Freeway x Manansala Special Tribute and Collection Launch

Friday, October 21, 2011

Finally, a time to blog! :) I'd like to share ang mga ganap last Tuesday late afternoon during Freeway's event in their The Row store, Glorietta 5.

There's something about the merging of art and fashion that entices me. 

It was an honor for me actually to witness the launching of Freeway X Manansala ... A special tribute of the brand to the National Artist for Visual Arts Sir Vicente Manasala.


On my way to The Row (which is in the second floor pa), I passed by Glorietta 5's activity area at the ground floor, and saw these busy artists creating portraits of some of the distinguished guests. Very interesting activity. I may be into arts, but kahinaan ko yata tong pagdodrawing ng tao! Nakakabilib panuoring these artists working on-the-spot. And love ko talaga ang craypas na art medium! :)

The artists present that night:
Kunst Pilipino Group


A few minutes after eating and mingling with other fellow bloggers (learned that isang daan mahigit halos ang ininvite na bloggers in this event! :D Shala!)...The event program started, lead by the hosts Tim Yap and Madam Divine Lee--My favorite blogger!

I was seated at the back of my other favorite blogger: Ms. Chuvaness!!! 

Then may pinalabas silang vid / mini docu on Sir Manansala... Where we got to know more about this artist. I really look up to him, nakakainspire din and I hope someday malay niyo Anagon Collection na ang may tribute diba. Hahaha! A quotable quote from Manansala, which I tweeted kaagad that night (baka malimutan ko kasi hehe) :

Ana Gonzales
I like this: "Art is a very jealous thing, you can't do it halfway, but all out" - manansala 


I love the cropped tops! :) And the styling, ganda lang, and very wearable:

I even love the littlest fashion show deets...Mapa Bird of Paradise na hair clip, 
at pati na ang Manansala X Pamaypay props--bet na bet namin ni Angel hehe:

Even the tote bags are love! :D

Maliban sa Little Black Dress, I'd love to wear a "Little-Manansala-Dress", hehe:
Fab shoes worn by models were sponsored by Muñiz Shoes which is designed by Carmina Villarroel ( and now available online or at select Ensembles outlets.  

Most probably my favorite Manansala painting:
The 22 piece beautiful collection was showcased in a Fashion Show, habang the original art pieces were flashed on the LED screen onstage. I love the effect! :)

Something that I myself will definitely wear: (alam nyo naman ako, luwagluwagan ang style hehe)

Bravo! :) Congrats Freeway!
Make up of the runway models by Margo Sarmiento, hair by Nina Escano, Charlene Manibo and Anna Liza Sulthan


The very special guests Maritess Mendoza-Pineda, President of Friends of Manansala Foundation, Cedie Lopez-Vargas of the The Lopez Museum and Ronna Manansala, granddaughter of Vicente Manansala shared their interesting stories and life experiences with man of the hour, Vicente Manansala.


I love that this Freeway event ay parang naging bloggers reunion nadin! Hahaha! Picture here and there with people I only hangout with online... :)
Dinner pre-show: Jonver, Ava, and Megann

Megann and Angel wearing their Anagon Collection accessories! :) (Lakas maka-segue, hehe)

Seatmates! Jonver David, Tracy Ayson, Tatie Aquino, Keigh Jalbuena, Ava Te, and Super Angel Rodriguez!

April Ibanez and Megann Jabola

Bianca Perez and her friend Therese:

Arnie Villanueva and Kei San Pablo

Jershel Co, Jessa Ang, and Lance

Mother Earth Rullan and friends

Jonver David and the Tumbler girls: Erika Rodica, Dianne Dequina, Charlene Ajose, and Cariza Opana--my new suki! ;) Hehe!

Tracy Ayson and Vern Enciso

My neighbor Chai Muncal 

My classmate Erika Rodica (hehehe)

Brie Mendoza and Arnie

Ms. Sai Sayson of The Fashionista

...And my forever favorite! :) Ms. Divine Lee!!!
Before heading to next event, we saw Ms. Divine Lee and I shook her hands sabi ko "Ma'am gusto ko lang po sabihing fan ako!" (Sorry, minsan hindi ko maexplain kung gano ka weird ako haha)

I was shy to ask for a photo, dahil like a true fan alam ko ang schejul ni mader. Heading to Mega pa siya for another hosting stint (National Events Day nga!). But when I saw the others asking for a photo op, sabi ni Jonver gow na sayang ang chance!

Me: Madam sorry po at alam kong largang may ganap pa kayo ngayon, sa Mega!
Ms. Divine: Ok lang noh! Minsan lang naman tayo nagkikita-kita!

Ay grabe, I love her more na! ;D Hehehe.

Thank you Kaye Awatin of The Style Flux for this picture.

What a cool evening. 
The collection will officially hit the stores on October 21--which is TODAY, btw! :D
Congrats Freeway on the successful 6th installment of your series of National Artists tributes.
The night is truly inspiring for someone like me who'd love to be known for her art someday. Haaay kelan ka ba, someday. :)

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  1. love your blog entry here~ blog ending with divine pa~ havey!

  2. Salamat ha Carizza!!! :) <3 Syempre siya na ang favorite blogger ng bayan :) Very accommodating! :)

  3. Finally, may photo na tayo together! :) Sayang, I came a bit late so di ako nakapagmingle with you guys :P Hope to see you again soon!

  4. Ganda tlaga ng collection, wish I was there at the event! I haven't met Ms.Divine lee in person pa.
    Yay! you used my photo.. you're always welcome Ana!

    Fashion Blogger

  5. Bet na bet ko din ang bird paradise! haha:)) Peg mo nga beb ang mga loose!

  6. Actually I thought about you agad nung naglabasan ang loose-on-loose outfits! :) Sabi ko, aba Fashionista Commuter ang peg nila ah. Hihi hope to see you again soon! REMIND ME TO BRING YOUR MEMORY CARD. :)) Teka, ilalagay ko na nga sa wallet ko para di ko malimutan haha!

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  7. Nainggit ako sa fekchur mo with Mother Divine! Bonggels! :D

  8. Sai: Finally! :) And long time no see :))

    Ava: Cutie noh, bet ko pang event, saveeeh! Hahaha!

    Megann: Awww thank you thank you megann...hahaha Freeway for the Fashionista Commuters! <3 Lovet! Go go iipit na yan sa walley! Hehee!

    Mai: Peg ng bayan! :) Love her :) <3


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