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where have i been??? =D

Woah! A month has passed, and no updates! I think my built-in-typewriter's all screwed up and rusty from hanging around in too much coffee shops since the Starbucks planner thing (more of tradition now hehe) came out...I vowed to complete the stickers again this year even though I know I might just let the planner dust off in 2010.. Or maybe I might send it to a good friend in the US who just got married, and commented on my Facebook photo post with the sticker card. I just love drinking the coffee (dark cherryooo!)..and maybe I just love the "hangout" part more! Made the coffee in posh cafe more expensive as they say (ambiance)...but suits well with me and my friends for all catching ups and kulitans. =)

Recently, been busy spending time with friends, along with bazaars and lotsof transactions for my Anagon Collection. I hope I've been doing a good job in juggling all these, and things like getting text messages with "you are so accommodating" is enough com…

Hong Kong Style Diary

This is a random entry.
Sorry for being an incoherent blabber. ;p haha!

Day before the trip. Actually, night before the trip! :D
Slept over at Meh's house, which is like less than 15 minutes to the airport!
The sound of planes taking off is normal in their house! :D
Super excited! Watching Me-an packing up and waiting for Ana (who came from work and packed up that night too), I can't sleep!

First Flight!
Look at my big luggage, to think Geo booked me as Go Light! in Cebu Pac! :D (she's used to booking for domestic flights kasi! :D)
I wore a plain white men's shirt, tucked in my black cotton skirt with diagonal zipper details, and my gray librarian jacket. =) Accessorized with black Circles Bib from my online shop Anagon Collection--which my friends said was like a "Hidden Mickey" thing! :D

Weeeeeee! :D
Plane with Meh, Ana, and Alli! :)

In HK! :D We have to ride a train from one airport to the next, where we will get our luggages! :D Super cool!

Still the same …