Thursday, March 07, 2013

On a quest for younger looking skin? Or you just believe in starting young and that prevention is key?
Defy age with these over-the-counter skincare products!

Celeteque is known for their several skincare lines that cater the different needs of every individual. Their anti-aging line is called Restorative and Advanced Anti-Aging. Restorative products lift and firm sagging skin and reduce visible fine lines and wrinkles. Celeteque boasts of 2mm lifting of sagging skin in just 2 weeks!
Celeteque Restorative Instant Wrinkle Smoothing Cream
Celeteque Restorative Firming Day Cream
Celeteque Advanced Anti-Aging Anti-Wrinkle Ultra-Hydrating Cleansing Oil
Celeteque Restorative Firming Night Cream
Celeteque Ultra-Lifting Concentrated Serum

Celeteque's anti-aging products are famous for being non-greasy and easily absorbed by the skin.
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Most-known for their pink-packaged skincare line, Pond's releases Age Miracle, all distinguished with the catchy red packaging. The product contains an elite combination of effective anti-ageing ingredients exclusive in Pond's products. This blend of solution is so exclusive that results of younger looking skin are promised in just 7 days...or your money back!
Pond's Age Miracle Cell ReGEN Day Cream
Pond's Age Miracle Deep Action Night Cream
Pond's Age Miracle Cell ReGEN Facial Foam
Pond's Age Miracle Intensive Cell ReGEN Serum

With reasonable price tags, Pond's skincare has been a household product ever since my grade school years. This innovation, focusing on younger looking skin, made Pond's cater to more people outside the bagets market.
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The efficacy of Revitalift Laser X3 was tested versus 3 laser sessions and the results were amazing: First, proven effective on pores and lines. Second, no measurable difference vs. laser treatments. And last but not the least, performs even better than laser on skin smoothness and bounciness!
L'Oreal Revitalift Laser 3x Anti-Aging Transforming Eye Cream
L'Oreal Revitalift Laser 3x Renewing Anti-Aging Serum
L'Oreal Revitalift Laser 3x New Skin Anti-Aging Cream

The thing with L'Oreal's anti-ageing line is that they did not challenged their direct competitors, but instead compared their products' effectiveness to the more advanced and pricier laser treatments! At P899-1399, you can achieve moisturized and younger looking skin!
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