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Hi guys!
It's just 9:34 pm on my laptop's clock, and I am ready to retire and call it a day. Sabi ko nga "There is no place like home, but mas lalong no place like my bed!". Lol. Sa sobrang overworked, yung sinabi ko sa past blog post ko na "tolerable" sakitjust upgraded into this massive headache na napahagis ko nalang yung phones and plies ko kanina, and nahiga nalang sa nearest couch like a weak baby. Hay! 

My best friends yesterday include plastic flowers, sanga, dahon, etcetera, hehehe.  Readying for my Anagon Summer 2013 pasabog!

But I have no emo-vibe a, unbelievably! I woke up awhile ago from my 8am alarm, and worked too-early for my standards on paid wire orders from last night and earlier today (I also just shipped a batch of paid orders yesterday!). I told mom na grabe walang katapusan! But mom will always reply with "edi mainam!". 

Some of the projects I worked on earlier:

But even with the early pessimism (and a bit of self-pity), th…

Cebu Day 3

National Dyahe Day! Hahaha, aka: my Birthday's Eve!

Contest Alert: SOLO His and Hers Graphic Tee Design Competition

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First of all, hindi talaga ako the t-shirt, jeans, rubber shoes, cap kind of girl---I mean, ang verycasual sa akin t-shirt and shorts and slip-ons, but I can't carry this other look talaga bilang sabi ko nga sa sisters ko "lakas maka-tibo" (haha) ng japorms nato in my case dahil gaslaw-mode talaga ako in person (hehehehe). I mean, swerteng-swerte ako sa mga gals na nakaka-pull off ng style nato kasi ang cool talaga, pero sakin, hindi talaga keri. Kaya mas better if I stick to dresses and skirts dahil nakaka "lady" kahit papano! ;p But last Saturday, I have to wear the t-shirt, jeans, rubber shoes, cap look for my pamangkin's first birthday party in Fun Ranch Tiendesitas, with the theme na "sporty".

Nicks Shirt and camera lanyard- Nick Automatic Skinny Black Jeans - Wrangler White Sneakers - Shulong Blue Watch - Cotton On "M" Cap - arbor kay dad, na ang nickname ay MON, hehehe

Saw this cool red fire truck near the venue, at naisipan muna nami…