Hang Ten Bloggers X Readers Event 2

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Kahit Sundays are meant for ze family, game na game ako last Sunday for Hang Ten's "Special Event" in their MOA branch (for me, my fave Hang Ten branch!)! It wasn't called special for nothing, we were even asked to bring one of our readers! :)

Umeksena nanaman ang kaulanan going there, but the best talaga ang bus discovery ko from Ayala going to MOA. Sa baba siya ng MRT Ayala Station, second lane yun bus dadaan...Direcho MOA yun, P12 lang! :D Naka-aircon ka pa kesa mag shuttle / orange jeep ka pa sa Buendia or Baclaran...or mag cab na hindi ka sure how much aabutin!

When I reached Mall of Asia, I met Jenny (Ava's reader, and one of the students I am helping out for their thesis) in the carousel area. We went together inside the Hang Ten store and was greeted by these awesomeness of shoes:

Gusto ko lahat! I really hope they sell these din! :P Learned from Sir Kyle that these are sold in Satchi Store. Hope to feature them next time...
I am in love with the brown flats with tassels and the pink oxfords!

I met the other bloggers, but most especially the readers ng mga MIA bloggers because of the rain and traffic. Feel na feel kong host of the event ako hahaha, entertaining the dear readers, na mga shy type pa yun iba nung umpisa. :) I love them!

Then I met the real host of the affair, hahaha! Portia Silva, a fellow ex-Candy Council member and a Kulasa, made sure the event was fun fun fun for everybody! :) Love this quirky girl, got to talk with her kahit sandali lang pre-event. :) Bongga mo Porky!

Sir Kyle De Leon, Hang Ten's Creative Director, with his opening remarks: 

I also had the chance to finally meet (and greet? :D hehe) these creative designers: Katie Pineda and Tin Umali! :)

Beautiful set-up... Bet ko to for my room. Chos!

Cute big vintage maletas. :P Akin nalang please! Hehe!

Students from PUP called "The Irregulars" were awarded for Hang Ten's Window Display Contest! :) Congrats ladies! Mahirap mag bihis ng mannequin ha (which we were able to experience that day!)...window display pa kaya!?! Good job!

Riot Icebreaker: Walang kamatayang Human Bingo!
Binulungan ko na kaagad reader ko nun: "Naku galingan natin, competitive ako!" Hehehe.
I had one box nalang left (Someone who has been blogging for more than 5 years :P)...When they announced may nanalo na daw! Bummer! ;D Hahaha!

Congrats David Guison! With Kisty Mea on stage, to prove na she winks while she laughs! ;D

Then for the maaaain event! Hehehe, parang boxing lang! ;) 
We were grouped into 4 (2 bloggers and their 2 readers)...para mag style ng mannequin assigned to us! :D Challenging!!!

These next two pictures were from Jenny Uriarte, thank you gerl! 
Nacapture / summarize ang buong styling riot ng Team 13! ;D Hahaha!
I'm sure parehas kami ng iniisip ni Nicole dito: What is styling in short skirt? Hahahaha! Never again, mag leleggings nako next time! Hahaha!

Ang dami namin kinuha, walang kaconcept concept hahaha! Three pairs of shoes, mismatched accessories hahaha... So Nicole and I went around the store again the last few minutes! :D

Here's my team with our bonggang mannequinella! ;)
Belts as suspenders? Pwede diba! Resourceful! Hahaha (buhatin ang sariling bangko, in English, love your own, hehehe).

Our neighbor team: Pax and her reader Carmi with their pogi mannequin!

Pag pinagtabi...O diba, love team? Hehehe.

Across us was Aie Corpuz and Nikki Sunga's team! :) What is unconventional and original styling? Galeng! :)

My beb Ava and Jenny's very trendy look: Color blockin!

The rest:

The winning mannequin: Lissa Kahayon and David Guison (inulanan ng biyaya si David G that day, ha! :D)! :)
Power couple este team na talaga kayo! ;)

Picture picture with the bloggers! :)

Nicole Santos, ME!, Aie Corpuz, Tracy Ayson, Aisa Ipac, Tin Iglesias, and Kisty Mea

Bloggers with Hang Ten's Sir Kyle De Leon!

Group pic! Thank you for this Nicole! :)

With my Anagon Collection model Jesrhel Co--cute mo as always! :) <3

The young bloggers group! Kisty Mea and Dianne Dequina! And me, showing off my cute Hang Ten cupcake hehe.

More chikahan while enjoying the great foods (ang dami, may dessert pa!) prepared for us by the Hang Ten team. It was really a great day! (Basta madaming food, great day na, haha.)

Thank you to my reader Giezelle Uy for making the day even more FUN! :)

Really, if there's anything I am ever thankful for na nakuha ko sa blogging for more than 5 years ...Ay ang mga super loving readers. :)
Thank you Hang Ten Philippines for organizing this really fun and fashionable (soiree-ish) day for us bloggers and our readers (hehe). Nilagyan niyo ng mukha ang mga names of the people I regularly hangout with online in my blog. :)

Kudos to the team!


  1. Can I just're blog entries are so funny! :))

  2. Hihihi thanks sir kyle!!!:))) para masaya, diba!;)) thanks again for this event!!!:) successful indeed!!!)

  3. I want the vintage maletas - for sale ba?

  4. Ana, you look super cute with the nautical ensemble! Love it! Looks like such a fun fun event :)

  5. Really bummed out that I missed this event! :( looks like everyone had so much fun. See you soon! :)

    Fashion Blogger

  6. KAtie Pineda is creative designer for HangTen... oooh, i didnt know that.

    Anabanana! You are so pretty! And your anagon necklace --- 2nd agaw pansin to your entire look.

    1st agaw pansin is your chinita eyes when you flash your pretty smile.

  7. Angel: hay i wish din! :) but theyre displays lang :)

    Mar: thanks for appreciating! :))

    Kaye: hoping for a next time ;) see you soon! :)

    Argie: waaaah thank you sooo much... will definitely be happy to hear na ang asset ko is my smile, nuks! ;))


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