Kodanda: Archery in Makati!

Friday, August 16, 2013

If asa yolo mode din kayo ng barkadahan, and feeling adventurous pero hindi ka-sportyhan (like me, haha) why not try the KODANDA Archery Range in Makati?

The Rules:

First step: The protection and gears! Hi Beb Ava:

Second step: Photo op with these protection and gears na as if expert na sa archery, hehehe:

Fierce mode!

Third: Assignment of (numbered) bows:

Fourth the arm level (near ng jaw--with string pulled at one-arm length and distanced close to your nose), and how to place and "lock" your arrow properly sa bow. Hi Gersh and Paul!

Step-by-step, our teachers (also Philippine Team members!!!) guided us throughout the game.

The "stance", na medyo side step, sabay body-front. In short, my little flexibility, challenged! Haha:

Pikit-mata moves ni Tracy, hehehe. Usually left eye ang naka close, and then may fofocusan kang round thing sa bow--tanchado sa target in front of you:

Our teacher explaining to us where to look, or set our eyes on:

Ayoko na sanang mag reference to movie characters with bow-and-arrow, hahaha, pero sorry feel na feel ko talaga yung ako si Katniss Everdeen dito, hehehe.

Sabi ko "ipopost ko to kasi payat ako!" hehehe:

They made us try yung nearer range, at first, and--siguro after 30 minutes of "practice"--they also challenged us with a farther range! Adjust adjust KMT. Haha.

My first try! Masaya nako niyan na walang lumabas sa papel, hehehe:

Second attempt--uy konting konti nalang may "yellow" area nako! ;p


Nth round of the game--favorite ko to! Nag aagawan na sa yellow section ang arrows! ;p Weee!

Of course, since we don't get to play archery naman everyday, kelangan may proper documentation. Hehehe.

After every round, pag ubos na ang arrows ng lahat ng players, may mag whistle signal for safety reasons na we are allowed na to go to the target area. Dapat sabay sabay lang parati! They also thought us the proper way of pulling our arrows (pa-side), para iwas accidente (tipong eye pokes, yike!)

After our team, there were kids who tried archery rin for the first time! I think as young as 7 years old pwede na sa range! So maganda din siyang family ganap / bonding:

Last step, enjoy enjoy lang! :) Aside from minor injury ko sa arm (a.k.a pasa) pag tumatama yung garter from the bow dahil wrong posture, nothing serious or to take serious naman when inside the archery range! Masaya sha, lalo na when you shot your first bullseye! Natural high! And it's also easy to learn--coming from someone yan na hindi fast learner ha (hahaha--kelangan kasi sakin matagalang practice!). Just follow the steps of the teachers, may napapala talaga ang following directions! ;)

Eto pa pala pinaka last last step: Take the whole barkadahan with you! Para may kakanchawan! Hehehehe.

Want something new to try with the gang? :) Visit Kodanda Archery Range.
Located at the Makati Cinema Square
FB-D3A Chino Roces Avenue, 1230 Makati
Open from Monday to Sunday, 10am to 7pm
Price: Php500 / Hour
For more info and updates visit Kodanda Archery Range on Facebook!


  1. This is awesome! Thanks for the recommendation, I'll check this out!

  2. hehehe hi din beb!:)) na challenge ako sa flexibility! haha thanks for coming, beb!

  3. Fun nito ang sakit sa puso!! Hahaha take two please ♥


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