Remastering Cool with Ray-Ban and Avicii!

Saturday, May 18, 2013

What is Remastering Cool nga naman? Not the party girl type, and definitely not from "this generation", but still made my Avicii experience da-beast a few nights ago. 

I was wearing military green polo, dark blue jeans, with Chucks, and when I got there I felt sobrang awkward to see the kids all dressed up (as in heels levelz!) - I realized this wasn't my scene! But shempre hinirit ko with my hippie look, "Guys hindi lang ako over pa kay Jason Mraz!" Lolol.

Also not one to wear shades at night (lol), but since Ray-Ban sponsored for our VIP tickets (thank youuuu!!!), baon ko my dad's 90s classic legit Ray-Ban aviators! Haha! I have yet to buy my own pair (soon!), I love my friend Mikki's super cool flash lens Ray-Ban!

All in all though it wasn't all-awkward and out-of-place. I actually had FUN, especially with the gang, fist pumping, drowning in the lights and visuals, "scratching the air", and inventing pa-cool dance moves while getting silly with Pax to the crazy sounds that I actuallyweirdly appreciate. Laughtrip lang! Sabi nga ni Tracy, "Asa kasama din yan talaga!"

True enough, I think I've remastered cool by simply being with the people I can comfortably be an odd-one-out. Way past my teenage years, and still "Be yourself" isn't the biggest cliche for nothing.

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  1. I'm so jealous right now, Ana! I've been missing a lot of concerts already. I hate myself. JK. I can see that you really had a blast! I just wish I was there. :( Amazing post! I'll definitely attend the next event. :)) See you at BU!!! :)



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