Fail Days

Monday, April 19, 2010

Two "fail days" passed regarding my Passport Prob, which I blogged about HERE.

The first was last Saturday, when I alarmed my phone at 5 in the morning. I went downstairs with my phone's flashlight -- creeping silently as if I'll wake up morning or as if  I might disturb something. My parents went with me, which is good because I'll need "lawyers" with me when it comes to these things where you need to be assertive. I'm not good in voicing things out, especially my rights, although someday I reallyreally hope this will change.

Anyway, met up with Ana in Mcdo Lasalle, had a quick breakfast (still with the parentals), had our papers/documents photo copied, then off we went to DFA in Libertad (the old one) where, we realized that DFA is already closed every Saturdays. =/ Boo Hoo.

Ana and I spent the whole day in Makati:
1. Early morning Seattle's Best Coffee-ing (with their fudge bar, a new found love).
2. Strolling and window shopping around Greenbelt-Landmark to buy a few 'needs' (rechargeable batteries, a cute heart soap dish, etc).
3. Red Mango froyo before our movie sched (Shutter Island!)
4. Lunch inside the cinema (I had a Romana meal from Chimara--tofu chips and tofu wrap--with Heavy Weight popcorn).
5. Red Mango again after the movie, where we also waited for Me-an
6. Dinner and Hang-out with Me-an at Krokodile--I ordered Vegetable Kare-Kare all to myself, which I realized was sad. ;p

Since I woke up at 5am that day, I was really disillusioned by the time Ana and Me-an were smoking outside the restau, I wasn't feeling good already. My eyes were dry from my contacts, plus it was "my time of the month". Although I really enjoyed Shutter Island and Froyo-ing! =) They compensated what would have been a really really bad day.

"Would you rather live as a monster or die a good man?"
I love Leo films!

The next plan was to sleep over at Ana's last night (Sunday) and go back to DFA early Monday morning. I had everything printed at the mall Sunday late afternoon--forms, letters of requests, our plane tickets, etc...even though these cost me P9 per page (the usual is P2 only in printing shops near school areas). When we reached DFA awhile ago, barely 7 in the morning, the lines were already long it was UNBELIEVABLE! 

What was worst was finding out that they weren't even letting people with no appointments inside their gates! Guards were yelling over their megaphones for people with no appointments to just go home and check their website to set schedules, or call their hotlines. Desperate, and after staring at the gates for a long time (hoping I should have brought my "lawyers" aka Mom and Dad with me again that time), I handed my phone to Ana after loading almost P120. She called up DFA, and funnily she was able to set an appointment for MAY 3! 

Anyhooo, Ana said we were really weird together. A tough combination. WE JUST HAVE TO CALL. "The weird minds of the 2 Anas". Hahaha! I told her this sounds like a cute band or even brand name again (Weird Anas), haha! =D We learned not to procrastinate again--ever! (I hope! ;-) Hehehehe!)
But the big fat fact now is--whoo, VIETNAM HERE WE (FINALLY) COME!!!! =D

The heat is on in Saigon, yeah! ;D hahaha!


  1. That sounds like two exhausting days, my dear. And I cannot wait for the first album of the "weird Anas" haha

  2. Hahahah! Thanks Nathalie! :-) To be able to go there in your country will be a dream! :) Will have to fix VISA for that! :D
    Weird Anas! Wee! Hahaha!


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