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And she W.O.N.! :)

Remember this post? Phoebe Rutaquio for Meg Magazine's Next Cover ...

Phoebe wearing Anagon Long Necklace:
Phoebe wearing Anagon Headbands:
All photos by Patty Mendoza.

While browsing through my FB wall, I learned that, OMG, our bet just won the contest!!!

Congrats Phoebe on your first magazine cover!!! I am sure there's more to come.... And a tvc and billboards soon, perhaps? :)

D is for Denim Jacket

Been a looong time since I last wore a denim jacket--or any jacket or blazer for that matter. Who can actually layer while commuting here in Manila? Lucky for the girls who just get off their car or a cab...But for kuripotsky Anagon, there's no way I can go there than a ride of the jeep n' bus! :P

According to Nina Garcia in The One Hundred, "Be extreme. It should either be really dark or really worn out." With this, I realized that you can still go wrong with some something sooo basic as the denim--but to hell with that, I just took out what's inside my cabinet, and "played" with it. Fun in Fashion, that's the best rule! :)

For a casual south meet up day with suppliers and buyers--I paired the denim jacket with a department store stripes tee, bazaar-bought statement bag, necklace I made, brown peep-toe shoes, and my new on-the-spot DIY: The Petal-Edged Floral Shorts. :) I just snipped the whole thing and didn't even bother sewing the rough parts…

C is for Charm Bracelet

Not the usual charm bracelet: Wrapped, braided, and rugged is my kind of style. ;)
"When a charm bracelet is added onto charm by charm, it can be the most precious piece of jewelry in your collection. Designers have begun to issue ready-made versions, but the best charm bracelets are pure expressions of your creativity." - Nina Garcia, The One Hundred
One of these days, I think it will be great to have that charm bracelet--where I can place a charm for every new place I go to or something. :) I am sure it will be one priceless piece!

Anyway, wore this with my new furry black fedora from SM, basic gray tee from Bench (planning to get more plain tees there!), Gap denim shorts (seriously need to invest on a new one), H&M booties (which I also want in brown)...and my outfit's highlight: The Black Body Harness:

The chains may look kick-ass and all, but seriously, I didn't commute with them. Haha! Hindi lang dahil sasabit ako haha, I also can't imagine how people will …

B is for Brooch

Went out for meet ups last Friday. I expected a busy day, so I decided to wear something roomy like this thrifted floral dress. I already used this as long top before! Might cut it next time and convert it into a cover up or something, haha. 
To give the sack-dress some shape, I pinned the back with the quirky double brooch I made for Anagon Collection:
Some quotes on the BROOCH: (from Nina Garcia's The One Hundred) The uninitiated associate the brooch with grandmothers and great-aunts and think it is only worn on the neckline of dresses. But the fashionable are aware that it is capable of so much more. It is an accessory that allows you to show off your creative side.

Decided to amp up another B from Style A-Z list: The Ballet Flats.  I realized that I have too much basic black shoes, that it's ok to reconstruct my plain pair from Australian:

More photos from that day:

Had an afternoon coffee break with Melai in Greenbelt after my meet ups and before watching Black Swan with Ana. T…

The first magazine I ever collected...

...and even bought with my kakarampot nabaon! 
The first time I saw my DIY's in a magazine...

The first published article... read it here

The first magazine appearance for Anagon Collection...

The first cow-ver appearance for Anagon Collection...
And even the first time I saw my face grace the glossies...

Thank you Candy Magazine aka Candymagfor all the opportunities. I can't enumerate ALL of them as they're too many! The meet-and-greet with Daughtry, the exposures for Anagon Collection, all the Candy Fairs, being there in my first blog event....I can even remember the day I entered the classroom late coming from an Imago interview. Feeling cool ako non. Haha! :D
You've always been so generous, like a true BFF. Thank you for all the friends and cool people I met through you.