Styling Tips from the Fashion Fangirl!

Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Bring out your pen and paper and take note of these styling tips from Fashion Fangirl Tracy Ayson!

1) Invest on neutrals.

2) Fit is important.

3) It's okay to repeat clothes. It just means you bought something really beautiful and worth re-wearing. Just accessorize!

4) Be creative when it comes to styling your clothes. Sometimes you can use your dress as a top or skirt. Style it differently if you plan to repeat it.

5) Accessories can enhance your outfit.

And last but not the least...
 6) Be confident with what you're wearing! 
Cos it will show if you aren't proud with the outfit you came up with. :) 


Thank you Tracy for being one of our styling speakers (along with Tin Iglesias!) during the Love DIVA Bloggers Camp in their new store in Alabang Town Center! This Monday afternoon affair was co-organized by Bloggers United!

Catch Tracy Ayson and raid her coveted closet pieces in the upcoming BLOGGERS UNITED part 2 bazaar this December 3, Saturday, at the  Treston Internation College Multi-purpose Hall (Taguig, across Market Market). The event is also supported by LOVE DIVA! See you there!

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  1. great tips! the last part is soooo TRUE.. dapat confident!

  2. Great tips! :) I've always like here chic style :)


  3. Dear Tracey and so to you idol Anna, thank you for sharing your tips :)

  4. ALL TRUE! haha! especially the confidence part. :)
    graet blog! :)


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