Up to 40% Off Sunnies Studios This 8.8 ShopeePay Festival!

Tuesday, August 02, 2022

To me, eyewear is essential. I need to wear eyeglasses to clearly see with my near-sighted vision, and also to protect my eyes from radiation from gadgets I use daily. Meanwhile, sunglasses with UV protection is a must whenever I am traveling, especially to the beach. Wearing stylish frames also makes your look more put-together.

Sunnies Studios is one of our local brands that offer trendy glasses that are functional too. They now have an official Shopee page, and will have a 40% off at the 8.8 ShopeePay Festival!

Here are some of the Sunnies Studies frames to add to your cart:

1. Sunnies Studios Lukas in Peach Ice - The reinvented pilot frame. The Lukas is designed without a nose bridge and features ultra light metal rims and a top bar. It’s your favorite classic but better. 

2. Sunnies Studios Delta in Seal - Nostalgic and futuristic. That's the vibe Delta in Seal gives off every time you sport this chic eye piece. With its minimalistic yet chic design, you're sure to turn heads every time you wear this fashionable accessory. 

3. Sunnies Studios Anti Radiation Eyewear Lukas - The Lukas Anti Radiation Eyewear is a non-prescription eyewear made for daily wear and designed with multi-coated lenses to protect you from indoors to outdoors. It also has blue light protection from digital devices and anti-reflective to minimize screen glare.  

If you've always wanted to own a statement eyewear from Sunnies Studios, make sure to check them out this 8.8 for up to 40% off!

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