i don't usually buy a lot, and im not the type who will call myself a shopaholic

Sunday, January 31, 2010

But the past days, I've been spending-crazy (hey big spender! speeeend a little time with meee hahaha) if I won't need to save for my coming BIG trip with my bullies: tan tananaaaan: VIETNAM! :D Yup! The heat is on in Saigown baybeh! Hahaha! From Viet, we will head to Cambodia, then most probably in Bangkok! I'll need all the extra moolah-and-moolahmakers (aka rakets) possible for the next 3 months. And to start saving! Which I can't! Hahah!

First of all, there's my uncontrollable gimmicks. 

The one-half of my Bullies, Ana, and I realized that we've been going out more often on weekdays. "Weekdays are cool!" hahaha! Weekends are for "Weekend Slumbers" hahaha! :D Last Monday (?)  I went to Ana's office at the Fort, and we went on a "field trip" in a newly opened mall in McKinley...The Venice. I told Ana, with a newspaper as props, that I saw this just that morning, and was interested if this place will match Macau's The Venetian.

We went there and just ate at Carlo's Pizza, and walked our way to the nearest Starbucks. And just this Thursday, we went out again and had coffee, and watched the cute meatballs movie (cloudy with a chance of meatballs) in Rockwell, but had dinner first in Kulinarya...where I found this:

Hello Cafe World friends! :D A real Quiche! Hahaha!

Halloo Ana and her whateverseafoodofadish! :) =D

And aside from eating, and tambay and our love for watching movies, here are the stuff I bought the past days,which sent my money flying everywhere. =p
[I love retail therapy, but I am not a shopaholic! :)]

Over-sized (nice-cute-<3) Floral Bag at Accessorize! 
I super love that store, it's heaven! Big inspiration for my own business!
This bag costs P2, 700 on regular days, but because of Festival Mall's 3-day Sale, I got it for only P800!!! :D

Actually, the first Percy Jackson book is a gift from my ate, and the 3rd and 4th book I saw in paperback in Glorietta 5's NBS, so I bought them right away! :p
No 2nd book yet (hard to find! ;p), and the 5th book are all in hardbound!
(I saw awhile ago a treasure chest set of all 5 books in hardbound for P3k+! :D Power Book ATC!)

Some of my thrift-finds! :D 
Denim blazer with floral painting-ish prints, and a Hello Kitty and Little Twin Star jackets! :D
Don't ask me how much I got them, but these, along with (not in pic) denim skirt, denim jacket, some checkered polos, only deducted less than P500 from my wallet! =D

My crescent moon, falling stars, and clouds. Hahaha!
Hair accessories for my extra unruly hair! ;p
Although the twisty thing doesn't work pa pala with the length of my hair. ;p Boohoo.

My first Chucks!!! =D
And what is even more lovelier!!!:

The price tag!!! :D (sale <3!!!!)

I've been eyeing this Chuck Taylor design centuries ago (hahaha) because it's lacy and crocheted and really Anagon-ish...but my sister Cea told me I am not much of a "Chucks type". ;p
Hohoho but a Chucks with frills and art and for only P1k+!??! It's mine! :D Hahaha!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Opening accounts

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I formerly lived in when everyone loves loooong blog entries! =)
I think I've been there for more than 4 years already! =)
A few days ago, I looked back on old Friendster TESTIMONIALS aka "testi" and found out how sweeet and thoughtful and super nice everyone was, saying all those good things about you! :D I planned on deleting my account, but when I encountered these ala yearbook words from my friends and random acquaintances, I thought that I should keep my Friendster! :) It's a nice online spot that I can look back to...and bring back good ol' days! =)
I realized how things changed (in language! hello text linggo! hahaha!), but some things remain the pure friendship and love!!

Now going through my old blogs in my multiply! :D
I am opening them "for everyone" one by one, you think this is okay/worth it? ;p Before, I have no irks on privacy on the internet, but there was a time that I just closed everything and made all entries by contacts! :D

I know my grammar was poooor then (circa 2005 hahaha), and I used shortcut and super baduy words---but hey! :D Everyone went through those things! ;p Hahahaha!
Will not edit anything, just the viewing options, and maybe the color of my texts...I have the tendency to over-use yellows or purples then...ang sakit pala sa mata! :D Hahaha!

And in here Barbara Gonzalez reminded me...

Monday, January 25, 2010

I only have roughly 4 minutes to write this before I am off sched with my meet ups today (as an online seller, one of the few days I go out!)...I was going about my usual routine awhile ago, breakfast then coffee break--with fumes of paint lingering through my nostrils disturbing my appetite (with the house being renovated), I lounged at our sala and read past newspapers conveniently hanging around our sofa--Philippine Star, last Saturday's story, today's history.

I was going through the ads where Kris Allen will come here in the Philippines, then the Cats musical which will be staging here within the month or so...when I saw one article of the author I was fond of--Ms. Barbara, with the title Mamoo's 40th. I realized now that for the longest time, I did not went out for gimmick last Saturday with my friends, instead, I stayed at home till the afternoon, went out with the family to Festival Mall for mass, dinner, and then strolling/grocery-ing...till we got home and mom asked us: "Natandaan niyo ba na death anniversary ni Nanay ngayon?"

Me: "Oo"

Maybe that was the subconscious reason for not going out, and instead, staying in with the family. The author said it best: to remember without going through traditions, but still remembering the best way we can without getting too "senti". To remember you in a form that may not be as grand or attention-grabbing. There will still be those days, Nanay. This may be the pain I am allowed to keep forever.

I love you and I still do miss you.

Think Pink!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

I was tagged by Ms. Pink and Fab herself (hehe! :)) Krissy! :)
The directions:

I know that most of you have already done this tag already but I would greatly appreciate it if you go around the house and take pictures of 7PINK items :)


Hot pink windbreaker from Giordano.
One of the few items I bought in expensive-Hongkong! ;)
I haven't overused this, worn only once I think, on a rainy November when I went from Manila to Makati on a taxi (so-not-me, I would rather commute! hehe)...because the downpour then was too heavy and I had with me my sister's birthday tarpaulin!
I love my rain accessories as bright and fun-colored as possible. =) My umbrella is in ultra-catchy yellow! ;p

2-5: (hehehe, I hope I'm not cheating with this)

Pink stuff for my essentials! :)
Pink Schic razor, pink lotion (got as freebie from J&J, thanks to Krissy's tip!), pink petroleum jelly (for my nightly lips routine hehe), and Veet waxing strips for my legs, which I avoid to shave na.


Pink Owls Bag

I realized I don't have a pink bag! :D Next to yellow, I'll choose hot pink, but I realized that I have more reds and violets than pinks! ;p

Anyway, I got this thin "extra-bag" from a magazine I bought on our HK trip last October. Their 7-eleven does not provide plastic bags, which I think is good, and so we lug around our water and junk foods till we reach our one block away hotel! :p This freebie made life easier for me. :)


My not so pink (tattered) wallet....

...With it's hot pink lining. =)

I tried replacing this wallet last last year with "long red wallet", to follow the "Chinese Business Woman" pamahiin, but money did not I brought this back and all is well since then. ;) Hahaha! I know it's all in the mind or I'm just thinking things up, but wth, it's all good. =)

Oh I love hot pink! :) :) :)

Tagging any bloggers: post your 7 yellow stuff. :)

Happiness :)

birthday cakes :)





To my family and friends who had been there during my birthdays: thank you for not believing in my front that I'm not into those blowingthecandles cheeseballs-of-a tradition. I actually love them. From how difficult it is to keep the cake from my sight before 12 am, to how difficult it is to light up the candles (and relighting the candles, because the actual blowing wasn't captured on cam), to how even more difficult it is to keep up with singing the whole cheesy birthday song. :)

Like how much I "believe" in horoscopes, I believe that wishes do come true with a blow of a candle, and the love of my family and friends with me to witness this cheeseballs-but-sweetest moment. =)

welcome to my cafe world! ;p

Saturday, January 23, 2010

My friends will tell me that I'm addicted, and I wont deny anything! ;D Hahahaa!

I live in a Cafe World! :D

Ate said it's the only thing I go back to in Facebook (slightly true). I'd status when my food got spoiled. I'll status a new outfit. I'll welcome newbies with open arms (hahaha)..I have Cafe World updates as my home page on Face Book. I talk about the new designs and outfits as if they're real! ;D I get intrigued with new themes and items on the menu.
I gush about Cafe World! Hahaha!

Birds Eyeview of my patch-o-patch Bullies Coffee! (dedicated to my dear friends and bullies hahah)

Corner 1: Alien Invasion! :) Flying Saucer-ish Tables, Glass Tables, craters for my floors, galaxy walls, and I just love my robotics door and how it opens ala the ones in Sci-Fi films! <3

Corner 2: Also Alien Invasion-slash City Lights (because of the walls)
Cute round chairs that looks comfy, flying displays, poster of an alien, a really outer space-y dividers and window, and the giant violet rocket! ;D

A new part of my Cafe: Sports Corner! :) Brought back my orange walls, and bought the basketball displays and table, and the giant hand! (my dog by the entrance hehe). Bar with the TV is still smacked in the middle corner.

Hello friends! :) My waitresses: my sisters Ate&Cea, Kahits Lyka&Marlene, my nanay Marj, and bullies Ana and Tamems! =) Hihi, Tamems and Ana's new sporty outfit are the cuuutest! :D

The virtual me in her cheerleader outfit and brown boots! ;)

THIS is the movie!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Watched this film with Ana and Tamemeh on my birthday, during the lull time in between the moment we checked out of the hotel, to the traditional family dinner.

I saw this poster in one Tumblr I'm following (vanillachailatte) and was surprised of the star-studded cast! =D
God! Heath Ledger and Johnny Depp in one film! I just have to see this!

The movie poster is enchanting on its own, kind of reminded me of Moulin Rouge's mysticism and Across the Universe's trippy and unaligned vibes--both turned out to be my favorite films. =) Even the title is hard to remember! :D Haha! And Lily Cole looks surreal!

True enough, I ended the film not knowing what to say, or where I have been! ;p It has it's own pacing and directions! My friends and I walked out of the cinema like dumbstruck kids--lost? =D Unexplainable experience!

Anyway, we were long-way out of the theater, when we started talking again, and Tamems asked me what I can say about the film.

Here's a grasp of what I said--something like the film is on making choices. Well, that was what I mainly got. There's also putting up an image, or dreaming of another life, or a father's love for his daughter, or  I know there's something more beneath it, worth the repeat watching. The film is art! It seems to need viewers who are "high"--trippy, or people who will take their wild wild imaginations with them inside the movie house. I actually like the boggling experience. Visually enticing like the Moulin Rouge--I love the colors, the texture of the film--the stage--old and new! I am not sure what era did these gypsy-ish things existed, but I am attracted to them.

A work of genius! Till I encounter a movie like this again. =p
(Alice in Wonderlaaand!!!!!!!!! :D So exciteeed!!!)

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Party in the USA! ;p

So I put my hands up, they’re playin’ my song The butterflies fly away I’m noddin’ my head like “Yeah!” Movin’ my hips like “Yeah!”
Got my hands up, they’re playin’ my song And now I’m gonna be okay Yeah! It’s a party in the USA! Yeah! It’s a party in the USA!
Yeah Miley was playing when I turned 24! :D Hahahahaha! :D
More like Partayy in the CR hahahah! :D

Birthday Horoscope / Birthday's Eve

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Hahaha! :D Better to skip a deadline on my birthday! :D I have the best excuse! :)
I spent night before my birthday (Bday Eve) with my friends at City Garden Hotel in Makati.
We had a great howtel bonding experience! Will post photos next to this. =)

I wanted to beat my Bday Eves every year! It's nice that since my family's tradition is to eat out on my birthday night, I have the bday eve and bday morning to spend with my friends. =)
Here are pics from past celebrations....which started circa 2007, with my UST friends:


21-Year-Old Anagon :)

Red Horse and Pulutan till 12ish am at 1611 in P.Noval, near UST!
College/AB Team friends :)


22-Year-Old Anagon :)

Shisha Party at Bollywood Greenbelt 3 with my barx. :)


23-Year-Old Anagon :)

Sofitel overnight with my family <3 =)

BDAY EVE 2010, posting in next entry! :) :) :)