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Everything Fun, Flirty, and WOW!

A busy weekday wouldn't spoil a fun Tuesday night, especially when you were out with the coolest bloggers, in a "Fun, Flirty, and WOW" themed event, as organized by a top brand. Although I vowed not to go out before my Candy Fair bazaar stint this weekend, I wouldn't say no to the Kotex WOW Party--main reason was because my blogger-barkadaPax was the one who invited me! :) I love my teh!

Also, I thought that the gathering:
1) Is another opportunity to meet the very fashionable people of the WWW.
2) Great time to dress up! :) (Outfit post here!)
3) And of course, be one of the firsts to get a preview on the latest Kimberly Clark products and innovations!

The very posh Bizu Patiserrie & Bistro in Greenbelt 2, Makati hosted the event and dinner. I really love this place for its chic Parisian interiors and yummy and artsy desserts (famous for its Macarons!). It is the perfect location for a fashionable all-girls night!

Fine n' Fancy Buffet Table.
Yey fo…

My Fairy Godmother for the WOW event.

I was super thrilled when Pax texted me last week on a Kimberly Clark bloggers event. I am forever thankful for being invited to such functions, being a newbie compared to the other bloggers, so I went for it without hesitating. Also, I can't wait to catch up with my blogger friends, and also meet other cool fellow bloggers! :) Cited in the e-invite was the event's dress code: Fun, Flirty, Girly, WOW!=)I instantly thought of wearing something "Lolita"--fun, frilly, and childlike, but still "flirty".

As much as I am into fashion and dressing up, I have no idea how to put a WOW make up on. Except for simple everyday blush-gloss, I might just look "clownish" when I attempt to play with eye shadows, eye liners, and bold lipstick. So for events like this one...

...I "call-a-friend" my kabarkada since high school Tamems for my make up 101! :) (Beauty Emergencyyy!)

I thought of trying on red lips-red polish for this event. Anyhoooo... Enough of …

From Last Sunday's Feast + Trying on my new espadrilles!

I love my Sundays. I hope the family "routine" (and bonding!) will never change. 
1) We go to Festival Mall to attend the South Feast (which, btw, just launched it's new website! :)) in the afternoon,  2) And then straight to the mall's top floor to hear the mass, which is held every Saturday and Sunday in the cinema area.  3) Afterwards, Cea and I will eat our dinner--deciding whether it's tipid meal (Chowking, Bulbop, etc.), or a notch expensive than usual (TOSH, T.Boy, Tia Maria's, etc.).  4) If we still have time, we also stroll around the mall while waiting for mom to finish her groceries. This means a trip to the bookstore, some nifty shops, new stores in Festi (like Payless and California Berry!), and then the groceries itself! 
I swear, the routine is the best R&R after a busy week, and recharges me for a new week ahead! 
Last Sunday's Feast was an awesome experience. We had the 2nd talk from the Wish series, which is on "Waking up you wish&quo…