The Bazaars Weekend!

Monday, November 07, 2011

With my St. Scho Days anaks Wendy and Rei

Fellow blogger Kaye Awatin


My high school classmate Patty Factor!

Charisse and her friend:

Vern Enciso -- my pretty blogger friend!


Tati Buendia of Bubbles! :)

My college classmate Mel De Quiros--also a fellow seller in the Global Pinoy Bazaar!

My Tumblr Kids Jessa Ang and Dianne Dequina!

With my high school kabarkada Bodz and her friend!

Fellow blogger Krista

Neighbor! Megann Jabola :)


Ms. Brewing Happiness herself! Nastarstruck ako! :)

With Cariza O and her friend! :)

My high school barkada and sister Ana!

My ever-supportive BEB! :) Ava Te, who also came with Gersh and Athan :)

*Not in photo: Geo, my high school classmate, also surprised me in Rockwell with her siblings and boyfriend! Thank you Geo!!!

Shared stall with Bubbles and Das!

Beam Mariano of Artwine! My favorite! :)

My humble corner :)

Friendly neighbor: Fun times with Ate Cris of DAS shoes! :)

Tried out almost all their powerful shoes! Hahaha :D

Red Heel-less Shoes!


L Heels

Aqua Heel-less Shoes <3

What I have become just for this weekend, hehe:

Sophie's Mom!

Can't describe the mix emotions I had from this weekend. Dead tired talaga! Friday, I stayed solo-flight at the SuperSale Bazaar, and had a blast utilizing their wifi, and meeting a lot of friendly girls who are also readers and fellow bloggers. :) Met loads of friends also from all-walks-of-life, parang reunion lang! Saturday to Sunday, mom took charge of the SuperSale Bazaar, while I went to Global Pinoy for my stall with Bubbles. We were with DAS shoes...And it was my first time to meet the lovely team behind this powerful shoes brand...Ang babait nilang lahat. :) I love them! I also didn't expect to be friends kaagad with Tati, a fellow accessories maker and entrep. But we clicked instantly, ang komportable ko na kanya! Hehe!

Aside from meeting loads of old and new people, what stressed me was yesterday's bazaar experience in Rockwell. It wasn't doing well, and since I also have a stall in SuperSale, I planned to transfer the goods at around 7pm so my mom can still sell them in World Trade. I nicely approached the organizers, but the girl I encountered was super firm and mataray. I understand we are all tired, but pumintig talaga tenga ko nun binanatan ako ng "Ok you pay P5000 then you can go", not even glancing at me and just typing away sa kanyang laptop. Nahurt ako coz I was trying to explain my side nicely, and that it's also my Ate's birthday at ako lang sa pamilya ang wala sa World Trade. But she blurted those words, and I am not the confrontational type kaya nateateary eyed nako. Then she looked at me and even said "Bat ka iiyak?" It was like dealing with a big bully :(

The other organizer was nice to me though, and even sent me to their back-door area so I can calm myself. It was stressful and embarrasing uli, napaka crybaby ko talaga. Sorry for being emotional, and I understand their point, but they just can't talk to me like that, nahurt lang talaga ako. :(

Anyway, SuperSale sales, according to my supportive mom, was the best! In the end, after all the blood, sweat, and literal na tears, I am just happy for the experience. Sabi nga nila "Charge it to experience" hehehe. I know what to do and not to do na next time. Also, I am super inspired--imagine being surrounded by fellow entrepreneurs for 3 straight days. The passion, commitment, and creativity are contagious! :) Can't wait for my next bazaar... Happening next next week pa, November 19, at the Il Terrazo Mall in Tomas Morato... More days pa whew to prepare for another busy but happy selling stint!

Again, thank you sooo much to all the friends and family who visited me (or my mom in the SuperSale stall) in these affairs. I will forever be grateful for all of your love and moral support.

God bless YOU, I love YOU! :)


  1. Yaaaayyy! Time to rest na seatmate! Bazzar ulit sa weekend! Good luck!!

  2. Seatmate salamat a! :) Pati sa pag lulunchout with me, malaking bagay sakin yun! Love you and Jessa :) See you soon!

  3. Sobrang nakakainit ng ulo yung girl! :( "Bat ka iiyak?" Omg. Sarap sapakin.

  4. Lots of great and inspiring stuff here, that’s why I’m stumbled upon at your blog.
    So cheers to your new follower:)


  5. Sayang, next time I'll visit your booth! :)

  6. Nice seeing you, always! :)


  7. Irita! Bakit naman napakataray nun! >:( Hugss!

  8. Thank you guys! All is well :)
    Romzs: lalo ata ako naiyak dun sa hirit na yun, haha :P

    Queenie: WOW thank you! That's super nakakatouch! :)

    Kelly: Hope to see you in future bazaars! :)

    Kaye: Youre always supportive of my bazaars! :) Kayo ni Ava!!! :) Thank youuu!!

    Jenny: Oo nga e, scary actually hahaha. :P Thank youuu huuugs back!!!

  9. hi ana..just read this.. and i feel sad ha...sobra...sorry for leaving you there...i can just say good things about Supersale but a bit disappointed with GBP too... you know what i mean in terms of space right???? hmmm..not to mention that organizer who treated you that way....

    charge to experience nga....hope to see you again soon!!! chika chika!

  10. Hay naku, beb. dapat nag stay ako until pack up and aawayin ko yang nang bully sayo! napakabastos! They're approaching bloggers pa naman..they should know better. TSK!

  11. :( It makes me so sad that some people can be so mean! I don't think anyone deserves the way she treated you. And if I were you, baka umiyak lang din ako haha. But anyway, I hope you're okay now! :) And there's another bazaar? Best of luck with that ha. <3 :)

  12. Tati: Really wish I went with you sa supersale nun sunday! :) I had fun sa chikahan natin and kahit sa tulala hours hehehe ;) Ang kulit lang! :) Love your teamwork with your hubby! :) I really hope we have a round2 of bazaaring stint! :) All the best to you and BUBBLES!!!

    Ava: I know! I needed that, my own army hahaha. Anyway, all is well. I got an apology which I reallyreally appreciate. I cant blame the whole YP for the incident, just the experience kaya ako nabadtrip and not them as a group.. I hope walang makaranas nito next time..
    Beb basta thank you nafeel ko support mo when you stayed with me in my stall kahit sikip haha :) I love you!

    Cariza: Thank you! I kind of felt I was such a "wuss" and crybaby for just crying like that sa harapan ng di ko kilala, hahaha. but i felt "normal" with your comment :) Thanks girl, and also for dropping by my stall :) <3 You Tumblr Kids are so nice to me, love you all :) <3

  13. It was great to see you again, neighbor! :> Talagang natutuwa ako tuwing nakikita ko ang mukha ko sa mga blog posts mo. Hihi kakakilig mapunta sa page ng bigtime blogger na may LED Billboard! ;) And about that unfortunate incident, I understand what you just said. Syempre after such a tiring day, ma-ccatch off guard ka talaga. Batuhan ka ba naman ng mga ganung salita. I guess it also just reminds us na sometimes we don't only speak for ourselves {intentionally or unintentionally}, kaya we should be careful of what we are saying. :) HUGS, NEIGHBOR!

    Congratulations sa pagsurvive sa isang Haggardo Versozang weekend. 'Til the next event/bazaar! :)

    ♥♥ Megann of STYLE SURGERY

  14. Megann: NEIGHBOR!!! Sobra naman yun bigtime blogger hahahah :D Pwede na big! Big appetite! ;D Nyahahaha! :D Thank you for understanding. Really hate making rant posts but I guess it's not always "good posts" ..parang buhay lang ba? ;) Hehehe :) See you again soon a! Salamat for hanging out with me on the first day, super naaappreciate ko yun!!!

  15. Weeeeee!!! Finally met you!!! Thank you for being super nice and I love the ring! Hope to see you again soon! :)

  16. Nanggalaiti naman ako dun sa mean bully! Agh. :( Oh, hi pala! I'm Cariza O's friend. It was my first time to meet you kasi so I didn't speak much. Haha. I bought Anagon from you, eons ago. Hahaha. Anyway, it was so nice to meet you! I'll definitely come to the next bazaar! Good thing it's close by. :)

    Join my first blog giveaway! :)

    x Limechartreuse

  17. Daphne: Great to meet you alsooo! Super nice mo :) Thank you a! :))

    Thea: Hahaha kaloka lang, diko kineri :P Yey thank you Thea a, till next time we meet a, more chikas :))

  18. Ana! YEY! I finally got to meet you! Ano ka ba! Ako nga na-starstruck sayo eh! <3

  19. Ana.. ngayon ko lang nabasa yung sa last part.. tsk tsk.. tama, charge it to experience na nga lang.. and to that girl organizer na nagtaray sayo,.. im not wishing her any bad luck or some sort. but we all know that she wont last in the industry kung ipagpapatuloy nya na yung ganung attitude. right? smile na lang. always use your charm. and take a deep breathe..

    xoxo, chacha_lakwacha


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