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My Own Runway

Oh the woes of commuting in the busy streets of Metro Manila! You have to always be ready with the unpredictability of riding public transportations—there is the freaky weather and the even freakier people.

By public modes of transportation, in my experience, these can be the tricycle, a jeep, a bus, or even the LRT and MRT (trains). I rely on these rides to reach that which keeps me up with my life. Be it a hangout with my friends in Makati, a meet-up in Ortigas with a buyer from my online shop, or a meeting with my supplier in Manila to replenish my stocks…I have to go through every inch of grime, pollution, and tragedy of being a certified hardcore Metro Manila commuter just to reach my destination. That is usually more than an hour’s worth of adventure!

Today, my friend Marj and I planned to go to a private sale at the Fort by Soak Swimwear, a local online boutique with the cute and catchy tagline: The beach is your catwalk. To be able to go there, I have to walk from my house to th…