Korean Visa Application Philippines: Multiple Entry Visa Korea For Filipino

Thursday, October 12, 2023

Before the pandemic, it took me six trips to Korea before I was finally granted my first Multiple Entry Korean visa--so all my travels from 2016 to early 2018 I was applying for a visa every single time. I was really grateful when I got the Multiple Entry Korean Visa, 2018-2020 was really the season in my life when I kept going back to Korea. And with the Multiple Entry Korean Visa,  I was able to travel to countless opportunities, including the Mimi Ship Korea variety show guesting wherein they invited me just a day before the flight!

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As mentioned several times on my Insta, October 2023 I finally got my second Multiple Entry Visa for Korea. I received a lot of questions about it, so I made this post to write my experience.

Erasing all pre-pandemic things, I feel that I am back to square 1 when it comes to credentials. My US visa has already expired, and it has been more than 5 years since my US and other big trips, so I cannot put those on my application form for the OECD perks. That's why last year when I applied, I wasn't surprised that I only got Single Entry Visa again.

But unlike in 2018 where they granted me 3 years Multiple Entry Korean Visa, this year I was given a 5-year Multiple Entry Korean Visa! I am still wondering what I did right this time, so let's process the details together?

1) I applied via Travel Agency (versus KVAC)

If I had the time, I really wanted to visit the new Korea Visa Application Center (KVAC). 

Instead of going direct to the embassy, Korean Embassy in the Philippines found a solution to the ever growing number of applicants for Korean Visa for Filipinos which is to open our own KVAC. Starting last August 2023, submission of visa applications and release of passports are only at KVAC. And just last September 2023, no more online reservations for slots, so everyone can just walk in to apply.

Address of KVAC: 9F-10F, Brittany Hotel BGC, 6 McKinley Pkwy, Taguig City, Metro Manila (Next to SM Aura)

Fee: Php 900 (before it was free, but I guess they need more people and a new office space to maintain thus the new charges)

Application Hours: 9am to 4pm

It would have been nice to experience this, and as a travel blogger, it can also be a valuable content for my readers. But I am currently juggling 5 jobs so going to the center at their allotted hours is impossible for me. Palagi ako mag hahabol or baka abutan ako ng dagsa ng tao. 

So I decided to just submit via RAKSO Travel. 

My experience with RAKSO Travel remains consistent. I also got my first Multiple Entry Visa when I applied through them! This is not a sponsored post, but I can now say they brought so much luck in my Korea travel life! 

I visited their office around after lunch, and there were only about 2-3 applicants ahead of me. I just sat comfortably in their waiting area, while I worked on stuff through my phone. Nalimutan ata nila ako coz I had to follow up for my turn when I realized I was editing a video for a good 30 minutes na pero wala padin nag aasikaso sakin. 😅 Buti nalang comfortable their waiting area.

What I like about applying through a travel agency is that they cross-check my requirements before submitting them. It's also more convenient for me location-wise vs. Taguig since there's a direct P2P bus from where I live (Alabang) to Greenbelt Makati. Rakso Travel's office is just walking distance from Greenbelt.

Rakso Travel Address: 3/F Rico Building, 112 Aguirre St. Legaspi Village Makati City

Office Hours: Monday to Friday (9am to 6pm), Saturday (9am to 1pm)


Step by Step Guide when Applying for Korean Visa via RAKSO Travel:

2) Korean Visa Requirements for Filipino Tourists

Here are the requirements I submitted for my Korean Visa application. This list is for C-3 (Short Term Visit) Employed Individuals:

1. Application Form (Download HERE) - must be COMPUTERIZED, font style and font size is Arial 12 only. Print on A4 size paper.

2. 1 piece of Passport size colored picture, white background

3. Original Passport - at least 6 months valid beyond intended stay

4. Photocopy of Passport Bio-page 

5. Original & Photocopy of valid visa/s and arrival stamps to OECD member countries for the past 5 years (If applicable only) 

*Print a table on extra A4 sheets if hindi kasya sa application form your travel history.

6. Original Certificate of Employment - must include applicant's position, date hired, compensation, office address, HR landline number (cell-phone number is not allowed), HR e-mail address 

*Since I am a BIR registered blogger, I submitted photo copies of my Certificate of Registration Form 2303, and Application for Registration Form 1901.

7. Original Personal Bank Certificate - Request this from your main bank. It must include account name, account number, account type, current balance, account opening date, 6 months average balance (ADB)

8. Bank Statement - original or certified true copy of bank statements/passbook for the last 3 months

*I got this through my bank's online portal

9. Photocopy of ITR (Income Tax Return) or Form 2316 

*If you have no ITR, I wrote a blog post for my Japan application years ago which helped a friend with her KR application this year. I added my cover letter for your reference in this post:

*Other papers you can submit, but not applicable naman to me:

Original PSA Marriage Contract

Original PSA Birth Certificate

Copy of PRC /IBP ID 

Copy of company ID

Visit Korean Embassy's website for other cases.

A check list when I submitted my requirements via Rakso:

3) Cover Letter

Not required, but I think adding a cover letter really helped me and a lot of people I know with our Korean Visa application. In here you can further explain why you want to travel to Korea, and prove that you will only be traveling as a tourist.

I am sharing my Cover Letter because honestly after reading a lot of other bloggers' templates, it really really helped me a lot to compose a concise yet complete letter which granted me the Multiple Entry Korean Visa. Make sure to change my details, and print on A4 paper with Arial 12 font:

September 11, 2023

122 Upper McKinley Road, McKinley Town Center
Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City 1634, Philippines

RE: Application for Multiple-Entry Tourist Visa

Dear Sir/Ma'am,

I, <full name>, Filipino citizen with passport number _____, would like to request for a Multiple-Entry Korean Tourist Visa. Over the past seven years, I have already been to South Korea eleven (11) times as part of my job as a Travel Blogger at /, in addition to leisure trips as a Korea travel and culture enthusiast.

I am planning to return to South Korea several times over the next few years for vacation and tourism purposes only, and to create more travel guides and social media content for my followers–majority are Filipinos who are into Korean culture and travel as well. Korea Tourism Organization of Manila (KTO) has invited me several times to talk about my Korea travels during their events and expos in the Philippines from 2018 to 2022.

Rest assured that I did not have any issues with immigration and law enforcement during my past international travels. Aside from South Korea, I have also been to Norway, Sweden, Germany, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Thailand, Taiwan, and other countries over the past five years for vacation / tourism purposes only.

I assure you that I can support myself during the duration of my stay(s). I am currently self-employed as a Travel Blogger and Social Media Content Creator. My estimated monthly salary is Php ____ (Php ____ annual income) from brand collaborations and content creation here in Manila. For supporting documents, I am submitting my bank certificate, certificate of business registration, and bank statements.

Overall, I trust that you will find everything is in order, and I hope that my previous travel experiences and my personal details would be helpful in your consideration to grant me a multiple-entry tourist visa.

Thank you so much. Hoping for a favorable response. 

<Contact Number>


Paragraph 1: Aside from introducing myself, I also made sure to mention how many times I have traveled to Korea. 

Paragraph 2: I mentioned the purpose of my Korea trip, which is for vacation only. Since I am a blogger, I highlighted that my readers are Filipinos who are also Korean culture enthusiasts, proving that I have ties here in the country albeit having Korean content.

Paragraph 3: More proof of ties to the Philippines, or assurances why they should trust you with a Multiple Entry visa. Because I am returning to the Philippines for my work. I had no legal issues during my past travels. I also mentioned my travel history, highlighting countries that require Visa too. You can also write here your property ownership, if you have a business, and other details that will show your intent to return after your visit.

Paragraph 4: Proof that you can pay for your trip. I stated my work and salary, and reiterated that I've included supporting documents.

4) Visa Fee via Agency

Unlike direct application in KVAC na Php 900 lang payment, you have to pay +PHP 1000 for RAKSO's service fee. Total is Php 1900. Considering the Grab fares going to Taguig, plus the peace of mind na wala ako hinahabol na oras and may mag cross-check ng requirements ko, I think worth it naman the fee.

5) Korean Visa Processing Time in the Philippines

Aka the Waiting Game! Thank God we can now check our results online, to lessen the anxiety while waiting for our passports. 

Website to check status of Korean visa application:

How to check Korean Visa Application status via the web portal:

  • Set language to English 
  • Leave the tick mark to Diplomatic office
  • Input your passport number
  • Input your name in all-caps, no commas, and NO MIDDLE NAME / INITIAL. Ex. CRUZ MARY JANE
  • Input date of birth, then click search

Since I applied via agency, alam ko na na LONGER LEAD TIME ang kailangan. If possible, give yourself 3 weeks to a month lead time, lalo na if you'll also apply through a travel agency.

When I applied on a Thursday, they already told me na TUESDAY next week na nila masusubmit my requirements sa KVAC because they have a lot of applicant submissions na before me. And then from the day they were able to submit my requirements, dun ko nalang binilang 10 WORKING days of processing for the visa (not included weekends) till I got my results via the online portal. 

Before getting my passport, I gave it a few days din before going back to RAKSO kahit may results na online. But siguro nabusy din ako, so it took me about 5 days bago nakapunta. Ok nadin, because sureball they already had my passport. You can also give them a call, although hindi ko pa nattry if responsive sila.

Notice from the Korean Embassy's website. Instead of just a few days, expect longer processing period:

Notice from RAKSO: No rush visa processing!

Kahit nakita ko na yung results online, I still celebrated the moment I have my passport and visa na sa kamay ko :)

6) FAQs
Answering some of the Korean Visa questions I got via my IG Stories!

I wasn't able to use my visa single entry, will this have a negative effect on my next application?
I have no similar experience so I can't share much, but I have a commenter who told me she wasn't able to use hers, but still got a single visa on her next application. I guess same padin na chances lang lahat, galingan nalang uli sa next application by preparing well and submitting everything.

Was it easier than before? Will try to apply for it by next year.
For me, same same lang. I think "easier" sya logistically coz open na uli ang travel agencies to accept applicants so we have options. In terms of "easy" na you'll get a visa, I think same lang din na chances lang lahat. 

Meron ka ba sinubmit other supporting docs na wala sa requirement list? Nakita ko kasi ME ka na.
I submitted a more detailed cover letter (please see above). But other than that, same same lang din with what I submitted last year. I have cover letter din last year, but Single Entry lang nakuha ko.

Amount range of the bank account/s you presented.
I always write this sa visa posts ko: I honestly have no idea how much is the ideal amount on your bank certificate to get approved visa. Although some say that the consul base it on your itinerary (if your money and your travel plans fit, afford mo ba yung stay, etc). To be sure, Php 100,000 is the safest amount, but again the more the better.

Or another formula is Php 5000 x number of travel days you wrote on your application form x2. So example, planning to travel for 10 days. Multiply by Php 5000, that's Php 50,000 x2 = Php 100,000. Just show that you can afford your travel.

How many days actual processing ng visa sa KVAC for you.
9 days, if not counting the weekends and the processing day ko sa RAKSO (I started counting from the day they promised to submit my requirements to KVAC). Make sure to ASK din RAKSO before leaving their office. They didn't divulge this info right away, matanong lang talaga ako.

Multiple Visa Tips.
Submit EVERYTHING that you think will help you for your application. I think cover letters are necessary. 

Do you have to indicate that you are applying for a multiple entry visa?
Since walang way to indicate through the application form, I wrote my intent to apply for Multiple-Entry Korean Visa through my cover letter.

My walk to RAKSO to get my passport AND visa!

Since, as always, getting a visa (much more multiple entry visa) is still up to chances, make sure to prepare everything before submission. I've said this before and I'll say it again, wag mo sila bigyan ng butas para ideny nila yung dream mo to travel to Korea. 

If things weren't in your favor though (although I really doubt it!), you can always reapply again in 6 months. We also have a lot of options na, like maybe a Jeju Island trip or trip to Japan? :) Look forward to something else, stay positive! 

Ito another tip that I will share nadin if you're also into spiritual things or Manifestations like me. Really believe that you have the visa na, as in iattract mo na or iclaim mo na. Before even getting the results, I pictured the printed MULTIPLE word on my visa clearly in my head every morning. Tapos I also wrote in my calendar on the date that I have to go back for my passport sa RAKSO that I need to "Pick-up Multiple Visa". As in, delulu is the solulu sabi nga nila sa fan girling linggo! Hehehe. 

Fighting, chingu!! Kayang kaya mo yan! Please do go back here when you get your Multiple Entry Visa na, and leave me a comment! Or send me a message on Instagram @anagon! ;) Excited for you!!


  1. Ask ko lang po need ko ba agad ng i.t.r.? Kung january palang ako mg register ng d.t.i. and mayors permit, pagtapos ko mag apply ng business permit , apply ako ng tourist visa sa korea,
    Possible po na no need ko na mgpasa ng i.t.r. since may valid visa pako ng multiple visa sa japan until feb 2024.

    Nagkapunta na din kasi ako sa korea ng marming beses,3 beses ako nabigyan ng 3 single entry, tapos pang 4 na apply ko 5 years multple visa na nag expired lang nung nov 14 2023.
    Ok lang kaya na wala akong i.t.r. na mapasa?

  2. Hi po... ask lang po need po ba may tatak from BIR ang ITR po?


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