Monday, March 23, 2015

Moisture That Lasts

We all know this well, sun exposure is a major cause of dry skin in the country. I dread my daily commutes! Especially during the summer season, the sun’s strong ultraviolet (UV) radiation penetrates my skin damaging it beyond the top layer. I always go home not only with dry and haggard skin, but extra tired and drained. 

But aside from the hot weather, did you know that staying in and locking yourself in your room or office with the AC in full swing can also cause skin dryness? It’s not the best summer game plan after all!

Long and extended exposure to the cool blast of your aircon takes away the moisture and natural oils from our skin. Colder is not always better! Plus, the aircon sucks a room’s humidity, leading to a dry feeling that can cause lack of moisture to the skin, sore throat, chapped lips, etc.

The Solution!

  1. Hydrate! Drink lots of water by bringing your own jug in the office.
  2. Use plants and water in open containers. These effectively reduce a room’s dryness, but do make sure to regularly water the plants and change the water in the containers to keep everything clean.
  3. Hydrate… your skin! From experience, I enjoy using the Olay Body Wash because of its nice scent. It also provides deep moisture to my skin that lasts up to 24 hours.

Few weeks ago, Cosmo.PH created a poll asking women what they think is the biggest culprit of dry skin. View the results hereTo prove that the Olay Body Wash provides #MoistureTheLasts, Olay invites you to SWAP your non-P&G soaps for the new Olay Moisture Outlast Body Wash (200ml) on March 28, 10am-6pm in Robinsons Place Manila, Midtown Atrium! Excited to see the difference myself!!!

Find out more about the swap in this page.

Friday, March 20, 2015

New Online Shop to Bookmark:

I fell in love with Taiwan last year! The weather, the food, but most especially the hip people! Every commutes ko, I am amazed by the fashionable locals and their street style that inspired me to dress up and get creative. Even my Ate, who was with me during the trip, was inspired to experiment and level up her style! So when I heard of USO Plusnaexcite talaga ako that we're going to have a new Taiwan-owned online shop!

Anyway, so the event was also a mini photo shoot, where bloggers and print media people had the chance to choose our USO Plus outfits, had our hair and makeup done, and then had our pictures taken in their cute studio set-up. Photos! :)

Clothes, clothes, clothes!

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

WHAT APP: Still PicsArt!

Hello world! 

I received some inquiries when I started to post like this to promote posters on Instagram, so isheshare ko nadin here how I create the "invisible poster"! Para next time you want to promote something pero OC ka padin sa IG feed mo (hehe), you don't have to "post a poster" as is.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Brit Style @ Debenhams Estancia Capitol Commons Launch

I know it doesn't seem like it, but I realized that I have not been to a night event for quite a long time. By night event, meaning mala Fashion Week where people dress up for the occasion--heels, hair, makeup and the works. Anyway, a few weeks ago, I received an invitation to the opening of Debenhams at the Estancia at Capitol Commons, with the theme British High Street Chic. Excited, here's the outfit I came up with:

Candid shot, haha! Sarah was the one who took my photos, and her daughter Nikola was at her back giving me the judging ang tagal naman look, hehehe.

Nope, you won't see me in heels for a while. Haha! Decided to experiment with layers by wearing my long white polo, tucked sa harapan lang of my joggers. Plus a "lace tie" - the crucial accessory of this look. Lol.
Blazer - Thrifted in the States, hehe
Long Polo - H&M
Joggers - Forever 21
Sneakers - Converse
Bag - SM Parisian
Photos - @sarahtirona

Met these beautiful people during the launch:
Victor Basa, Paul Chuapoco, Joanna Ladrido (team plaid!), Ava Te, and Sarah Tirona

Free nail art c/o Dashing Diva

They served Paella

Cute barrels and crates at the lounge area

Debenhams Philippines launched their "New Iconic Store" at Estancia at Capitol Commons with a British themed fashion show. Models arrived on mini-Coopers:

As a finale, guests followed the models up to the 2nd floor of Estancia for the ribbon cutting. All items on the store that night was at 20% off.

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Saturday, March 14, 2015

Yoohoo! I can finally say I am staying-in today!! The past 2 consecutive weekends, either I was in a bazaar or out of town, so my rest would come rather misplaced somewhere in the middle of the week. Yesterday was also rather an unusual day for me: I had a rare night out with my friends! On a Friday night at that, haha! Friday the 13th nga talaga, haha! Growing up, I was not one to be sighted in clubs and bars, drinking and dancing just because an excess of the former won't even be enough for me to succumb to do the latter. Hehe. I am baduy coz I don't dance! ;p

Anyway, so my outfit of choice wasn't a particular popular clubbing outfit. In fact, that morning I was asking my stylist friend Pax for Valkyrie outfit ideas because I was running out of things to wear. I don't want to go for cropped tops, body cons, or a simple little black dress just because "it's not me" and lately I've become a little ma-pride when it comes with style, haha! So buti nalang I have this blazer dress I bought online, which is the perfect cover-up and a nice and still dressy alternative for party ootds. 

Also, I had my hair fixed at Blo Dry Bar in Serendra just to look a bit polished, and also to freshen up after a long day. Instant pa-shampoo, hehe. I had a simple blow dry because I was in a hurry, but Blo also offers more complicated looks like curls, up do, etcetera for around P500 only. I think a sleek 'do also worked well with my outfit? Anyway, if you're planning to have your hair fixed in BLO, use my code BLOHEARTSANA to get 20% OFF in their services! Contact 09176BLODRY for your appointments, and to avail the discount. :)

Blazer Dress - Zalora
Oxfords - Topshop
Hair - @bloheartsasia
Photos - @paultheprguy

Anyway, so first agenda yesterday was to EAT. I think I ate a lot last night, and you'll see it in this post, hehe. I met up with Paul in Paul (lol) in Global City, where we tried their sweets and sandwiches. It was a nice fancy merienda-dinner (may nickname din ba ang meal na yun ala "brunch"? Hehe). Inaantay ko nalang na may mag violin or kumanta ng Moon River, hehe.

Flew to Serendra right after for my Blo appointment. We also watched Cinderella to kill time. 

After the movie (na sakto lang sa akin, nothing new and special), Paul and I met up with Pax and Nico in Pancake House before going to the Closeup Forever Summer's kick-off / line-up announcement party. Of course, kumain padin ako diyan coz wala akong kabusugan. Hehe.

We all went to Valkyrie a bit past midnight. With perfect timing, the event hosts also announced the headliner for the ultimate summer music festival: Martin Garrix! EDM lovers were ecstatic! I am also honored to be a new brand ambassador for this year's Closeup Forever Summer. It is special because they'll be having both EDM and INDIE in the line-up! Still looking forward to the indie bands list! Stayed a bit for the drinks and a little swaying while the gang fist-pumped & showed their footworks in the dance floor, hehe. Enjoy nako nun! Anyway, you can check out updates and more info via their hashtag #CloseupForeverSummer.

Closeup Forever Summer is set on May 16, 2015 at the MOA Event Grounds. Tickets are on sale through SM Ticket Portals at PHP4,000 for VIP passes and PHP2,500 for a Gold passes.

But don’t worry. There’s a discount on the tickets if you get closer and buy them in pairs. You can get two (2) VIP passes for only PHP6,500 and two (2) VIP passes for only PHP4,000.

For more details, follow Closeup Philippines on Facebook and Twitter. Get intensely close with intense fresh breath at Closeup Forever Summer!

Ended the night in Jollibee na still the best after party food! Hehe! It was tiring, but I really enjoyed the day. :)