where have i been??? =D

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Woah! A month has passed, and no updates! I think my built-in-typewriter's all screwed up and rusty from hanging around in too much coffee shops since the Starbucks planner thing (more of tradition now hehe) came out...I vowed to complete the stickers again this year even though I know I might just let the planner dust off in 2010.. Or maybe I might send it to a good friend in the US who just got married, and commented on my Facebook photo post with the sticker card. I just love drinking the coffee (dark cherryooo!)..and maybe I just love the "hangout" part more! Made the coffee in posh cafe more expensive as they say (ambiance)...but suits well with me and my friends for all catching ups and kulitans. =)

Recently, been busy spending time with friends, along with bazaars and lotsof transactions for my Anagon Collection. I hope I've been doing a good job in juggling all these, and things like getting text messages with "you are so accommodating" is enough compensation for all the sweat, blood (from wire-cuts..think paper cuts, but with wires. not a pretty sight i know!)...and tears. I dont know, things are all messy, from inside and out, but still, I feel that Life has been good to me somehow. Vague-talking mode here, I recently felt this odd thing that I never thought I would have for the past 23 years in my life, but then, it's here! And I've read in The Perks of Being a Wallflower that:

"maybe its good to put things in perspective, but sometimes, I think that the only perspective is to really be there. Like Sam said. Because it's okay to feel things. And be who you are about them."

So I just let them be. Like a true-blooded Aquarius, I just felt this emotion, and then just let it flow. Like if I can remember from Tuesdays with Morrie, ol' man Morrie taught us to feel whatever we are feeling...even if it's getting angry or sad or whatever, but after awhile...just let it go. So yeah, I felt it, and let it flooooow...~~~~...

Because, yeah, maybe this isnt right, or this isnt what I want or choose or whatever, but things happen (and that's life!)...So I guess what's most important here is that whatever I am feeling, in the end, I am at peace with myself. Let all be. This is what is meant, then so be it! =)


Outfit photo for this post:

Wore this outfit, for, like, a month ago hahaha!
My Ate's birthday, where I get to invite 2 friends =)
Went with my Bullies Me-an (on pic) and Ana. 

Tip to Toe:
H&M Beanie Hat (really cute, and eyeing for one for a long time already! =))
MJ Tee (This Is It craze still on!)
Denim Shorts 
H&M boots that I wore the whole day.Be proud of Ms.Flats-Ol-Me! :D

Was fun to loosen up once in a while, to think that earlier before this pic was taken.....

Yup! I was manning my bazaar in Rockwell's
Yuletide Souk! :D Hahaha! :D

Yep, gone for quite some time, but still your resident time-juggler here! :D Hope to hangout with YOU more often from now on. See you in cyberspace! =)


Hong Kong Style Diary

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

This is a random entry.
Sorry for being an incoherent blabber. ;p haha!

Day before the trip. Actually, night before the trip! :D
Slept over at Meh's house, which is like less than 15 minutes to the airport!
The sound of planes taking off is normal in their house! :D
Super excited! Watching Me-an packing up and waiting for Ana (who came from work and packed up that night too), I can't sleep!

First Flight!
Look at my big luggage, to think Geo booked me as Go Light! in Cebu Pac! :D (she's used to booking for domestic flights kasi! :D)
I wore a plain white men's shirt, tucked in my black cotton skirt with diagonal zipper details, and my gray librarian jacket. =) Accessorized with black Circles Bib from my online shop Anagon Collection--which my friends said was like a "Hidden Mickey" thing! :D

Weeeeeee! :D
Plane with Meh, Ana, and Alli! :)

In HK! :D We have to ride a train from one airport to the next, where we will get our luggages! :D Super cool!

Still the same day! :D
No sleep, no rest----we went straight to Ocean Park! :D

Totally different from my Phil-habits!
I used SMALL BAG (I always lug around big bags for my meetups) and NO CELLPHONES! No effort at all! Hahahaha! I want a vacation, anyway! :)

Weather in HK is the same here in the Philippines!
It was super hot, that by the end of the day, I removed almost every layer of my outfit, from my jacket to my necklace, the tuck-in of my shirt----! I kid that I might end up with no clothes at all! :D hahahah!


Huge Aquarium

Favorite! Natural HIGH! :D

Dolphin Shows

My friends and I love souvenir shopping! :D Hahahaha! Kahit mahal! We always, think of our families! :)


Second Day: Disney Land!!! :D

I will always be a (Disney!) kid at heart! :)

When You Wish Upon a Star and Once Upon a Dream sent shivers to my spine! :) I love Disney!!!

Space Mountain ROCKS! Hahhaha!
We rode this TWICE! :D
It's an indoor roller coaster, and it was super dark and coooold, we can't see the twists and turns!
I love to scare myself once in a while! ;D


I was looking for Peter Pan (what I am wearing--the big green oversized top layered with gray tank inside--is Peter-inspired!)....but atleast I met Captain Hook!!!!!! :D
Me when I saw Captain at a distance: "CAPTAIN! CAPTAIN!" Hahahah!

We will be back! :)

Time constraints prevented us from spending the night in Disney Land =( I really wanted to watch the fireworks with the famous Disney Castle. I can just imagine that When You Wish Upon a Star grandeur will be played, and then Mickey will come out from the Tower. WOW.. Sigh. Hehe ;-) Sorry got carried away! :)


Still on our second day, we went to HK's high-end shopping district! Not really to shop, but to just take pics, and pretend we were in New York or something. Haha! :D

I drooled all-over the bags and jewelries and clothes..! :D
But I don't mind not affording these things (for now! ;))...I have to say that what I wore that day only costs less than P200! :D SWEAR! (except for my Sanuk shoes and bag! ;)). Thanks to bargain hunting and Ukay shopping in the Philippines, I bagged a P100 bubble skirt, and a P30 (!!!!) floral blazer! LOVE! :)


Third day was spent in another country just a boat ride away: MACAU! :D
I love it that my passport was stamped thrice in just 4 days! ;-)

These pics were taken INDOORS! 
We were in The Venetian...but we didnt really made our bets in their famous casinos.
But I was really tempted to! =D

Me-an took this pic before we left the hotel. Wearing the H&M shirt my ate bought for me from her Euro trip, paired with black liquid leggings I havent found the chance to wear in conservative-Pinas, and an anagon collection hippie band, and my cute de-shoelace shoes (because i seldom wear sneaks already, i find this cute ;p) Meh capped my Macau-look by being my make up artist! If only I can put my own liquid eyeliner :D I like that this made my tinie-tiny-eyes bigger! ;p


...Big thanks to Tamemeh's tripod for all the group pics! :D


Our fourth day AND last day was spent mostly for last minute shopping! But before that, we also went to a Wax Museum, which Meh (our researcher) said was the "top 1 tourist destination in HK". 
After being over-dressed (and loving it, since i can only do this in a foreign country, where i act like a "tourista" haha)...I wore the Mickey Mouse tee I bought in Disney Land. =) 

Late night!
Back to airport, waiting for our flight (last flight! :)) Hay! :) =p

Ive actually read of the term "Fashion Bipolar" countless of times in fashion mags and blogs all-over...and I have to say that my HK-Macau style had been nothing but this. I went from being an over-dresser with skirts and loud prints, to sloppy dressing with my big tees and tsinelas. ;) I enjoy dressing up for trips even though it might mean over-packing, but when I met again with marj after the trip, she told me: "Sayo hindi ako nadissapoint!" (with my outfits). I remembered telling Ana during the trip, while we were dressing up, that dressing my best is "kailangan ko e!" Ana: Bakit naman? 
Me: Eto na buhay ko e, yun pag tingin tingin ng Mango window display!

Oh, but more than the clothes, what made my HK vacation is my friends. :)
So maybe everytime I wear my zipper skirt, it will remind me of the plane ride to HK where I was seated next to Alli, and she commented on liking it...although it kept on sliding up haha.

And maybe my green sloppy top will remind me of my Disney trip, where the off-shoulder style became overly-off-shoulderS because of the Space Mountain killer-ride---and Ana kept on laughing on the picture that came out after the ride..where I looked harassed. Haha!

And then there's the "terno tops" of me and Me-an---white loose blouse for Macau-porma, both paired with black leggings and brown shoes as if we're getting ready for a dance number in the middle of the Venetian. Or The Sands. Haha!

One week later, and I am still HongKong-high! :)
Wait for me HongKong, I'll be back!