And yup, I am wearing TOMS in this OOTD! A pair of comfortable TOMS brogues!
Long Black polo - H&M
Black Culottes - Landmark
Gray Brogues - TOMS
Gray Bag - Baggu
Photos - @paultheprguy

Here are some photos during the TOMS SS2015 launch last Tuesday at Your Locale and Yardstick in Makati.

The TOMS SS2015 collection includes designs for men, women, and children, from the Marjorca Booties, a sophisticated open-toed boot with a stacked heel, handwoven Huarache sandals, creative and strappy Bella Espadrille wedges, and athletic Del Rey Sneakers. I also saw a lot of brogues and slip-ons... Everything perfect for your summer travels.

Mine's the third (gray with teal). 

 Cute woven styles, nice for sundress, skirts, and shorts.

For those who need a little height-boost.


Not the usual espadrilles.

TOMS sneakers!

Hi Ava!

The black is my favorite.

To date, TOMS has given over 35 million new pairs of shoes, restored the sight of about 275,000 people and has provided over 67,000 weeks of safe water worldwide. In the Philippines, TOMS products are available at TOMS Megamall, TOMS Mall of Asia, The Give Project, Adora in Greenbelt 5, Rustan’s Department Stores and all Nothing But H2O stores.

The event-proper with host Sarah Meier-Albano, and Vicky Herrera who shared her TOMS' giving project testimony.

Swim Philippines (local Toms distributor) President Dimples Balaguer-La'O:

Another interesting trivia is that the Philippines is a country where we have buyers of TOMS shoes, as well as receivers of shoes from the One for One campaign. "Not only look what I have, but look what I can do now," Vicky Herrera on the kids who received a pair of TOMS during the giving in Benguet.