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Anagon Collection @ St. James (Cuenca!) Bazaar!

Probably my happiest luckiest week!

After the looong and tiring DLSU bazaar last Monday to Thursday, I got the newsofmylife last Friday when Cherry of Cheers 101texted me if I'm still interested in a space in the Cuenca bazaar! My favorite bazaar! Spent my long weekend manning Anagon Collection's half stall LIKE CRAZY!

I even saw some familiar faces! Girls from DLSU's bazaar (Who also recognized me/Anagon Collection!), St. Scho people, and a girl who recognized my stall even without a signage "Anagon ba to? :D". Bawal kasi ako mag lagay ng Anagon since booth sharing wasn't allowed in the bazaar! :D I also saw pretty blogger Kookie, Ms. Mia F. and Roch of Candymag, barx visitors (Geo, Mel, Reg, Ana!), and even celebs like Mika Lagdameo, Nancy Castiglione and Camille Pratts!

And the rest, as they say, is history!

Can't help but feel Christmas already! Santas of all shapes, sizes, and even color hang around in every corner!
The biggest bazaar in the south, tar…


Flashback Valentines Day this year, my Feb 14, 2010 was spent with Ava and Ana, all singol ladies, hehe. We decided to watch the much-raved musical Rent in RCBC. After searching the www for show dates and time, I was lucky to score Orchestra Side tickets for the last show on vday! It came with a quite hefty price of P1,600, if compared with cinema tickets. 
Marcianos dinner before the show.
But then watching a live show is a totally different experience from watching a movie. Although I appreciate special effects, soundtracks, and cinematography that movies offer, actors delivering their lines and emotions right in front of you gives an impact even the silver screen just can't match. Tagos ba.
That RENT night, I realized how much St. Scho has exposed and influenced us in theater appreciation. Back in grade school, we were always required to go to Meralco Theater and catch prods like Annie! We even had our Little Theater center stage moments--Junto al Pasig in grade 4 (I was an angel,…

Saan to? :D

Saan to na never na nag bago ang Christmas decor since kabataan ko? :D Hahaha!

*** On a totally diff note, just when I thought it will be my big rest weekend from my DLSU bazaar, my kabooth share last year in St. James texted me if I'm still interested to join her! :D Few minutes before that, I posted these in my FB: 
"Looking for one last holiday bazaar 2nd week of november! :)"
"Cuenca Bazaar na nga pala ngayon, hindi ako nakasali =( Pwede umiyak? :P"
Then I got Cherry's text! :D Yesterday, for sure I'm the happiest girl on earth, haha!  South peeps, and those who go to Cuenca every year, see you thereee!!! 

Anagon Collection @ DLSU's One Million Trees Bazaar

Trying to be OC, arranging the long necklaces and rings...

Lista lista ng nabenta, hehehe.
The space they gave to us was so big, compared to my usual bazaar experience! I even had a head accessories corner!

Flock of girls in front of Mom and Anagon Collection!
Megann indicated the times where waves of people pass by SJ Walk. I must say, super accurate! :D Haha!
Will never last Day 2 and 4 without my Mom's assistance! :)
I personally love these new printed bangles! :)
And this winged owl connector ring! :D
Both DLSU grads, I asked my sisters Ate Kaka and Cea what food to try out in their alma mater:
They suggested the mojos in the Animo canteen:
And the Cheese Logs in Zaide! Also in pic: sour cream hashbrown hehe!
Can't last a day without a cup of this:
The cutest Knick Knaxx Accessories by Ava Te was also there in Anagon Collection's booth!!!
On our last day, Ava and I had terno Ichigo shoes moment! :) <3
Got pseudo-interviewed for Megann's class requirement. Haha!
Fun times with A…