Lazy day in BHS

Friday, August 24, 2012

Hello guys! Kamusta? :)

White Boyfriend's Polo - Charlie
White Shorts - Bayo
Leopard Loafers - Charlie
Bag - Hedgren
Shades - Forever 21

This is my feeling donya look while strolling around Fort, haha.
I love my new black Hedgren everyday-bag na just the right size na nga,
guaranteed sturdy pa (2 year warranty). But ang pinaka bet ko is my eggshell white shorts
from Bayo. Akala mo dekoch kung maka all-white! ;p Haha.

Had the craziest past few days! Good times are on a roll again!
Spent Tuesday afternoon with Krissy,
at wala kaming ginawa kundi mag food trip and kwento marathon around Fort area!

First, we went to Aria Cucina for a pa-fancy lunch:

Of course! Krissy made me try the mojito: 

We went around High Street after finishing the whole pizza, but dahil sa init,
napagod kaagad and I begged we sit down again.
What is there to do? Edi kumain nanaman, lol.

Coffee break in Stella Rocket Room:

I ordered latte, and shared the cookie dough with Krissy.
Our bill was only around P300, and for fine dining, not bad na!

Have loads more kwento on a Zen Zest event, and also Pax's EPIC surprise party last night.
Party of the year kung party of the year, haha!
Qumuota na ata ako sa happenings! Will go back to work starting tomorrow,
where I will be participating in the ETC Fashion Flea Market:

No entrance fee guys, so I hope to see you there! :)


  1. Pretty shoes!!! and the owner too <3

  2. Ang bongga mo dahil naka all white ka!nag taxi ka no? joke lang!!! sana ako din pwede mag all white pag naka commmute kaso baka pag dating ko sa pupuntahan ko gray na sya. haha :))

    ♥ Maria

    1. HAHAHAH! Panalo yung nag taxi ka noh lols :D May witness, si krissy nag bus lang kami pafort oha hehehe!

  3. i love the all white outfit, you
    look so neat. I haven't done it yet
    kasi naman when i was still in college
    lagi na kami naka all white hihi

  4. BETCHINELS ANG ALL WHITE OUTFITEY!! Oo all caps talaga for emphasis! Haha lakas maka-madam, very very good! ♥ Haha thank you sis for a wonderful night sa birthday bash ni Pax!! See you sa ETC bazaar! :) :)

    1. OVKORS! :) That's meee hahaha, thank you sis! Feeling madam lang naman, fake it till you make it lol

  5. LOVE the outfit .
    you really are good at dressing up
    sana ako din ganun .

    1. Hey thank you so much <3 Im sure youll find your personal style too!:) Just have fun and try diff things! :)

  6. Ang fresh lang ng outfit mo, Ana! Nagutom ako dun sa pizza!!!

    1. Hahahaha thanks Ishna! Narealize ko buti di kami nag spaghetti, yung tipong ttwirl ko yung noodles with red sauce, wapoise lang all white outfitey haha!


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