Friday, August 22, 2014

Win One Year Supply of Burgers at Teddy's Bigger Burgers

I know, I know. What was I doing in a BURGER place last Wednesday night? First, although a vegetarian, I love diner foods and good company (my friends told me they were going, so I thought why not!?). And also, I got very curious as to what Teddy's Bigger Burgers has to offer to us Pinoys. I also heard about their 1 year supply promo, na kailangan kong ibalita sa sisters ko (who are big burger fans!).

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Converse Fall 2014 Collections

Yesterday's biglang ulan (which equates to even heavier traffic when here in Metro Manila) caused so much stress, but I am glad I was able to habol in Converse's Fall 2014 sneak peek event. I was talking with the PR that I am a big Converse fan talaga (it seemed like a private event na 'cause when I got there almost pack up na, waha! Thank you for accommodating me padin Ms. Judi and to your team!), although I realized that all the pairs I bought before are the basic Chucks--black, gray, and white. The new designs for Converse Fall 2014 they had on-display yesterday made me want to be more experimental with my sneakers--like the leather Jack Purcell, or even the rain-ready rubberized Converse All-Star! Click Read More to check out what I am talking about, and all the other new releases.

Shinagawa: Japanese Lasik and Aesthetics Clinic in Makati

Shinagawa, Japan's popular clinic for top-of-the-line LASIK technology, is now open in the Philippines! And they are offering more than just eye surgery procedures.

Monday, August 18, 2014


One thing I swore one million years ago when it comes to fashion (lolol), was that I will never ever (ever!) wear cropped top. You'll never see me parading my belly button for the fetish-world to take a double look at (haha, peace!), but that's just me! :) Go ahead and do your thing, but I will always be the conservative kind of sexy (ipupush ko na yan! Hahaha!).

Red lipstick and messy hair - more my thing.

Anyway, I like this black floral appliqu├ęs top I got from People are People months ago, a store I seldom go to nowadays, and then go out ng may nabibili--unlike nung high school parang it was the only store! Haha! Along with Fish and Anonymous, lolol. Wore a denim cover 'cause we also watched a movie that day, and you know naman our polar vortex cinemas hahaha.

Ikaw, what's that one piece of clothing or style na sinwear mo nadin na you'll never be seen wearing?

I still bought this top though 'cause I find it pretty and parang art na I can apply to a wedding gown design. Diba? Can you imagine this in white, tapos worn with layers and layers of white chiffon balloon skirt? :D That's my wedding gown! Lol. Kahit sa wedding di niyo ko mapag tutube, haha!

Anyway, some random kwentos from the past days! Mahaba-habang catching up to!!

A week or so ago, after attending the Camaieu fashion show in Shang, the gang settled in Cyma for dinner / catch-up, which I realized na we seldom do na din nowadays. It's sad and nakakamiss, but I am happy for my friends' thriving careers in styling or PR that's why bihira narin magkitakita. 

Traffic din that day, I reached Shang around THREE HOURS from Alabang, and sobrang lakas pa ng ulan--but I went home happyyy. :) I love the Clingies, and nabuo din that night ang hashtag na #PresentSiPax, hahaha!

During my Alabang commutes, I pass by this mall slash terminal Metropolis so I can get from the jeep to the bus station. I don't often stroll around and just go to the exit for the bus, but one time I took a detour para mag restroom, and chanced upon this heaven. A craft store near my home! I hope this will finally inspire me from my long overdue business break.

Another post-event dinner with half of the Clingies, this time in Cibo after the Bensimon DIY Day in Rockwell. Madaming "accidents" that day, but again--mababaw lang ako and "quality time" with friends always makes up for the BV!

Two less lonely people in the world! One of the most unforgettable concert experience for me was Air Supply with Arnie. Dami pinagdaanan, haha! But all worth it, and whenever they play Lost in Love or Here I Am sa bus, may tiny spark kilig inside me that's telling myself "Uuuy napanuod ko na yan live!" :)

Bus ride hits from Alabang to Makati with Christine, cause she came from ATC that day for a project. We were on our way to Vern and Verniece's VV Book launch in Glorietta! Super haggard, but adventure!

Festival Mall tambay discovery with my sister Cea in between our Feast and Mass: Baby Cakes! Dati dinadaan daanan lang namin to, but one time we tried their cookies and other sweets--and discovered the best yema balls in town! :p YUM!

Speaking of food discovery, here's another one na I gave a shot after my gym session last week, and wala na akong makainan na bukas around Ayala. Sinangag, tokwa, and scrambled eggs are still the best combi and cheap thrill for me! Di padin ako maselan hahaha, *sabay lagok sa libreng pitchel ng tubig ng karinderya* hahaha!

Isang issue ko for the past 2 weeks is the UNBELIEVABLE traffic situation of Metro Manila. The MRT incident made me avoid riding our umm pang action movie train condition, while the traffic -- the mas heavy pa sa heavy traffic -- made me wish I can stay and live in the south nalang forever and iwasan na ang EDSA as much as possible. Last Friday was the WORST, hindi na umaandar ang bus ko northbound on my way to Ayala just to have my gym time. MRT, with this line na lagpas pa ng Alphaland, was not an option. Regrets, should have stayed at home.

Tumirik daw that day ang MRT, and then that day din yung may tumalon na car sa Greenhills. Akala ko asa Gotham City na ako nakatira, and this guy was signalling Batman na to save our world!

Dahil wala nang pagasa ang traffic, I hopped off the bus, and stayed in the Magallanes mall muna for early dinner before gym. After mabusog, I walked from Magallanes to Ayala nalang, it was the best option na kahit tiring. Buti nalang naka pang gym nako so iniisip ko nalang cardio done! Lol.

Met up again with Arnie last Saturday just to hangout, eat, watch a movie--the typical weekend! :) Enjoyed the laughtrip lalo na sa pinanuod naming movie (Sex Tape), minsan feeling ko ang slap na ng humor ko hahaha, or mababaw lang talaga! Also had super busog Japanese feast in Akira Shangri-La Mall.

And lastly, last night I decided to re-watch UP, one of the cartoons that made me cry waterfalls mode (and hindi lang teary eyed ha!) along with Toy Story 3. Feeling ko tuloy I almost forgot how it is na to fall in love (yehesss!) and actually, this movie made me pray more for a "Carl" who is loyal and loving and whom I can share those "boring moments" with. Sigh. :)

Hay wearing my heart on my sleeve again, hehe hassle! Anyway! Have a great great week guys! :)

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Sail Away

Naalala ko last year was the first time I sailed in a legit ship, and actually slept in a tiny cabin with my closest blog friends. It felt like perpetually hinehele ka while I tried to sleep in the small but decent bed, and even when I was brushing my teeth in an even smaller cubicle (nakakahilo!). It was one of the most memorable "blog related" work for me because I think booking for a boat ride to Bacolod is something I won't risk if there's already the convenient (and faster!) option of flying. So it was an experience. And although slooow and steady (and most of the time walang signal / internet! ;p), I remembered how I actually enjoyed the quiet and leisurely-paced cruise to our destination, watching the endless sky-slash-sea while drinking my morning coffee.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Cole Haan Philippines Launches Lightest Shoes 'Zerogrand'

Cole Haan launched their lightest shoes yet, weighing in at less than 290 grams each, yesterday in their Rockwell branch.

Pinocchio Children's Musical for the Kids and Kids at Heart

I've been reviving a lot of old interests the past weeks, and one of them is theater (musicals!)--which I tried to rekindle by listening to Avenue Q songs via Deezer, hehe. That's why I got so excited when they invited us for Repertory Philippines' press preview of Pinocchio. Finally! An actual stage play again since my broadway experience.

In celebration of its 22 years of producing well-loved musicals for children of all ages, Repertory Philippines Theater for Young Audiences proudly announces the staging of the well-loved tale of a wooden puppet whose nose grew when he told a lie. Pinocchio, originally written by Carlo Collodi in 1881, has been one of the most famous stories in children’s literature and one of the most adapted--with Disney as perhaps the most popular.