Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Korea Travel Budget + Itinerary + Tips (Kdrama Tour + Spring 2017)

To be honest, I only spent less than 15,000 Pesos in my recent Korea travel! I made sure to be budget-conscious since this trip was a bit biglaan, I already have a scheduled trip with my family this May! My goal, as I've always mentioned in my past posts, is just to experience spring season, and too late na if I wait till May. So if I can budget my expenses for this trip, the better!

Realistically speaking though, all-in budget will go over Php 30,000 for 5 Days, 4 Nights in Seoul. Pre-travel expenses can be steep (airfare, accommodations, etc), but bawi nalang sa pocket money as you can actually spend little when you're already in Korea. Just know where to eat or shop, a favorite Korean restaurant I always dine in has Php 66 gimbap (with unli kimchi and other sides!). Shopping in Myeongdong will give you the best deals compared to malls or the airport prices.

In this post, I will try to bullet point all my daily expenses and pre-travel gastos so in a way you can estimate how much more or less you will need on your travel to SoKor. Since I'll be sharing something personal (aka how I spend my money), my wish is that you'll find this post at least useful! 😌




- Airport MNL to INC
- Train to Seoul National University of Education Station 
- Leave my luggage in my friend's apartment
- Goblin's House
- Heo Joon Jae's House
- Bok Chicken
- Myeongdong for Dinner and Shopping


Airport Tax - Php 1620
Airport Breakfast (Bo's Coffee) - Php 275
Water in Plane - Php 50
Total - Php 1945

T-Card Refill - 30,000 KRW
Fish Munggo Snack - 1000 KRW
Strawberry Mochi - 2500 KRW
Egg Bread - 2000 KRW
Myeongdong Shopping - 15,000 KRW
Convenience Store - 4250 KRW
Total - 54, 750 KRW or Php 2430



- Bongeunsa Temple for early blossoms
- All That Sweets Cherry Blossoms Cafe
- Mango Six
- Yeouido Park + National Assembly Building to check early blossoms
- KBS Experience Hall (free entrance)
- Yongdap Bridge (Goblin)
- Jimjilbang Korean bath house (Legend of the Blue Sea)
- Dal.Komm


Lunch in Pomato - 1500 KRW
Cherry Blossoms Coffee - 5000 KRW
Cherry Blossom Merengue Pack - 3000 KRW
Mango Six Shake - 5900 KRW
Jimjilbang - 9000 KRW
+ Scrubs, Food etc. - 30,000 KRW
Dal.komm Coffee - 4800 KRW
Total - 60,400 KRW or Php 2720



- Brunch
- Deoksugung Palace for the walking tour with Trazy
- Spotted wall from Goblin + roses monument from WFKBJ
- Han River Cruise
- Hangang Park
- Myeongdong for dinner


Brunch in Bean & Berries - 8200 KRW
TCard Refill - 10,000 KRW
Cruise Snacks - 6000 KRW
Dinner in Myeongdong Street - 11,000 KRW
Total - 35,200 KRW or Php 1585



- Brunch
- Lotte Aquarium
- Lotte World Adventure
- Lotte Mall Miniso
- Lotte Cinema
- Lotteria for Dinner


Brunch - 9000 KRW
Churros - 3000 KRW
Hair Clip - 2000 KRW
TCard Refill - 3700 KRW
Movie - 9000 KRW
Popcorn and Drinks - 7200 KRW
Lotteria Dinner - 6100 KRW
Convenience Store - 2000 KRW
Total - 42,000 KRW or Php 1817



- Airport Bus
- Airport for Flight Home
- Check out Cultural Center inside Airport 
(free hanbok pictorial, arts and crafts)


Airport Bus - 10,000 KRW
Dunkin Donuts - 5900 KRW
Pasalubong - 19,300 KRW
Total - 35,200KRW or Php 1523

+ Plane Food - Php 200



For transparency, I stayed in my friend's house for free, and my pocket internet, tours, and flights are all sponsored. To help in your budgeting, let's say:

A basic Airbnb room near Myeongdong will cost around Php 1672 per night 
x4 nights - Php 6688

Roundtrip MNL-INC when on seat sale - Php 8000

Korean Visa
Visa application via travel agency - Php 1000

Pocket Wifi in South Korea
Flytpack Travel Wifi - Php 300 / day x 5 days - Php 1500

Tours with Trazy.com
Seoul Walking Tour - 20 USD
Han River Cruise - 13.5 USD
Lotte World + Aquarium - 44 USD
Total - Php 3875


Pocket Money - Php 12,220
Pre Travel - Php 21,063

GRAND TOTAL - Php 33,283 
For 5 Days, 4 Nights in Seoul!

You can check my other budget posts for Korea trips HERE. There are distinct differences on my expenses since during my first time I went to Nami, Everland Resort, DMZ tour, and other tourist places that usually require entrance fees. On my second trip naman I flew to Jeju. 


Some Final Tips!

Before I end this Korea Spring 2017 / KDrama Tour series (huhu!), sharing some pieces of advice I can randomly think of now as I am typing my closing.... 

1) Check out online deals from legit travel sites like Trazy for cheaper entrance fees and packages.

2) If you're planning to follow my K-Drama Tour pilgrimage, a consistent pocket internet goes a long way so you can minimize getting lost! I love my Flytpack, it never failed me when I needed to research the last minute or use my Google Maps!

3) BUT YOU WILL GET LOST. Be ready for this, and don't be too disappointed either! I take these failures as part of my whole solo traveling experience. Now that I look back on those days in Seoul, tripping, eating in the street, missing a train, or going the wrong way made this trip the ultimate adventure!

4) Use T-Card (reloadable train ticket) and maximize Seoul's subway. Download the Seoul subway app (color yellow), which will give you exact stops, transfers, and sometimes even expected time of train's arrival! Ang high-tech nila grabe!

5) If they can't understand what you're asking, use PHOTOS! It works well with me when I ask for directions or a certain item I want to buy.. I just show a photo from my phone. So again, Flytpack for instant Google searching!

6) WEAR COMFORTABLE SHOES. I know Instagram OOTD is lifeu, but my feet died and I was already wearing the comfiest rubber shoes! I can't imagine what more if I wore leather shoes or boots, huhu! But if you have a chill itinerary (aka not the Kdrama tour), then go ahead with the porma! Hehe!

7) Take lots of photos... AND VIDEOS. I am not a video person, but I made sure to IG Story memorable stops I've been to for this trip. Now I am thanking myself that I did coz I have something more "real" to look back to than steady photos. You don't even have to share it publicly!


I think this post is lengthy enough, although it's hard as always to close a travel post series. So I will end this with a fitting THANK YOU, to new readers and Instagram "followers" who appreciated my K-Drama Tour, to old online friends who are still here even with all my new and sometimes borderline obsessive interests (hehehe), and to online publications who took notice and featured my trip! I never thought that a passion project (Instax KDrama Tour) will blaze online.. I just did it because it was fun and cute and something that I really wanted to do at that time! Hindi siya maeffort sakin because I enjoyed it from planning to process till the end! Indeed, now I can say that what they always repeat from the beginning of time is true: Just do the things that you love, and the rest will follow.

Thank you thank you thank you, and hope you reached till these last lines! Haha! 
See you again soon, Korea! πŸ’œ Saranghae, everyone!

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  1. Thank you Ana for always answering my questions (feeling close ako haha) I really appreciate your blog! Going to Korea next week! Thanks for your tips!

    1. Thank you!!! <3 I try my best to answer to all replies and comments on my pages! <3 Thanks for appreciating, and I am excited for your Korea trip!!

  2. this is so informative. all ur blogs are very helpful. will go to jeju last wk of april and to seoul on october. ur itineraries are exactly what i wanted. ur heaven sent! tnx so much ❤️

    1. Awww thank you Joan! :) Enjoy your planning for Korea! :)

  3. WAAHHHH!! Waiting for your SG travel budget and itinerary. Love you and more power! <3

    1. Thank you!!! Working on my SG trip blogs now, saranghae! <3

  4. Kaiyak, grabe ang details! Super thankful for your posts, Ate Ana. This will be really useful for our planning. πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’• to many more travels. Cheers!

    1. Awww thanks Rozie for appreciating my hardwork!! And yes, hopefully to more travels for the both of us!!!

  5. Omg! Nakakainggit ate lalo na yung kdrama tour!!! ���� yan dream ko eh!! �� Im still a student and i badly want to go to South korea but unfortunately di kami yung tipong gusto mong pumunta sa isang place andon kana agad �� going to SoKor is one of my motivation talaga para magaral ng mabuti and work work work hard para makapunta diyan 10 years from now pa siguro matutupad yun kasi kailangan pa magaral and magsave so yeah Im so thankful for this blog cause i get to know how to budget and some very useful tips in travelling to SoKor.From now on im going to read all your blogs about travelling in other countries. I so looove travelling talaga kaso walang pera kaya hindi nakakapag travel hahahaha but someday I want to be like you po thank you for inspiring me ate ana ������

    1. I'll tell you a secret! It took me YEARS to get to here where I can travel whenever I plan to! :) Tama yang first step mo! Study hard, and then after that work hard so you can earn for your travel. :) Proud of you, ngayon palang! Tag me on that day you're about to board the plane to KOREA a! <3

  6. Hi Ana. I've been an avid reader of your blog way back few years ago. I can still clearly remember on how it started, you were featured in an article not exactly but somewhat about "plus size women that you should check out for their OOTD's" since then I've been quietly following all your blog entries and posts on social media sites. I would sometimes leave random comments here and yes you never fail to send a reply. Tbh what i really like about your blog is that you were just like a close friend who shares all your experiences to me, as in yung parang kwentuhan lang levels, very honest and informative! I also just want to share, I've been a fan of Kdrama ever since i was 10 no joke (endless love era) in short bata pa lang kinain na ng sistema lol. Being an avid watcher for so long my friends know how I've always had the same idea of what you just SUCCESSFULLY did just minus the instax part which is so creative!! (like girl ginalingan nya tlaga sa part na yun). I'm just so happy you were able to beautifully executed it. kahit pa parang sa iba crazy idea lang siya sobrang adik lang ang peg ganun but i can imagine the fulfillment as you finished this series tapos maraming beses pa na-feature WINNER. THANK YOU ATE ANA FOR INSPIRING ME!! and of course for sharing a lot since day 1. I'm so excited to do my own version! *next year fingers crossed*

    PS: we share the same name. ♥ - Ana

    1. This is one of the best messages I received in a while!!! <3 Thank you Ana for sticking with me and my blog, and for appreciating it through the years!!! Grateful for this, huhu!

  7. Hi Ms Ana!
    Your Kdrama tour is so dreamy. I have a friend who's actually leaving for Korea tonight. Pwede po pahelp saan pupunta, ano sasakyan so she could follow your tour. Thanks in advance!

    1. Thank you! :) Pls do check out my other blog posts!!! Posted all the details from train station, prices, etc...Title is Kdrama Tour Part 1 and Part 2. Good luck and enjoy to your friend!!! <3

  8. hi miss anagon...
    so me and my fam are planning to go to korea this may, nag apply na nga kami for visa and we also have the plane tickets... so me and my mom are fans of kdrama, tapos ako kpopper din, we plan to follow ur kdrama tour kasi guston gusto ng mom ko na pumunta sa house ni papa Heo Joon Jae (haha jk), ako naman gusto ko pumunta sa KBS experience hall and of course lotte world...

    anyways, thanks talaga sa blog mo, i'm writing down ur itinerary and i'll show it to my mom bukas...
    kamsamnida :)

    1. Awww thank you audrey!! Kakatuwa basahin mga ganitong comments! Enjoy creating your Korea itinerary, and regards to your Mommy!! ❤️

  9. Ana this is truly inspiring! I've seen your posts on IG and was so happy to have found your travel itinerary here. I even read the one you wrote for Candy. After going through your posts, I realized I wanted to go to Korea too and fulfill my Kdrama dreams. LOL. This will surely help but first save muna. Thank you for sharing this. PS: Excited for the next BU! :)


    1. Aww thank you Anne! <3 Yey see you in BU! :D

  10. Hello Ms. Anna, been planning my solo travel this May and I run thru your post actually im glad I saw it hindi na ko nahirapan. Thanks for sharing this.. btw ask ko naman san yung Php66 gimbap?
    Thanks in advance

    1. Thank you! :) It's in a restaurant named POMATO -- they have several branches across Seoul :)

  11. I love Korea, I really want to be there for vacation, Thanks for sharing the detailed information and budget calculation it helps me to plan a trip to Korea.

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  12. Hi Miss Anagon,

    I ran into your blog during my preparation to Seoul. I went there last week ! Anyway,I love your post and photos as well. It inspires me to take a good photo everywhere, anytime ;p

    Do check my blog during my Seoul trip


  13. Hi! From your experience is 8k roundtrip the cheapest from MNL-INC? :)

    Thank you!

  14. Love you blog!!!This is very helpful. Thank you!! 😊

  15. Love you blog!!! This is very helpful. Thank you!! 😊


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