Maldita Studio: Makeover for Summer!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Can I just say, ako na ang pinaka low maintenance gurl you'll ever meet?

Kahit nagpadigi-perm na ako and nagpa-bleach ng hair (for ombre), NEVER ako naconscious with my hair care. Ayan, the price to pay for being pasaway is ang daling mag fade ng hair color ko. I had one just a month ago (before Sagada trip!), and ngayon nag run na yung color. I use normal shampoo lang kasi. :p (I sound so maarte here noh, hahaha lozwhut!)

Anyway, at least reason narin to go back to the salon! One of my favorite place!
Taking my "before" photo:

Last Friday, day after the kill-me-now national events day, timing naman that MALDITA (premiere Filipino clothing brand) invited us to a makeover afternoon in their new venture---MALDITA STUDIO!

Chill day was spent with my girl Tracy Ayson, and Style Bible girls Jacque de Borja and Ira Nopuente:

Ready for my makeover! I asked 

Aside from salon services, MALDITA STUDIO also served us Mango Tree Bistro Thai food, and wine! :D

Now, I know lahat tayo may "favorite" tried-and-tested salon that we go to for our hair cut / color--
So why give MALDITA STUDIO a try? (Lalo na for the north kids!)

MALDITA STUDIO is an exclusive L'Oreal Salon with professionally-trained staff.

For a premium salon, they have reasonable prices for their services, covering all our beauty needs:
(click photo to enlarge)

Alam niyo yung receiving area na sa sobrang sikip, minsan nakatayo ka nalang while waiting for your turn?
In MALDITA STUDIO, they have these comfortable COUCHES na pang modern living room! 

This single chair by their door is so posh! Para akong bumisita sa rich friend's mansion! Haha.

Maldita Studio is a unisex salon: Everybody's welcome here!

Personal space ba kamo? Maldita Studio is so SPACIOUS--as in TWO big SEPARATE halls spacious! :D

It is sobrang CLEAN and white! Para akong asa airplane! Haha!

Well-equipped and state of the art - they have a color bar with your personal color technician, digiperm machines, etc.

A separate shampoo-ing area. Clean and comfortable:

All their towels, foot spa machines, neatly stored in their pristine white shelves! OC hits!

Hallway going to the restroom:

I passed by two secluded rooms, na I learned are VIP rooms pala for special guests requiring privacy! :D Bongga!

Back to our pamper-time...It was a busy day at the Maldita Studio!

We all got hair color and hair treatment! But the best part, I also had a free back massage in between these services!
Best massage ever! 

I had mani-pedi din. They soaked my feet in this clazz golden tub before the cleaning:

They only use ORLY polishes:

Thank you Ate Ailyn! :)

I also met a new furry friend--SKY! :D Super cute niya!!!

Thank you MALDITA STUDIO! :) Happy kids with our darker hair color:

What do you guys think? I got the dark red-brown shade:

Ready for summer! :D

MALDITA STUDIO is open daily from 9am to 7pm, and is located 
at the Ground Floor of Rosemont Tower, Panay Avenue, Quezon City.
How to commute: Go down MRT Quezon Ave, take the tric sa corner of KFC - and tell them
#75 Panay Avenue. Php30 only for the tricycle ride.

I recommend Maldita Studio dahil more than the beautiful and modern salon interiors,
the GREAT service of their staff is sobrang priceless! :)
All major credit cards, reservations and walk-ins are welcome.
For inquiries and reservation, call 09277366943 and 09228860466.

Share to me your summer hair, ha! ;)


  1. Hello. I just want to ask if by anyhow you know the name of the model shown on the 13th pic? The one at the wall with the long hair. If you can tell me her name it would be really helpful.

    1. Hi! Sorry I am not familiar with the models, but you may contact Maldita Studio here: 09277366943 and 09228860466 :)


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