Anagon Mail 005: Message To Our Frontliners


I wasn't feeling well when I woke up last Monday. With all that's happening in the world, I think it affected me a lot mentally and physically. 

As you've most prob know, I dedicate my Monday's Instagram Stories to communicating with my audience through a question and answer segment. The past weeks I've been doing it, I think it's not only you who got to know me more, but I was also able to get to know more about you, what excites or interests you, simply through the type of questions you sent!

But for this week, with this Jumanji nightmare we're in, I can't put myself into my usual Q&A mode. For this Monday, I don't want this segment to be about me. 

I asked my Instagram friends if there are any frontliners among them, and if they aren't, what's their message to our frontliners.

We've been suffering from all the adjustments, all the uncertainties, and all the losses for the past 5 months or so. Experiencing sadness, rage and anxieties are valid emotions right now. 

But in a corner of a hospital room or a makeshift tent, cladded in head-to-toe protective suit even on days temperature hits above 30 degrees outside, no chance to hug their loved ones as tightly as before to find strength again to face another day, we have our modern heroes sacrificing their time and their lives for us. Let us keep them in mind in all days, and let us stand up for them when we hear things that they do not deserve. 

Here are beautiful words for our doctors, nurses, and all our healthcare heroes:

UNBOXING: BTS x Samsung Galaxy Buds+ | How To Connect Galaxy Buds+ with iPhone


I finally bought my own Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus BTS Edition! 

I was stopping myself from making any big purchases, but I was also thinking of these limited edition releases for daysss now. 

Finally, when the earbuds were available again online, I took the plunge! 

Here's an unboxing of my biggest BTS purchase to date. Hoping to get my hands on the phone next!

The packaging is so nice! It has a matte and very luxurious feel to it. The box is also bigger than usual for Samsung earbuds packaging, but it contains a case aside from the actual earbuds. It looks like the box of a phone. They filled the packaging with with lots of BTS references, including BTS purple logo, 7 purple hearts, stars, and the words I believe in your Galaxy.

Here's how the main charging case of the Samsung Galaxy Buds+ looks like. It's in metallic silver, with the logo of Samsung and BTS in front.  

The extra case for the case (lol) is a bit matte. It has the words "I Purple You" inside, and a purple heart on the other side. They are easy to attach with a snap on the bottom part, and sticky tape on the upper part. But a bit harder to remove for bottom part.

Ang ganda sobra! You can also attach a keychain or lanyard on the case. Battery life is also good. I've been using it since I got it last Friday, and haven't charged it since (today's a Sunday).

More BTS details: Purple BTS logo and purple heart on the earbuds itself:

You will also get these matte photo cards with your earbuds, all the BTS members wearing the Galaxy Buds+. I tried to take my photo with same pose but nvm haha!

It's my first time to use a Samsung Galaxy Buds+, and pairing it with my iPhone was a bit of a challenge compared to my other airpods from before. I've tried JBL, RealMe, and Joyroom where you simply open the bluetooth and auto-connect. 

For the Samsung buds, my iPhone did not easily recognize it until I downloaded the Galaxy Buds app--thankfully available for ios users.

How to pair iPhone with a Samsung Galaxy Buds+

1. Must be an iPhone 7 or later unit. 

2. Turn on your bluetooth.

3. Download the Galaxy Buds app. 

4. Wear your earbuds, then navigate the Galaxy Buds app to connect phone and earbuds. 

5. You'll only be doing this once. Later on, I just open and wear my buds, and connect it to my phone via bluetooth.

Galaxy Buds App + Touch Controls

You can still use the app for other Samsung Galaxy Buds+ modifications, including Ambient Sound, Equalizer, Touch Controls, and Find My Earbuds features.

For the touch controls, single tap to pause or play your music, double tap: to skip to next track or answer/end a call. 

Where To Buy BTS x Samsung Galaxy Buds+ in Philippines

I bought mine online via Samsung Philippines' official page in Shopee. You can check if it's the official page as it's the one with the red check next to its shop logo. Samsung Philippines also has a Lazada page and website.

I got my BTS x Samsung Galaxy Buds+ for Php 9000+, including the shipping fee. The good thing with Shopee is that it's easy to refund your money in case the item did not arrive or if you're not satisfied with the unit. Thankfully, everything arrived in good condition, and packed well in a brown box and bubble wrap. 

One thing I regret though is that they are also selling this same thing in Weverse with a free BTS edition of Samsung's Wireless Charging Pad (also in violet). But it's so hard for me to shop overseas the past months, so I guess I still got a good deal. Right now the BTS x Samsung Galaxy Buds+ listing in Shopee is already soldout!

Since I always wear my old airpods at home whenever I workout, listen to music as I was the dishes (hehehe), or meditate in the morning via Youtube guide, I've been using my BTS x Samsung Galaxy Buds+ every single day. Love this purchase, and will use it well! 

Borahae, BTS!

Listen to my BTS Playlist here:

Watch my unboxing video here:

Anagon Mail 004


Q: Hello po! Ano pong kinuha nyong course nung college?
A: UST AB Journalism! :) Second choice ko lang to sa UST, first choice ko was adver. Also passed in Ateneo IS & 2nd choice ko sa UP LB Mass Comm. :) 

Q: I love your travels! Have you traveled solo pala?
A: Yes! It's my thing to travel solo at least once a year since hmm 2016!! :) Click here for my thoughts on solo travels.

Q: Why not try vlogging din ate since u like to share a lot of stuff through vids also hehe
A: Gusto ko talaga hahaha but minsan pag consciously ko sya ginawa like tinapat ko na yung camera ng pa horizontal natatameme nako hahaha.. ilang beses ko na ineffortan! Mas comfy ako pag phone lang and naka vertical for 15 seconds IG Story. 😅

Sana magawa ko din sya next time coz enjoy din ako sa vlogs as a viewer! And for now at least nakikita din ninyo na I vlog kahit sa igtv ko lang, to document--first and foremost! 😊 (Note: I meant here is that I still vlog kahit hindi trend or money-driven. But just because I enjoy documenting in different formats)

Q: Naiintindihan nyo na po ang subs sa kdrama dahil sa coursera course u took?
A: Hindi padin! Second basic class ko nato but di ako fast learner talaga by nature hahaha so enjoying lang the process and paulit ulit lang ako til may mag stick sa head ko (learning through repetition).

Masaya nako na kahit onting words naka communicate ako nun last trip ko. Kanwari sinabi ko sa guesthouse owners ko noon "Kabang! Kabang!" nun kukunin nya key ko e yun kabang (bag) ko asa room ko pa hahaha. Or pag may familiar word ako narinig sa Korean show "Uy chemisoyo daw!" (ang saya / having fun) hahaha or nakaka basa ako ng onting labels sa Korean groc. :) 

Q: What made you decide to go for macbook instead of other laptop brand? :)
A: Hello! So ang history ko with my gadget, I started with PC (personal computer) na napanalunan ko sa art contest haha! Joined a Banana Peel design your own flipflops tapos I bought PC from the cash prize! 

Nun nauso laptop, I got an HP hand me down sa cousin ko. Matagal ko din nagamit yun, tipong sira na yun Y (key) and cinocopy paste ko nalang sya hahaha pero sulit na sulit sya (and free!)

First laptop ko talaga from my own money ay Macbook Pro, I guess coz natempt ako sa walang virus feature nya haha. (One less thing to worry about). Also, was using iPhone at that time so parang nag match din with Airdrop and compatible apps and files, etc.

Nasira din first laptop ko in 3 years, and since need ko talaga ng kapalit agad for my work, I just bought yun cheapest Macbook at that time na hindi din naman cheap lol--Macbook Air! Maliit lang memory but at least di ko na need aralin or sanayin yung pag use. Next time try ko uli mag HP siguro pag nag all-out android phone nako. :)  

Q: Any love life advice esp ngayong lockdown? :(
A: Okay pass next question pls! Charot hahaha!

Ano in particular about love life? :)

If LDR (Long Distance Relationship) siguro communication is key. Tiis nalang muna mahirap na since pandemic! Health is wealth!

If looking for love, naku ayos lang yan. :) Hindi gugunaw ang mundo ng wala love life, there is more to life! Nood nalang muna tayo Kdrama o stan ng Kpop boys hahaha!

Q: How many countries have you travelled na ate?
A: Eto yun asa blog ko na labels, wala pa pala yung India and Thailand, but honestly hindi ako mabilang hahaha!

Di ako mashado tanda-in on certain things like price ng nabili or dates.. and siguro isama na natin tong number of countries visited.. Kaya siguro ako nag bblog and document lagi para may mabalikan! 😁 Try ko keep track and update next time!

Q: Dream destination po?
A: Eto naka print out na sya inspired by @realasianbeauty vlog hehe: Paris, Iceland, New Zealand, and Holy Land (last should be with whole fam. :))

Q: Sino pong bias nio sa BTS? :)
A: Si V!!! Hahaha, parang si Liza Soberano sa vlog ng @btsunniesph meron din akong secret stan Twitter acct for V hahaha!

Q: Ana nakapag book ka na ba ng flight during this lockdown? When, where, and why? Hehe
A: Yes! Hahaha umaasa ako na ok na lahat ng next year May. Booked for Incheon with my bessy @artsyava sa isang CebPac sale parang 9k lang ata RT (roundtrip) and kaming dalawa na hehe

PS: Matapang lang ako coz rebookable tickets nila for free up to 2x, and also yun Travel Funds ng Cebpac valid for 2 years na. :) Read more here.

Q: Just curious po. Do you travel with your savings or sponsored po?
A: Mix mix na! :) Most solo Korea trips ko own money ko. Japan din, US, Europe, India.. Pag family trip or barkada trip own ipon ko. Siguro may part sponsorship kanwari yun Internet (pocket wifi) na gamit ko for the longest time TEP Wireless may partnership na kami for my every travel matagal nadin siguro mga 2-3 years na ako with TEP? :)

Minsan may tours na sagot ng Trazy Korea before, or Klook in exchange of a blog post, so in short hindi din sya free pala technically (I still have work to do for them). Or nagka time din I worked for airlines like AirAsia or CebPac in some of their campaigns, so yung "payment" nila for my services are plane tickets. Most of these nagamit ko sa Korea trip ko.

Ay may mga trip din pala na napanalunan ko lang sa contest! Like yung Jeju na nandyan sa pic haha, meron din ako before Bali! IG photo contest ko naman napanalunan.

May press trips din ako na obvious na press trip pag may kasama din akong ibang bloggers. :) Examples are yun Hokkaido trips ko, Fukuoka, yung cruise, ano pa ba.. Meron din ako 2 Malaysia na press junkets. Pag ganun sponsorship sya so no money-out for me unless I shop or something. But in exchange, I have to post din for the airline or tourism board, etc. :)

Get Vaccinated Now: My Experience in Getting Pneumonia Vaccine


I had my pneumonia vaccine last Sunday with Affinity Vaccines in Affinity Dental Alabang. 

I arrived around 5 minutes ahead of my schedule, which I think is just in time to do prior protocols to comply with the new normal, including disinfecting and signing of several sheets.

From the door, I went through several mats to disinfect my shoes, and then ended in a self-temperature check and automatic alcohol spray for my hands. 

I sat at their waiting area alone while filling up forms for contact tracing and pre-requisites to get the vaccine including health declaration, etc.

After that, I was accommodated right away. 

Everything was fast and efficient, and I felt safe in the clinic coz I was told they scattered the schedule of their patients for the day. I think we were only 2-3 when I was there. And of course, since it's a dental clinic, everything's clean ever since!

About Affinity Vaccines

Affinity Vaccines has been around since 2005. They are a pioneer in institutional vaccination in the country, catering the biggest companies in the Philippines to help them protect their employees from vaccine preventable diseases.

Affinity Vaccines provide affordable, convenient, and accessible vaccination. They are wholly owned division of Affinity Health and Wellness Corporation, also the mother company of my dentist for around 3 years now (Affinity Dental). 

Lastly, Affinity Vaccines is duly licensed by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) under the Department of Health (DOH) as a Drugstore and as a Distributor.

Where They Hold Their Vaccination

They are currently vaccinating by schedule in Affinity Dental Clinics located within Metro Manila. With all the equipments and sanitary protocols of the Affinity Dental Clinics, this location is the safest and most accessible place available for individuals and families. Affinity Vaccines currently do not accept home service.

Why Get Flu and Pneumonia Vaccine? 

Signs and symptoms of Flu have similarities to some of signs and symptoms of COVID-19. They can be mistaken for one another, and even trained medical professionals can have a hard time telling them apart without proper testing. 

With a flu shot, you have better chances of fighting the flu virus and avoiding these symptoms, and that's one less thing to worry about especially now that rainy season has arrived. The vaccine causes your body to develop antibodies that help protect your body against infection. 

About Vaccines According to the World Health Organization (WHO)

1) Vaccines are safe and effective. Any licensed vaccine is rigorously tested before it is approved for use, regularly reassessed, constantly monitored for side-effects.

2) Vaccines prevent deadly illnesses. Vaccination protects children from diseases like diptheria, mumps, measles, and pertusis

3) Vaccines provide better immunity than natural infections. The immune response to vaccines is similar to the one produced by natural infection, but less risky!

4) Combined vaccines are safe and beneficial. Giving several vaccines at the same time has no negative effect on the immune system. It reduces discomfort, and saves time and money!

5) If we stop vaccination, diseases will return! Even with better hygiene, sanitation and access to safe water, infection still spread. When people are not vaccinated, infectious diseases that have become uncommon quickly reappear. 

Affinity Vaccines Available Vaccines and Price List
The price covers the cost of vaccines, professional fees, administration and PPE fees

Trivalent Influenza Vaccines: 
1. Influvac (Abbott) - P 800 
- 3 strains against most common flu 
- Annual Vaccination

Quadrivalent Influenza Vaccines: 
1. FluQuadri 2020 (Sanofi) - P 1,600 
- 4 strains against most common flu 
- Annual Vaccination 
- Limited stocks available  

Pneumococcal Vaccines:  
1. Pneumovax 23 (MSD) - P 3,500 
- Pneumococcal Polysaccharide (PPSV23) 
- 23 Strains against most common bacterial pneumonia 
- 5 years interval 
- Limited stocks available 

2. Prevenar 13 (Pfizer) - P 4,200 << This is the one I got coz I already have my Flu shot last May
- Pneumococcal Conjugate (PCV13) 
- 13 Strains against most common bacterial pneumonia 
- Lifetime protection!

Schedule for August

Vaccination will be at Affinity Dental Clinics on the following dates and venues:

Date: Sunday, August 9, 2020 
Address: Affinity Dental Clinics Makati 2F, Plaza One Hundred, 100 V.A. Rufino St., Legaspi Village, Makati City

Date: Sunday, August 9, 2020 
Address: Affinity Dental Clinics BGC 2F, Bonifacio Stopover Building, 32nd Street corner Rizal Drive, Bonifacio Global City, 1634 Taguig

Date: Sunday, August 9, 2020 
Address: Affinity Dental Clinics Alabang Unit 206, 2nd Floor, Westgate Hub Mall, Filinvest Corporate City, Alabang-Zapote Road, Muntinlupa City

Contact Information

Schedule your appointment and reserve stocks:

Paula Rosales, Coordinator 
Mobile Number: 0917.565.7028 


Affinity Vaccines accept Cash and Credit Cards.

BDO Credit Card holders may avail of 3 or 6 months installment plan at 0% interest, minimum of P 3,000 transaction.

Final Note

- The do not offer home service.

- Affinity Vaccines do not vaccinate children 3 years old and below, pregnant women, persons who are allergic to chicken or eggs and persons who are immune-compromised.

- Limited stocks remaining. No guarantee of future availability.

- Stocks reserved for no show patients will be released to other patients.

Three days has passed since I had my pneumonia shot. I was warned by my vaccinator Sir Shariff Jumat that I might feel a bit feverish, which I did experienced in the afternoon of my vaccination. It was gone in about 2-3 hours, and nothing bothersome after that. I was still able to work and function for the day. 

I also felt the arm where I got the shot a bit heavy, same experience with flu shot so it's normal. Is it okay to move it around or wash the part where I have the injection? I also asked Sir Jumat if it is okay to workout, and the answer is yes! And it is also okay to take a bath after vaccination. 

If you have other questions, please feel free to contact Affinity Vaccines on the contact info I posted above, or comment below and will try to ask for you!

Protect your self and your family. Get vaccinated by the most experienced and most trusted name in institutional vaccination. Price is also fairly affordable. Thank you Affinity Vaccines for the good service, highly recommended!

Cebu Pacific Travel Fund Extended to two years; rebooking now unlimited


Cebu Pacific (CEB) has made improvements in its policies which will give passengers even more flexible booking options and peace of mind amidst travel concerns over the near term.

Travel Fund extended to two (2) years

Starting today, the Travel Fund will be valid for two (2) years. This can be used to book flights up to 12 months ahead, for as long as the transaction is made before expiration. Potentially, this means that customers can use their Travel Funds and fly in 2023.

The Travel Fund, or a virtual wallet with CEB equivalent to the full cost of the ticket, is an option that passengers can take if the flight was cancelled or if they wish to forego travel plans. Previously, the Travel Fund was valid for one (1) year, during which time, a passenger must use it to book a flight or pay for ancillary services such as baggage allowance.

For customers with existing Travel Funds, the two-year validity will be applied retroactively, or from the date the fund was created.

Unlimited rebooking of flights

Customers can now avail of unlimited rebooking of their flights, without paying any rebooking or change fees. Those who wish to forego travel plans or book new flights can rebook their flights as many times as possible. This will allow CEB customers to better manage their plans, depending on changes in travel restrictions or frequency of flights. Available for travel until November 30, 2020, a minimal fare difference may apply, depending on the travel date selected.

Options for passengers with cancelled flights

Passengers whose flights have been cancelled will continue to have the following options:  unlimited rebooking of flights within three months from the original travel date, at absolutely no cost to them—fees or fare difference are waived; availing of a full refund; or placing the full cost of the ticket in a Travel Fund, with a two-year validity.

These options are readily available and can be transacted by passengers through the “Manage Booking” portal in the Cebu Pacific website. Simply type-in the Booking Reference to access the booking online and make changes as necessary. Changes in bookings can be done up to two (2) hours before the flight.

Those who booked their CEB flights through travel agencies must transact with their respective agents.    

For more information, visit  

#StayStrongStayBeautiful with Watsons

It's been challenging and sometimes scary but I see it as a wake-up call for us to take better care of ourselves and the planet we live in. We've been taking so many things for granted. We now have what's known as our new normal. I am happy that as we adjust to a new way of life, Watsons is here by our side. Read on for some tips and recommendations on how we can all stay strong, stay beautiful, during these times.

Stay Protected

Wearing a mask outdoors has become the norm. So have washing and disinfecting our hands frequently. These are no longer inconveniences but ways for us to protect ourselves from being sick. To stay healthy, we supplement our diet with vitamins from Enervon, Stresstabs and Watsons Generics. We keep our body clean with products from Safeguard and Dove and take care of our oral health with products from Listerine, Oral-B and Himalaya.

Stay Prepared

We were not prepared for what happened in March. We now know better. Stocking up on important things is not hoarding. For vitamins, for instance, having enough for 30 days is just right. We also need personal care essentials such as tissue, disinfecting alcohol, soap, hand wash and toothpaste. Equally important are over-the-counter medications for the relief of common illnesses like cough, colds and fever. We always have brands like Strepsils, Sinecod Forte, Vicks, Solmux and Biogesic at home. Since physical distance is still very important, we can order these online or call the nearest Watsons branch if we can't go to the store.

Stay Glowing

It's not all cooking, exercising and eating healthy food in our new normal. We've also been taking care of ourselves more. We've actually stuck to a good skincare routine as part of a promise to take care of ourselves more. We're loving products from Belo, Ponds, Celeteque, Neutrogena and Dermaction Plus by Watsons.

Stay Gorgeous

Haircuts and hair color are currently difficult to have, what with continued restrictions and the fact that many salons are still closed. Also, in the spirit of social distancing, we are okay with DIY hair makeovers. Having trimmed ends and retouched roots boosts our confidence. We've been using L’Oreal Excellence, Beautylabo or Naturtint to color our hair and products from Pantene and Naturals by Watsons to care for it.

Stay Dapper

Self-care is for everyone, even men. It's not just women who have skincare routines. Skincare is important because the skin is the largest organ in your body and it's so exposed. Adidas, Old Spice and Gillette are brands that offer products to help with men's skincare and grooming needs.

Watsons is always here to provide us with a wide range of health and beauty products to make us look good and feel great. To provide more value to its Watsons Card and Elite members, Watsons is giving free 100 bonus points for a minimum Php1,000 purchase of participating products on select weekends: July 31 to August 1 and August 14 to 15.

Shop now at any branch near you. Check out this list of 700+ Watsons stores open nationwide: You can also order via Watsons call & pick-up or call & delivery service. Here is the list of Watsons stores and contact numbers to call: You can also shop online at

For more details, follow @watsonsph on Facebook and Instagram.