Hello 2021!


Some might think that social media will just make you jealous, envious over others' seemingly perfect lives. But in my case, I see these new things, travels, and activities as goals, aspirations, and maybe even future opportunities. If they made it possible even at this time, maybe I can do it too!

On my last post, my bitter tone for the upcoming year surfaces (is there such a thing as a New Year Scrooge?) knowing that I can't plan anything like I usually do once the calendars are changed. 

"A new year doesn't mean that the virus will magically disappear". 

Honestly, at that time when I wrote this year-ender, I felt that planning something will only lead to heavy disappointments.

I am glad that I came across people on my feed living their lives amidst the crisis. Some a bit too much for my standards (for my parents' sake, I am still afraid of being overly spontaneous), but there are others that seem doable even for a cautious person like me. 

I won't be overly confident, and I will still respect my family, the protocols, risks, and other precautions the past year has forcefully ingrained in us. But 2021, maybe we can do these? :)

1. Learn acrylic art, latte art, pottery, etc.

In the past years, we are done with soy candles, perfume, Kpop dance, resin jewellery, and soap making to name a few. But as a self-proclaimed student of life, I am down with more classes as long as the school will assure that protocols will be met. Heck, I'll even accept learning from Teacher Youtube! 

2. Nature trips.

I was shocked the very first time I saw a non-throwback travel photo on my feed, then it became normal eventually. When lockdowns were softened up, others took it as a chance for a quick getaway from the city, or to getaway from their lives for the past 10 or so months. A beach trip seems fun but hassle (to me), but seeing a friend conquering a MOUNTAIN made my heart leap a little. Gusto ko to! I felt something that I didn't feel when I first saw sand and bikini photos.

3. Spend less, earn more.

This will be my last conservative goal for the year, something that I didn't see on the internet but I've been so guilty of last year when "add to cart" became my therapy. I hope that I'll be wiser when it comes to money, and I hope this will be my chance to grow my own business. 

I usually list up to 10 goals, haha, but I think these three are enough for me for now. Like how we thread through the new normal early last year like babies on their walkers, maybe we can build a life again this year--slowly but surely, careful but still moving forward.

BYE 2020!


Wrote this on New Year's Eve, Dec 31 2020.

No plans of doing year enders for this %*#@ of a year, but my past blog entries appeared this morning on my Facebook memories and my senti self can't stand letting this year go by without proper closure.

Having forgotten how to write year-enders, I decided to read my 2019 entry first. I actually wrote a 2020 goals post, and even though I stayed at home 90% of the time since March, how funny that some of them I was still able to achieve, albeit in different form! 

(Purple Text - My early 2020, pre-pandemic self)

2020, the year you've seen different angles of my room for the first time! Haha! 

In photo: Celebrating Jungkook's birthday by joining 3 cupsleeves events; 

nowhere to go but still dressed up as Kdrama girl Ko Mun-Yeong for a brand posting; 

and a post-jog mirror selfie.

1) Health is Wealth. I am turning 34 this month, and have to reconsider my food choices, fitness life and even my sleeping schedule (kahit na Kdrama is life, haha). 

In April, I started having anxiety attacks, amplified most at night. I was super open about it on my Instagram stories, and received several advice to do breathing exercises. 

I started doing simple, Youtube-guided yoga, and finished a "21 Days of Abundance" meditation challenge.

Naalala ko pa nga I think 3 or 4 months since April I have an actual DAILY workout sched! I stopped at around August which up to now I am still regretting coz I lost the momentum fully. Few weeks ago, I started fixing my eating habits by going on intermittent fasting. Hope I can get my workout groove back this month.

2) Watch ASTRO and BTS Live.

Aside from traveling, concerts and fan gatherings are the things that I miss the most in my "past life". Luckily, I was still able to watch ASTRO and BTS concerts even with this pandemic!

My first online paid concert experience was BTS Bang Bang Con, then ASTRO's WWW. They even projected my IG photo post for the Aroha event segment! Wah!

Latter part of the year, I also watched the 2-day concert of BTS' MOTS ON:E, and was given the opportunity to be part of the virtual audience for Day 2!

Not a concert, but I also watched BTS: Break The Silence in SM Bacoor with my high school friend and her college circle. We are less than 10 during the pre-reserved private screening, my first time in a cinema after months in lockdown!

3) Go to a country I haven't been to.

The only thing on my list I wasn't able to do. But in January, I also visited to 2 cities in Korea that I haven't seen (Sokcho and Jumunjin). 

4) Shake up my wardrobe! I've been holding an online closet sale since last week to save up for my birthday trip. 

Sold most of my bags and clothes at the start of the lockdown, and haven't fully replenish my closet since. Most of the stuff I bought this year are either loungewear or BTS related pieces, so nashake talaga ang wardrobe ko! 😂

5) As mentioned earlier, be more active again in my blog. Bring back the 2017-2018 Anagon blogger! 

Wala ako masyado nasulat this year, but I'll give it to myself for finishing my 20 Days in Korea travel blogs.

I also took the 25-day Instagram challenge this December aka IGMAS, which in a way felt like doing micro blogs. Will take that as achievement nadin for this year!

Recorded the most mundane everyday happenings, my Bangtan Budols, and my 2020 achievement as a fan girl: Be featured as an ARMY in Readers Digest! 

6) Personal Project: Travel in Korea for a month. And record daily activities in vlogging format.

Something that I am thankful for this 2020 was that I was given the chance to travel to Korea for 20 days before the lockdown happened. I am thankful now that I pushed through with this trip, I was even planning on delaying it for Spring para di masyado malamig. 

There are days when I have flashes of memories from my Seoul goshiwon-life (small rooms in Korea), and can feel that bottomless pit in my tummy from travel and adventures sepanx.


Unfortunately, I wasn't able to vlog during this trip. I did have IGTV posts for most of them, some I posted while I was still in Korea!

7) Personal Project: Attend at least 5 random classes and workshops (art, cooking, etc). 

Before the lockdown, my friends and I were able to attend a soy candle making workshop! Ang saya nito because it was a time when the Crash Landing On You Kdrama was all the rage, and scented candles became "in" because of Yoon Seri! Haha. We were supposed to attend a latte art class, but that one was cancelled and refunded na huhu.

Enter our favorite school for 2020... COURSERA! Ang dami ko naging "schoolmates" sa Yonsei University because of this website discovery! I finished 2 basic Korean language courses by dedicating my mornings to just this.

Not classes, but this year I also had the chance to revive my passion for crafting. There's diamond painting, embroidery, beads, air clay, digital art, actual painting, travel memories photo books, etc. 

(skipping to #10)

10) Start a long-term business.

I made my own Hobi inspired bracelets, tapos nagka keychain version pa sya, tapos naging customizable. I was busy with these things for several months which made me happy and accomplished.

Thank you to the first person who sent me a DM asking if I can customize a JHope bracelet for her too. She was in quarantine for testing positive with Covid, and these little things made her happy.

Before her message, I was just giving away these bracelets to my friends for free!

This year, I was also able to pull-off 3 cupsleeves events (CSE) @ home. I was participating in so many BTS cupsleeves events during this pandemic, minsan 3 at a time pa for one birthday, but on my 8th I decided to create my own. 

When Jimin's birthday was coming last October, my initial target was just 20 participants. I ended up with 50! We kept growing for every event, with 130 during Jin Day, and the most recent, 156 for Taehyung Day!

In short, I just want to be healthy in all ways, to have a purpose for my social media presence and not just post because I am pressured to, to have a quality and loving community--and create something of value to people who choose to follow me, and to be stable financially so I can do more and be more for my family. 

Grabe yung goals ko when this year started. I can feel in my tone that I was so hopeful and determined to make 2020 the best! Now I can't even think of anything uplifting to end this post, knowing a new year doesn't mean COVID will magically vanish. 

But from the bottom of this wornout heart, thank you for the experiences that toughened me, thank you for teaching me to appreciate what's in front of me, and to SEE what is truly important when things that are seemingly permanent can be taken away in an instant. 

I also learned to see myself beyond all the layers I've built around myself the past years--without all the travels, stripping off my work, who am I? Staying at home in this big "world reset" made me think a lot about these things.

Happy New Year guys! No goals yet but will try to pick up my journal one of these days to self-reflect privately. Will continue praying for everyone's health and happiness. ❤

In photo: Packing boxes for shipment with the help of my parents during Jin day (October), 

We had 4 birthdays at home in 2020! Ako lang ang naka birthday pa sa labas (December), 

and me crying over Dynamite MV when I first watched it during its Youtube world premier! (August) 

#HappyTaehyungDay! | For BTS V Cupsleeves Event Participants


First of all.... HAPPY TAEHYUNG DAY!!!

During initial planning of the Happy Taehyung Day Box, I was already leaning towards the Vintage Mail concept. Since it will arrive just in time for the holidays, I wanted the package to have that fuzzy ol’ Christmas gift vibe you get through snail mail.

Think receiving a box (some a bit squeezed from traveling with gazillion other holiday packages! 😅 Sorry!!! 😖), then feeling the nice cool breeze outside as you greet Mr. Postman. Then you head in to pour yourself a cup of hot cocoa before opening the present, thick jazzy Christmas tunes fill the air….you get the picture.   

So I started designing postcards, postal stamps, scrapbook pages, even a group polaroid with Starry Night border (one of Tae’s favorite painting!). Since it’s a throwback feast, I also added in a photo strip featuring Kim Taehyung through the years. Choosing which pic to add was hard, but discovering treasure troves of V's baby photos reminded me of his song Inner Child.  

Vintage and Old Soul: These are the descriptions that match Kim Taehyung. Who will attend dance practices donning his blazer and shiny leather shoes, and who will blast The Carpenters and Frank Sinatra during his live broadcasts.

I hope the Taehyung Day Box arrives on your doorsteps like a warm hug as we end the year. May it feel like remembering something familiar, maybe even get you a bit sentimental, before you drop it on your desk and go about with your festivities. ❤

What's included on your Taehyung Day Box?

1. Scannable Codes: QR Codes leading to random messages from Kim Taehyung, Spotify code for some good vibes while unboxing.

If you weren't able to join, feel free to try one of the QR and the Spotify Codes here:

2-3. Beret in random color. Taehyung's signature headgear. Beret comes with 2 Winter Bear Glitter Button Pins that you can attach on it, or use on other stuff like your canvass tote, pouch, room decor, etc.

What color did you get? Is it same as the one you're hoping to receive?

4. A Pack of V Prints: My personally designed scrapbook style cupsleeves and postcard, photo strip and polaroid for that vintage vibe.

5. Cup and Coffee: A pack of drip coffee from our favorite local brand

6. VANTE's DIY String Bracelet: Attach the camera or paintbrush charm, or a "V" cube bead to the red string bracelet, or wear it as is.

Note: This pic was supposed to be my ARTIVIVE photo for this event! But when I tried adding my video edit, I realized that the photo has already been used! You can view it, too! Haha! So I had new ones printed, and thought of using this instead for a DIY Bracelet gimmick! Since naka bracelet din si V si pic hehe!

7. TATA Keychain. 

Just a small keepsake of one of Taehyung's cutest character creations!

"It's great that TATA can help those with low self esteem gain confidence, and I think TATA's job is to be a missing piece that fills up what each person lack." - Kim Taehyung

8. A Handwritten Love Letter: Notes about the box and the celebrant, contests that participants can join in, list of Taehyung's songs to stream, etc.

9. Korean Yakult - A quirky add-on! Must drink upside down!

Ang dami din pinagdaanan ng Yakult nato! 😂 Didn't realize that storage, packing, and shipping will be a huge problem, tuwang tuwa pa ako sa idea ko haha! Thanks to my mom's ref space, and the miracle of the coffee cup and bubble wrap combination, naka-raos naman and so far! All Yakult were delivered without punctures! "Si Yakult lang ang malakas!" 

10. Extra random 4R photo of Kim Taehyung: These are my current favorite photos of V! 

Having these printed is also a last minute decision, coz the ones I had earlier on are nice naman but everyday I discover new BTS photos! 😂

Extra Surprises!

Have you accomplished all of these?

1. Perfect this Taehyung quiz, and get a raffle entry to win an authentic Life Goes On Cassette!

*We will draw the contest winners TONIGHT via Instagram Stories!

2. Did you join all our cupsleeves events for this year? (Jimin, Jin, V) If yes, you can also join my surprise raffle where you can win authentic MOTS merch!

*We will draw the contest winners TONIGHT via Instagram Stories!

3. Another contest! Win these V DAY prizes by writing your #LettersToTaehyung on the vintage postcard! Tag me on your Instagram Story so I can see your entry! Let's flood V with love letters on his special day! 

*Will announce winner in a week so everybody can join, and I can check all entries.

4. I also made a Happy Taehyung Day Instagram Story Filter for you guys! I used V's BE concept room as background, and a smiley face doodle on the cheek. (meron nading pa blush-on and freckles yan, hehehe)

Feel free to use it when you post an Instagram Story to greet V, or as background for your unboxing, etc! ❤

5.Have you viewed our ARTIVIVE videos

Aside from the Simpsons painting on Taehyung's room, you can also download the ARTIVIVE app, and use it to view the photo strip for 4 short V videos!

These are the pictures with ARTIVIVE effect:

6. Here's a free downloadable Taehyung photo edit from one of our Taehyung Day participants Arkin (@rkntrcytndll on Instagram)! You can get a high resolution copy here: Feel free to print, use as your wallpaper, etc. Thank you Arkin!

7. Santa ARMY - And lastly, I just want to share that we have already accomplished our surprise and joint effort as Santa ARMYs for Maphi, our chosen ARMY wisher who is also a frontliner! 

In her letter to @BTSUnniesPH, she wrote pamper stuff on her wishlist for having spent the past 3 months in the COVID area. On her last update, she spent Christmas in the hospital too! 

Thank you for supporting our Taehyung Day project, in our small way.... we made someone happy!

Our gifts to Maphi! V is also her bias :)


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What BiBWorks Express Has to Offer  

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Grocery Delivery  

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Purchase Service  

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