Ticao Island Hopping, Masbate

Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Over the years of exploring my country, the Philippines, island hopping is most probably the top one activity I will recommend to foreign guests. We really have to show-off and be proud of our pristine beaches: with its sparkling blue waters, beautiful sunsets, and awesome marine life. Plus, our almost eternal summer season provides warmth needed for a day under the sun. 

It was my first time in Masbate, an island province of Bicol Region interestingly located at the crossroads of Luzon and Visayas. Although administratively a Luzon province, Masbate├▒os have a more Visayan culture and language than Bicolano. 

For our 6-day Bicol adventure, we found our way to Masbate's Ticao Island. I thought I've had enough island hopping experiences in my life, but our time in Ticao is truly memorable. In fact, most of the people in our group mentioned this day as their favorite from this trip. 

Team Girls? Haha! For this day's island hopping we were separated into two boats:

First order of business, lunch at the Halea Nature Park!

Halea Nature Park

What I love about this island hopping is how easy it is to see the beautiful underwater world. We did not have to go so far to swim with colorful fishes, and even spotted baby sharks!

Catandayagan Falls

I usually don't hop off the boat when we can just spot waterfalls onboard, but not for this group! We had to swim near this 100-feet falls (I was wearing pa my snorkelling gear to protect my contact lenses), and enjoy the mix of fresh and salt water, and the strong current together! Sabi ng iba asa other boat who were watching us, tawa daw kami ng tawa! ­čśé

Borobongkaso Rock Formation

Last stop! We already saw this rock formation on our way to the falls, and was amazed how the other tourists were able to climb up the highest point! Syempre we had to find ways to climb din, kahit midway lang, to take pics! Hehe.

Kani-kaniyang picturean na, hahaha!

Fam pic! :)

Le Thoughts and Tips:

1. If you can, wear aqua shoes. I bought an affordable pair that lasts in Decathlon. I had incidents during  past island hopping when my toes grazed on sharp stones or corals, so wearing aqua shoes is the easiest way to prevent mishaps and keep my feet warm. Plus, naka-help sya when we needed to climb rocks bigla, like in the Borobongkaso Rock Formation.

2. I was wearing full swimming gear (rashguard and swimming shorts), which for me was perfect for my swim-anytime-anywhere goal. But some of my friends were also wearing dresses over their swimwear, which is also a nice option for photo ops. Whatever you wanna wear, just don't forget to apply and re-apply your reef-safe sunblock!

3. If they give you time to swim, make sure to swim! It's the best way to enjoy Ticao's Island Hopping--not from the boat but experiencing it for yourself! Super worth it bawat stops, you'll love these hidden sites and untouched beauty of Masbate. 

4. If I have the opportunity to go back, would have been nice to have an underwater camera with me. Sayang talaga!

Ticao Island Resort

After our full day of adventures, our last stop was at the Ticao Island Resort--where we stayed for a night in Masbate. We transferred in different accommodations every night for this trip, but I personally love the vibe here in Ticao. If I can, I would have stayed longer here for full immersion.

Welcoming committee, even their resident beach doggos are friendly and smiling at us!

Unlike the other days, we arrived just a bit earlier in Ticao Island Resort so we had time to enjoy our beachfront cabana before sunset. Ang chill ng place, with a rattan duyan for each veranda right in front of our hut. 

Room and bathroom are spacious, with big beds, fan and aircon, and lots of spaces for our luggages and to hang our wet clothes. People are all friendly, with big smiles on their faces every time I pass by them. 

With my roomie, Ruthie!

Dinner is buffet style, and super love everything especially their soup and pasta! Read somewhere that you have to order your food in advance (night before) to avoid delays. Also FYI, internet connection is patchy while in the island. So make sure you can leave your work behind while enjoying the view!

We had to leave our luggages in front of our cabana by 5am, so we set our alarms early and were able to catch this borahae sunrise:

If we had more time, the Ticao Island Resort also offers activities like kayaking and even horseback riding. 

It was really so hard to leave. 

Waving good bye and see you soon to our friendly staff in Ticao Island Resort:

Saw the Mayon while leaving:

You can book your Ticao Island Hopping and Ticao Island Resort via Donsol Eco Tour

Special thanks to Jacque of BuzzSetter and Sir Noel Amata for some of the photos used in this post. And to TPB Philippines for having me on this trip!

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