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Friday, December 28, 2018

I had to pause my Euro blogs for months because of info and photos overload (lol). I had to live my life a bit again, go to new travels, and finally--after everything's settled--I am back again in those summer days in Austria.

Like in all the other prior cities, we left Prague via train. But unlike the others, I wouldn't want to leave this 4-hour train ride. It felt fancy, from the USB charging port in all seats, down to the menu on your personal touch screen! Napabili ako ng food di-oras e, hahaha!


Here's how our train to Vienna looks like. Checking Ate's OC Excel file of Eastern Europe budgeting, this costed us around Php 2480 each. I think, aside from our sleeper train-boat ride to Berlin, this was our most expensive city transfer na. 

Clean toilet:

All our luggage and backpacks were placed either on top, or on a luggage rack near the door. Buti nalang talaga my bags are small that they fit the overhead cabin.

Here are the food options available, ang hirap hindi bumili hehehe.

First round, croissant with mozarella and a cup of coffee:

Second round, bowl of fruits:

I remembered feeling so relaxed and chill, excited for our new city. I was playing Sound of Music soundtrack while gazing outside the window ala music video style. Sometimes I just have to remind myself that I am living a longtime dream of traveling anywhere in Europe!


We stayed in Westend City Hostel, my least favorite guesthouse experience for our whole Euro trip. We were in a 10-person mix room, it was hot, and there's totally zero privacy. I had a little claustro moment before I finally found my spot and just let go of my thoughts. But the best part is the price, for 2 nights we only paid Php 2,748.20 per head!

We had an incident where we requested for a room change, and were granted to stay in a lower floor coz mas malamig daw? While we were waiting for the receptionist's feedback with our request, another group came in saying they were battling with flies in their room the whole night HAHA.

We were still hesitant to enter our new room, lol! It was hot with no ventilation and aircon, huhu. But I survived! I just needed my own little corner for two nights...

Decided to stay in this lower bunk, and had to set-up my kumot as my bed's curtain HAHA! Unlike most Korea or Japan hostels, most if not all of the dorms we stayed in in Europe had no blinds or curtain to separate your bed from others.

But dahil hindi ako makakatulog ng walang privacy .... improvised curtain! Di ko naman kailangan mag kumot anyway coz it was summer and super hot.

I was next to the windows so I felt na ok lang kahit ikulong ko sarili ko. In one night though, amoy na amoy ko yung usok sa labas and I almost opened my curtain to get some air. The next day I realized that my window is also next to a smoking area. :(

Always anxious to leave the hostel!



Opera House (Vienna State Opera)
Burggarten Vienna Garden and Palm House
Hofburg Complex (Imperial Palace)
Maria Theresien Platz Vienna with Monument
Volksgarten Vienna Park with Rose Garden
Vienna Parliament with Pallas Athene Statue Fountain
Justizpalast Vienna (Justice Palace)
Rathouse (Townhall and Rathauspark)
Graben Vienna
Karntner Strasse
St. Stephen's Cathedral
Ankeruhr Vienna Clock - Hoher Markt (Ankeruhr)
Kalsplatz and Naschmarkt
Karlskirche (St. Charles Church)
Schönbrunn Palace
Kunsthistorisches und Naturhistorisches Museum (Art and Natural History Museums)
Belvedere Palace

It was a hot summer trip, and I think may difference talaga when you went on a vacation during autumn, spring, or even winter. Mas bearable talaga sakin when you walk around and hindi tirik ang araw sa hulas! Anyway, for the most part we the Titas found ourselves checking our cafes to take a break from the walks and the heat.

I super love that was able to try Vienna Coffee in Vienna! It's legit, guys! Haha, very cooling and nakaka gising:

Ate's friend from high school who now works in Switzerland came with our Austria trip.


A distinct characteristic of Vienna for me are all the WHITES! Marble statues, usually horses or men, buildings all coordinated in white or beige tones. It was a total contrast from where we came from, even blinding at times! Haha!

Recently I saw current photos of Vienna with snow falling, covering the white structures. Sobrang ganda! Again, if ever I plan another Euro trip I will make sure na na I'll go anytime but summer!

I think I've seen this in one of the scenes in Before Sunrise!

Everything looks very grand noh!? Like backdrops of classical movies or something.

Ang dami ding horses and carriage in Vienna:

The detailed roofing of St. Stephen's Cathedral, the mother church of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Vienna:

The Ankeruhr Vienna clock, connecting the two Ankeruhr buildings like a bridge. Every full hour, you will see a personality passing through the bridge. While on 12 noon, there's a whole parade of famous historical characters!


What amused me most about Vienna is the touch of art and music everywhere we go.

This L'Occitane cafe has a Mozart poster in front, the great composer who produced his best symphonies, concertos, and operas while in this city.

There was a Mozart show, promoted by several "Mozarts":

Aside from horse carriages, tourists also hop in these pedicabs dressed to the nines with blooms. How fancy!

Mozart is everywhere in Vienna. We passed by this in the garden Burggarten:

Art is everywhere. ❤


One of the memorable sites we visited while in Vienna was the Rathausplatz. It's where I felt the ultimate European summer vibe!

Every season they have special events at the Rathouse Townhall and Rathauspark, either film festivals, concerts, circus, or ice-skating and Christmas market during winter. What we had during our trip were food stands serving local and international foods, and a ballet shown on a large screen at night. The open air cinema was free of charge!

We had I think two meals here. I had delicious falafel and biryani rice with salad on the side, plus cooling Aperol while dining al fresco style!

People were gathering in front of the huge screen securing their seats. That night they showed Swan Lake. After a very long hot day, it was nice to end it this way.


I think my school (St. Scho) installed in me a certain art appreciation that I'll never be able take away theater and paintings away from my system ever. I asked ate if I can side-trip to a Gustav Klimt store we passed by the other day so I can buy substantial personal souvenirs in a legit store.

They have all sorts of merch with Klimt's artworks, including postcards, mugs and teapots, rugs, copy of his paintings, keychains, neckties, etc.

Klimt's most famous painting is "The Kiss"


The Osterreichische Nationalbibliothek is a historic and the largest library in Austria. You will love every detail here, from the tall shelves that remind me of Belle, intricate ceiling paintings that tell a story, grand marble statues, globes and maps collections, and all the historic letters, music archive, manuscripts, and books you'll find here. Some even say it's the most beautiful library in the world!


We had a quick stopover at Vienna's Hundertwasserhaus, one of Austria's most visited building and now a part of their cultural heritage. Again, it's so amazing how they can turn anything into art!

We weren't able to go in, it was already raining and we wanted to go back to our area. Inside there's a cafe, a shop, and a museum of more artworks by Friedensreich Hundertwasser (the artist behind the house).


One of our many coffee breaks include a stop in Vienna-based cafe and confectionery called Aida. The place is so pink and even the servers wear diner style uniforms, the place reminds me of either Seoul's Pink Pool Cafe or our very own Sunnies Cafe.

I read online that Aida cafe was very reluctant in following the changing times to compete with mainstream coffee shops like Starbucks. Their interior is still very similar to 1950s-1970s, and they still won't add flavored coffee on their menu. But you will love their coffee, cakes, teas, and other pastries. We sat in front of the counter just marvelling over the macarons and chocolates lined up in silver trays.


What I loved about European gardens, such as the Schönbrunn Palace Park, is that I imagine how it was a long long time ago before its UNESCO heritage and tourist attraction status. Imagine all the royalties who actually lived here, ladies wearing their dainty summer dresses or ballgowns, walking around the garden and enjoying their glittering lifestyle!

It looks like the perfect film location! Btw, did you know that the park's name Schönbrunn means "beautiful spring"? ❤🌸 

There was a time that they used the area as a hunting and recreation ground. Eleonora Gonzaga, who loved hunting, spent much time there.


We chanced upon two Before Sunrise filming locations while in Vienna. First one was just accidental, which is the Maria Theresien Platz.

This is one of the locations where Jesse and Celine walked and talked. Have you seen that film? In my case it had been a long time ago since I caught Before Sunrise that I almost forgot what they talked about the whole time. All I remember is how fascinated I was with the backdrop, and the plot of meeting a random person you can talk to for hours as if you've been waiting for this conversation and stroll for a long long time.

On the day we were about to leave Vienna for Budapest, Ate granted one of my requests so we left our bags to quickly check out the nearest train station from our hostel... which is coincidentally Westbahnhof! Westbahnhof station in Europaplatz is where Celine made a decision to alight from the train and join Jesse. ♡

"I guess when you’re young, you just believe there’ll be many people with whom you’ll connect with. Later in life, you realize it only happens a few times." - Celine, Before Sunset

Now when to rewatch that film again???

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