Anagon Collection @ St. James (Cuenca!) Bazaar!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Probably my happiest luckiest week!

After the looong and tiring DLSU bazaar last Monday to Thursday, I got the newsofmylife last Friday when Cherry of Cheers 101 texted me if I'm still interested in a space in the Cuenca bazaar! My favorite bazaar! Spent my long weekend manning Anagon Collection's half stall LIKE CRAZY!

I even saw some familiar faces! Girls from DLSU's bazaar (Who also recognized me/Anagon Collection!), St. Scho people, and a girl who recognized my stall even without a signage "Anagon ba to? :D". Bawal kasi ako mag lagay ng Anagon since booth sharing wasn't allowed in the bazaar! :D I also saw pretty blogger Kookie, Ms. Mia F. and Roch of Candymag, barx visitors (Geo, Mel, Reg, Ana!), and even celebs like Mika Lagdameo, Nancy Castiglione and Camille Pratts!

And the rest, as they say, is history!

Can't help but feel Christmas already! Santas of all shapes, sizes, and even color hang around in every corner!

The biggest bazaar in the south, tarp maps everywhere!

BIG outdoor bazaar--and organized too! No smoking signs inside the big tents and gymnasium!

Welcome to my little corner!

Shared space with Cheers 101! :) Check out their PRETTY BAGS!!! :D

I almost died of indecision! Hahaha!

They also have pretty dresses, like these to-die-for maxis!

I also tried shopping by going through all the CROWDED rows in the parking lot and gymnasium
Syempre with my Envirosax, naks!

I was eyeing the black "ruched"-guard from the stall in front of us! But didn't bought it, nagsisisi tuloy ako. :P

Just like the past years, nagkukuripot mode ako when I am a stall owner.
I only go this bag at P900 only from Cherry: (presyong kaibigan!)
A doctor's bag! With detachable long straps! Pamatay!

I love checking out the food stalls if they have vegetarian options
I discovered that a stall had the monopoly on selling drinks! They sell bottled and canned refreshments at 40bucks! Mapa softdrinks pa yan, juice, o tubig!

Last year, it was pesto pasta everyday. This year, I discovered Gourmet Pao, which offers Pesto Veggie siopao!
It's for P120, but the size is super big pang dinner na siya! Tsalap!

Pag tipid mode, I also order Tapa King fried rice with 2 extra eggs, scrambled. ;)
Oha, 55 petot lang, hehe.

Meet my bazaar friends: Cherry my kabooth-share (thank you talaga!), and Ms. Anabelle of the nearby stall! :)

Ana came on the first day, and helped me in my booth till half of the 2nd day! :)
No dull moments when I'm with Ana! :)

More barx came!
Girls from the north! With Reg and Geo who came all the way from Pasig and Loyola!
Mel and cutie Raffy also came! Reg even bought earrings from Anagon! :)

I also met Cherry's mom and RR (their helper); may shift sila in manning the stall when Cherry had to leave for an event. I had a nice conversation with tita habang tagaktak na ang pawis namin sa super init na stall! We also shared funny experiences pag ayan na ang dumog ng tao, from b*tchy buyers to sweet ones! Tita even treated me to halo-halo and Gourmet Pao! :) 

I, on the other hand, had no replacements and assistants, and have to be there in my stall from 9am to 9pm! I am not complaining though, I feel that every sweat-and-blood for my business are counted experiences that will make success worth it. And I'm still thankful for my supportive family and friends in all my bazaarista stints! Still on Cuenca high! Can't believe God answered my prayer petition at the last minute!  

Will always be my favorite bazaar. <3
Till next year, Cuenca! :)


Flashback Valentines Day this year, my Feb 14, 2010 was spent with Ava and Ana, all singol ladies, hehe. We decided to watch the much-raved musical Rent in RCBC. After searching the www for show dates and time, I was lucky to score Orchestra Side tickets for the last show on vday! It came with a quite hefty price of P1,600, if compared with cinema tickets. 

Marcianos dinner before the show.

But then watching a live show is a totally different experience from watching a movie. Although I appreciate special effects, soundtracks, and cinematography that movies offer, actors delivering their lines and emotions right in front of you gives an impact even the silver screen just can't match. Tagos ba.

That RENT night, I realized how much St. Scho has exposed and influenced us in theater appreciation. Back in grade school, we were always required to go to Meralco Theater and catch prods like Annie! We even had our Little Theater center stage moments--Junto al Pasig in grade 4 (I was an angel, haha), A Midsummer Night's Dream in grade 6 (I was Snug the Joiner), and even created our own scripts and turned them into big productions in high school (Ecoplay in first year, Thailand in second year, Much Ado About Nothing in third year!)! 

I wouldn't be surprised then if from time to time we still try to catch a play at this age. My friend Tamems even bought a show with some friends:

Will watch Xanadu The Surprise Hit Broadway Musical, a comedy play this December 5, Sunday, 8pm, in the RCBC Plaza Auditorium. I'll be with Geo and Ana! :) If you're interested to enjoy a pa-cultured night of laughter, get your tickets from Tamems by texting her @ 0917.8451087. No required reports and play analysis after watching, hehe! ;-) Hope to see you there!!!

Saan to? :D

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Saan to na never na nag bago ang Christmas decor since kabataan ko? :D Hahaha!

On a totally diff note, just when I thought it will be my big rest weekend from my DLSU bazaar, my kabooth share last year in St. James texted me if I'm still interested to join her! :D Few minutes before that, I posted these in my FB: 

"Looking for one last holiday bazaar 2nd week of november! :)"


"Cuenca Bazaar na nga pala ngayon, hindi ako nakasali =( Pwede umiyak? :P"

Then I got Cherry's text! :D Yesterday, for sure I'm the happiest girl on earth, haha! 
South peeps, and those who go to Cuenca every year, see you thereee!!! 

Cuenca bazaar participant since '07!

Anagon Collection @ DLSU's One Million Trees Bazaar

Friday, November 26, 2010

Trying to be OC, arranging the long necklaces and rings...

Lista lista ng nabenta, hehehe.

The space they gave to us was so big, compared to my usual bazaar experience! I even had a head accessories corner!

Flock of girls in front of Mom and Anagon Collection!

Megann indicated the times where waves of people pass by SJ Walk. I must say, super accurate! :D Haha!

Will never last Day 2 and 4 without my Mom's assistance! :)

I personally love these new printed bangles! :)

And this winged owl connector ring! :D

Both DLSU grads, I asked my sisters Ate Kaka and Cea what food to try out in their alma mater:

They suggested the mojos in the Animo canteen:

And the Cheese Logs in Zaide!
Also in pic: sour cream hashbrown hehe!

Can't last a day without a cup of this:

The cutest Knick Knaxx Accessories by Ava Te was also there in Anagon Collection's booth!!!

On our last day, Ava and I had terno Ichigo shoes moment! :) <3

Got pseudo-interviewed for Megann's class requirement. Haha!

Fun times with Ava and Megann! :) Kahit maulanan, carry parin!

It was also cool to meet fellow bloggers like Vern and Jonessa! :)

Vern wearing a ring she got from my stall, photo from her blog. :)

This was after a big crowd left my stall, and I noticed Ms. Scarlet-April herself, with her friends! :)

Medyo lang ang ayos ng tuck-in ko, hahaha!

Such a sweet girl :)

For four days, dad prioritized Anagon Collection's ingress and egress over his work! I love my daddykins!

Family treat after the 4-day bazaar:

Mexicali night with the family! :D
My favorite!!!

Cea, who just came from work:

Ate, dad, and mom! :)

Spent FOUR DAYS, 9am - 6pm in De La Salle University! I can't believe my resistensya didn't fail me! I was invited just last Friday for the One Million Trees and Beyond Bazaar of DLSU's College Government of Science, thanks to my St. Scho DWTL sis Rocky! From the organizer's email, I learned that it's an in-campus bazaar and only 14 stalls were allowed in this event! :D I went for it, and now I feel so blessed to be part of this fundraising project! :)

Thank you everyone who supported Anagon Collection! :) It was sooo much fun hanging around in the DLSU campus, I actually miss it kaagad! I will always love the girls who got sad it's our last bazaar day, and the girls who were very vocal na naloloka sila when in front of my stall. <3 Ang cute na yung iba tumatambay pa sa stone-bench in front of Anagon! Hihi!

Thanks most especially to Ava and my mom and dad for all the help during this stint!!!! My heart will forever be grateful on how much unconditional you guys are in giving your support and help..and love! :,)

Peace and Love to all my La Sallian sukis!