Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Keeks' Day Out!

Hi guys! Meet Keeks, the Gonzales' favorite dog. :)

Pioneer: Stories of Hope Playwriting Competition

School plays changed me and my appreciation for theater. It is an art created by passion and perseverance of many different departments (I am usually under art dept, but also tried acting and even lights!), only to showcase the results for one night, minimum. 

I am happy every time I get to attend events that have a touch of theater to it. Last August 27, Pioneer Insurance Company announces Stories of Hope Playwriting Competition during its launch in Conti's Greenbelt, Makati. Brought me back to school and extra-curicular days!

PayMaya: A Reloadable VISA Credit Card

I have a confession, I never had a credit card.

I was born with a mindset that the plastic is evil, it will only cause me to drown in debts. But now at my late 20s, and traveling and online shopping are now a thing, I find it harder to keep up with the times lacking this mode of payment. There's bank deposit, which is a hassle with the long lines, or Paypal, which is not available all the time in this country.

Thank God, and why only now, I was introduced to PayMaya.

Monday, August 31, 2015

August Favorites

I hope I didn't flood your feeds with my blog posts and Instagram backlogs! The past days, I wasn't my consistent "blog agad-agad" self, and had gathered around 10ish event posts and several IG assignments in my to-do list, huhu. Nakakalula! So anyway, so sorry for the sudden gush of posts today since it's one of my free days!

Anyway, I caught the flu, and had the reading-craze phase, so instead of blogging I was either enjoying Singapore in the eyes of the Crazy Rich Asians, or I was in a deeep deeeeep sleep. Which felt great! I had more than 8 hours of sleep since Wednesday. :) 

And since I'm in the mood to post something random naman, aside from events, here's my August Favorites. I'll try to make this a regular blog segment, kung maalala ko every end of the month, hehe. 

1) Laura Mercier Flawless Face Kit

Eyebrow Tutorial with Elf Cosmetics

I recently received this cool ELF Cosmetics Eyebrow Doctor kit, and thought of creating a tutorial on how I shape my own brows using makeup. I usually just use brown eyebrow makeup to shape and fill my kilay, but using several good quality makeup and tools makes the eyebrows look more filled and still natural. Also, it lasts longer, which is important!

ASUS ZenFestival + New ZenFones

Cellphones are getting prettier and prettier! Not only are the features superb, but the new lineup from ASUS Philippines are very stylish gadgets that answered all our concerns when it comes to mobile phones. I attended the grand ZenFestival last August 29 to find out more about these.

ZenFone Selfie, one of the powerful phones introduced last Saturday at the festival, held at The Eye in Green Sun, Makati.

Saturday, August 29, 2015

UNIQLO x TeamManila x Dan Matutina

My favorite brand for my basics, UNIQLO, recently joined forces with Team Manila, one of the top graphic design studios in the Philippines. Together with Filipino illustrator Dan Matutina, the collab captures the identity of the country in a fresh way by featuring iconic Pinoy jeepney, sorbetes, alibata, and one-of-a-kind calligraphy designs. 

Here are some of these tees:


Friday, August 28, 2015

Shakey’s Among the Most Loved Brands in Asia

When Shakey’s opened its first branch 40 years ago, there was little expectation outside of the opening of a restaurant for a delicious pizza that could warm the stomach as much as it would warm the heart. Many decades and numerous branches later, the brand has established itself as a comforting and cherished place where regulars enjoy gathering with family and friends. 

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

WHAT APP: StoryTell Prints

I love documenting special and even day-to-day happenings in my life. Maybe that's why I have this personal blog in the first place! From a diary-writer to a blogger, mingling along with my words are visuals - including plane tickets, hand-written secret notes, receipts, tissue paper doodles, and of course, pictures!

In this digital age, we often just leave photos in our laptop's albums because it is practical and economical. But what if I show you another fun and easy way of printing your pictures? Guys, meet StoryTell Prints.

Beyond The Box: Box Talks featuring Everywhere We Shoot!

Our favorite tech store, Beyond the Box, really went beyond the box yesterday as they host the first of the many "Box Talks" for its customers. An exciting concept for forever-students-of-life like me (hehe), Box Talks are workshops designed to speak to the average "non-techie" in a format and a language designed to inspire and enable.