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Solo’s Online Model Search Winners in Summer Collection 2013

Solo brings you its Summer Collection 2013 modeled by the 2 grand winners of Solo’s Online Model Search Competition 2012: Derek Espinosa and Ganiel Krishnan! 
Standing at 6’2, Derek said what makes him a good model is because of his kind heart and versatile personality. Apart from modeling, Derek is also a business management student who loves to play sports like basketball, swimming and running. 
Meanwhile, Ganiel studies mass communications at Far Eastern University. This outgoing half-Indian, half-Filipina beauty is also talented in the field of music and acting. While both love modeling, Ganiel wants to pursue an acting career while Derek wants to become a successful businessman in the future.
The pair got to experience a photo shoot with Doc Marlon, one of the most sought out fashion photographers in the Philippines. 

Derek and Ganiel had an awesome time on set, modeling trendy and hot pieces from Solo’s summer collection! Consisting of bikinis, tops and shorts, the collection boas…

Sagada Day 1 - Down the Rabbit Hole

We left Manila around past ten pm, Friday. It was raining hard that night, mom kept on calling me while I was wasting time in a salon--waiting for my friends who all arrived at 9pm sharp. I thought the trip would be cancelled, but the group (Travel Lab PH) pushed through!

Mich and Pax stayed in front of us:

Seatmates with Ms. Mentos.. Tracy:

Tracy kept on laughing at (and judging!) my fish eye lens obsession! Ang cute naman diba? ;D

We tried to sleep for the rest of the night travel--the challenge was to figure out how to position our legs, we kept on twisting our knees and bewangs just to find a comfortable spot. But tiredness won, I actually slept lang naman. Tulog-gising lang, and actually went down the van every time may stop-over. Feeling ko may kailangan akong samahan na mag yoyosi sa labas, haha! I've been so used to my yosi friends. :p

One of our stopovers was in Halfway Lodge and Restaurant--where we also had our breakfast na. Sun's up already! And, sabi nga ng resta…