Acacia Hotel: Instagram-ed!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Howdy guys! :) How's your week so far?

Though it's mid-week (aka crunch time), I'll consider this one of those lucky weeks for me wherein I spent my Wednesday and Thursday savoring an overnight accommodation to feature Acacia Hotel in Alabang. I've seen this fairly new 5 star hotel every time my family goes to ATC from Festival Mall, passing by Commerce Avenue. Who wouldn't notice Acacia Hotel!? Its impressive exterior and grandeur made me so curious of what's to be seen inside, that when Ate Maye Ilagan of When in Manila texted me weeks ago if I want to review Acacia Hotel in Alabang, I didn't bat an eyelash! YES OF COURSE!

I really enjoyed the luxury life of staying in Acacia Hotel with one of my closest friends, whose name is also Ana (!), since originally I planned to schedule this for her birthday salubong. But then I am sure Ana wouldn't mind a belated birthday gift! 

Before I get carried away blog-blabbing again, this is just an intro to my actual kwento on our Acacia Hotel experience! For now, I'll just share the Instagram pictures I took and uploaded real time via Acacia's wifi--which I can access from my room down to the lobby!

I already felt at home:

I LOVE the bed! The pillows and sheets are THE BEST, Ana even noted the brands para she can buy for her room!

We stayed in Acacia Hotel's Junior Suite:

Beautiful outdoor site where debuts, weddings, and other celebrations may be held:

With Ana, by the pool:

Spent lots of time in the The Lobby at Acacia--where we had our coffee breaks and kwentuhans :)

Don't you love the paisley prints of these canvass high chairs?

Haha! Ang sarap matulog!

The view, the sheets, I wouldn't want to get up na kanina!

Outfit: Gray Matters. Postura Piece: Flats by My Katies!

I slightly miss those times when I was a kid, my mom LOVES booking the gang in a fancy hotel for our birthdays. I remember celebrating my birthday in Intercon or Westin Philippine Plaza--takeout food and all. Those were the good ol' days when money has been more kind to us. Anyway, I can't wait to divulge the great deals of Acacia, and share more pictures of what's inside this southern hotel that I am pretty sure you'll be convinced of considering Alabang as a "vacation site"! Maybe someday mom would consider blowing candles in a hotel again!

That's it for now! More kwentos soon!
This may sound OA, but I actually miss Acacia Hotel already!

If you want more info na, you may visit:

Top Ten: Parisian Bloggers Pictorial Party!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Had a really awesome experience last Saturday morning, when I visited Elite Studio in A. Venue Makati for the Parisian Bloggers Pictorial Party!

Rode the shuttle they provided from Greenbelt going to the venue, reallyreally convenient for the commuter bloggers! Thank you Parisian for this!

When I got there, these are the Top Ten Awesome-ness that greeted me, and I got to experience! -

1) A table dedicated to each of the bloggers, where our pre-chosen Parisian summer shoes were showcased:

My special corner, they provided three shoe options for me! Very thoughtful, as Ms. Marielle of Parisian said to me: "I know how hard it is to be plus-sized!" Felt the love! Haha!

Every girl needs a pair of Nude Wedges!

I had a special pair of Floral Wedges from the Parisian Plus line!! FLORAL! My heart just stopped, lol.

2) They also provided racks for our clothes! I brought with me several tops and bottoms because I had styling mental block the night before the event, haha. Oh, and I heard they have steamer din in case our clothes got lukot lukot! Winner! (Special thanks to my beb and blogger Tracy Ayson for helping me come up with what to wear!)

3) FOOD! Can't stress enough my big love for food, haha! Parisian made sure we weren't starving models that day, they had BIZU catering the whole time! Yum!

4) A cool display of other Parisian Shoes and Bags! More options for us, because Parisian knows we girls are fickle minded! :D I love these fab finds when I saw them in their Summer Lookbook, but how I drooled when I really saw them up-close!

5) A huge mirror (and, not in photo, a convenient dressing room!) where we can check, modify, and recheck our look for the shoot!

6) MAX FACTOR made sure we all have the perfect hair and makeup before going in front of the camera! Special thanks to Ms. Analynn, Jamie Sy, and Sir Bobby Carlos for my 50s look, they made my dream come true and transformed me into my current peg: Marilyn Monroe!!!

My Marilyn Monroe hair c/o Jamie! I super LOVE it!!! <3 Kilig na kilig ako!

7) And then finally, our few minutes of fame! Got our pictures taken by MEGA's top fashion photographer Niko Villegas! While the super helpful shoot director Ms. Lora guided me through different pegs and poses! THANK YOU! I wouldn't know what to do (naka statwa lang ako nun haha) if not for you guys!

8) I don't have photos of the really helpful people of SM Parisian Team during the whole event, but I would like to send my BIG THANK YOU (and hug!) to everyone I got to talk (and laugh!) with during the whole experience! I am not the model and showbiz type, and even my outfit pictures for this blog were not "pose-y", but seeing the others entertained with my wacky pre-shoot reactions and awkward poses during the pictorial made the whole affair memorable and FUN.. The whole point of this event, anyway! :)

9) The Parisian goodies!!! :) We didn't just went home empty-handed: Makeup, shoes, and bags rained last Saturday! I love my new Parisian and Max Factor items!!!

10) And last but not the least, of course we get to have really cool photos!
Sabi nga ni Pax "Pang one year worthy of profile pic!" Hahaha!

Check out more BTS happenings and Parisian designs here:
...And follow them on Twitter for more updates!

Again, a big thank you to SM Parisian for this event! You truly know how to make girls really HAPPYYY!

What's New in Penshoppe: ACCESSORIES!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Paving the way for a more robust and diverse merchandise, leading fashion brand PENSHOPPE recently launched an expanded accessories line that will surely strike the fancy of their fashion-conscious fans.

The latest accessories collection includes a wide array of sophisticated items such as jewelry, shoes, belts, caps, scarves, wallets and bags. Prices are set at an affordable range to stay true to the PENSHOPPE promise of refined fashion taste to reach out to a wider market.

The new PENSHOPPE accessories collection offers a variety of pieces that will surely complement your daily casual wear. Whether it’s a colorful tote to match your dress, eye-catching jewelry to glam you up, or unique leather pieces to get that edgy look, PENSHOPPE’s newest accessories can instantly make a simple plain outfit into a chic and sophisticated get-up.

Bestselling items for ladies include the PENSHOPPE bags collection which features oversized leather colorblock bags (799.00) in bright and vivid hues. The canvas and leather shoulder bags (649.00) are also a hit especially this summer season with its practical yet very stylish designs.

Scarves (389.00) in different vibrant colors add a touch of class and sophistication to any casual wear. Partner it with fancy bangles (149.00) and colorful rainbow rings (279.00), plus comfy glam flats (749.00) and you ladies are sure to turn heads everywhere you go.

Men, on the other hand, can choose among comfortable footwear options—sneakers (P999), espadrilles or canvas slip-ons (799.00). Assorted pieces such as leather cuffs (369.00) and leather necklaces (249.00) can also create a unique, edgy look. Wear them as they are or mix and match these accessories to show off your unique, personal style.

PENSHOPPE continues to be at the forefront of casual fashion industry. With non-stop efforts to boost its already growing catalogue, PENSHOPPE reinforces its status as the preferred brand for casual wear, and now, for accessories as well.

Women's accessories  are now available at all PENSHOPPE stores nationwide while Men’s accessories and shoes are available in selected stores only. Check out the shop nearest you to view the latest collection.

 My personal favorite: The ANKH Necklace!!!!

For more information on the brand, visit the following sites:

This happened last Friday, the day before the visit to my dentist. I didn't realize this will be my Last Supper, but then I am glad to have a fancy restaurant treat with long-time blogger friend Krissy before the start of my starvation / unplanned "diet" (just because I can't chew my food)!

What we had:

The BEST salad I have tasted so far! May watermelon and nuts and lots of CHEESE! Arugula is the SHIZ! Craving for this now :P

Free bread with yummy oil and vinaigrette dip! :P 

Our drinks! Since libre ni Krissy, I got the Aria Shake, while Krissy said even their Iced Tea super sarap!

Marinara Pasta!

Eto I really really LOVE: Cheese Pizza with Arugula, ayyy to die for!!! Especially pag lagyan nun spicy oil :P

Krissy had this super yummy mousse dessert, while I had kape, of course! :)

Thank you Krissy for the fine dining treat, kahit concert na concert lang outfits natin (we were both wearing flats, tees, and shorts! ;D)--at least I learned that this sosy place originated pala in Boracay! Beach peg!

We also went to Browhaus Serendra for Krissy's eyebrow cleaning, and while waiting for her I was browsing this Meg Magazine and saw this feature of my beb Ava Te wearing Anagon accessory! :D Yehey!

Also met my favorite blogger Cheyser while inside the brow salon! :D I love this pretty girl!

When it was nearing 7pm already, Krissy and I had a (terror) cab ride to the Mall of Asia for the Coca Cola Concert ng Bayan! Went to Sbarro first to claim of SVIP tickets from Ed Montalban, thank you Ed!!!

I also met up with my winner Kathrine Tan with her friend, to hand them their VIP tix! I am sure these girls had lots of fun!

I've watched several concerts na in MOA, but pinaka mahal na ang GOLD area. I have always wondered how it feels like to enter this area, lol. Thank you Coke and Ed for this experience!!!

Perfect timing, when we got there: Fireworks lighted the sky <3 Feeling ko inlove ako pag may fireworks, feeling lang. Haha!

Ang usong usong live tweet feeds projected: Sayang malabo but I saw @paxieness 's tweet!

Calla Lily's last song na ang inabuton namin, bummer!

The super kenkoy Wally and Jose hosted the first half of the show:

This time with MYX VJs:

Prizes were given away from time to time...Owners of ticket numbers projected sa screen win 10 cases of Coke daw! Panalo!

Sandwich! Raimund Marasigan keeps on repeating We are your favorite band! Lakas maka hypnotize! Haha!

Sandwich X South Border's former member Jay Durias! I love this part, ang epic nun Kahit Kailan, and also nung With A Smile! May rendition nga din pala nito ang South Border!

Six Cycle Mind featuring 2 new artists: Grace Note and Klegy!

I love 6 Cycle's Biglaan, sayang hindi nila tinugtog, but at least their last song was Sandalan! I love that song!

Next up: The epic WOLFGANG!

Oh there goes Caloy, Coca Cola's President for Happiness! Infer ang pogi niya in person! ;D

My concert buddy forever: Krissy! And our Coke! I love Coke, ang tagal kong tumigil sa soft drinks, but now I can finish a can na uli! :D

More merry people: Krissy's friends Jonas and Mich! :)

Wolfgang X Gloc9:

I didn't catch her name, but she sang with Gloc9, pretty!

And then finally! The band I've been waiting for that night....



I love you Chito Miranda!!! I love it when he said to the audience: "Boys ok lang mag riot at magsaya tayo jan, pero aalagaan natin ang mga girls a!" Ayiiiii <3

They sang my favorite (and napaka emotional) BULOY to open their act! <3
Sabi mo lahat ng problema'y kayang lampasan
Basta't tayo'y nagsasama at nag-iinuman!

And of course, what got me teary eyed (just because I am a big crybaby) - HALAGA!
Medyo malabo yata ang mundo
Binabasura ng iba ang siyang pinapangarap mo!

Damang dama ko, Chito Miranda! Para sakin to! Lol.

Appearance of heartthrob Robi Domingo, fresh from graduation!

Before leaving at around 10pm (Cinderella time ako non, wanted to be home by 12 sigh, concert set to end at 3am pa daw--with Sarah Geronimo, Gary V., Sponge Cola, Rico Blanco, Chicosci, and Craig David!), I was able to catch the President for Happiness on stage! Thank you for this, Caloy! Panalo!

A final glimpse of the HUGE crowd supporting COKE throughout the years!

 Happy 100 years, Coca Cola!
To more years of HAPPINESS!