Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Medyo chill type of person ako, that when placed sa "boiling water situation", medyo panic at the disco ang ganap ko. But sometimes, kahit allergic ako sa stress, kailangan din ng onting pressure sa buhay para may matutunan. Sabi nga nila, going for the unexpected not only molds you--it also initiates self-awareness (naks). Makikita mo kung ano ang reactions and emotions mo on certain things you are not used to. Secretly, para sa taong kalma forever, gusto ko yung mga ganun!

Olive Green Top - Topshop
Leather Pencil Skirt - Forever 21
Gray Sneakers - Converse
Peace-Heart Earrings, worn as collar tips - Gift from Krissy!
White Watch - Esprit Time

Last Saturday, overflowing lang ng mga "unexpecteds". Una, event palang namin "surprise" na. We were given a meet up point lang, and then surprise na lahat! We were lead to a coaster, and biglang may field trip ganap na kami to ...Antipolo! Ang saya! We were immersed in so much art and culture, I can't wait na ikwento ko pa more about this wonders na parang akala mo nag byahe kami sa malayo--yun pala just an hour drive away from Manila! :D 

Second unexpected: Bilang hindi ako natulog sa house the night before this ganap dahil sa isa pang spontaneous cameo shoot for Sponge Cola's new music video...Nakitulog lang ako kela Pax and just relied on the clothes na I lent her for styling Zia Quizon few weeks ago. I wore yung pieces na pwede na for the event, with the shoes na dala ko din yesterday! Akalain mo namang babagay ang leather pencil skirt sa Chucks diba! :D

Add ko nadin the unexpected use of the earrings Krissy gave me that day! She bought it randomly daw dahil she cannot not buy them for me--Anagon logo!!! :D Dahil wala akong dalang necklace, I wore them as collar tips, and instant jazzed up na my polo.

Another discovery that day: "summer coffee"! Dahil super init na talaga lately, I love that my forever favorite Nescafe came up with Nescafe-in-a-can - easy to bring din pag late na ako sa ganaps, at least may coffee break ako even during my commutes!

And lastly, I LOVE that I met Ms. Bianca Gonzalez during the event! She stayed with us nung lunch namin, and even during the museum tour! She's super nice, a coffee girl din, and naalala ko we talked about Y-Speak, blogging (I love her blog!!!), and if nag court side reporter ba sha nun (hehehe). Latter part of the event, when they announced na I won for being the first person to tweet earlier that day, Bianca said: "Kanina pa kita kausap, hindi mo naman sinabing Gonzalez ka din pala!"

Thank you Nescafe and Nuffnang! More kwentos in another post!


  1. Hi Ana!

    What's Bianca's blog site? want also to see her posts.. Thank you

    1. Hiyee! :) Its :)

  2. Love the idea of earrings as collar tips! :)Dami ko kasi small earrings na di ko na alam gagawin sa kanila since di bagay sa akin small earrings gawa ng strong jaw. hehe. Cool idea ha! :)

    1. thank you angel! :D ang dami na uling possibilities ng ating mga studs! ;)

  3. Inferrr!! Ma-try nga rin yang skirt and chucks. Ang tagal tagal ko ng di nagagamit yung saken. :( Haha! Galing sis! Okay talaga surprises! :) And I also agree with what you said sa first paragraph dito. PARAGRAPH TALAGA?? Loool hahaha I miss you!!

    1. HAHAHAHA thank you sis!!!: ) I super miss you and our hangouts :))


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