Pink Fox

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Hassle! I woke up this morning with mom saying good bye na that they're leaving for the states already. She and dad booked an earlier flight para more more bonding with their kapamilyas abroad (lol parang commercial!) and para maexperience nadin ang Thanksgiving (hinay sa turkey ha daddykins!!!). I think I cried a little (a little daw o, haha) when mom texted an hour later na they've checked in na. And then she texted again na they're boarding na, and good luck to all my bazaars, especially BU. :p Hala, nakakaiyak!

Anyway, We ended the text exchange with "see you in LA!". Me and the 3Go (3 Gonzaleses sisterettes! Haha) will leave din for the holidays, flight is on Dec10. I am thinking of packing na, but wala pang galaw galaw (haha) panay think.. Aside from LA, we will also spend time in Vegas, the great New York City, and, for the most part, in my uncle's house in Maryland-- where Forks level (as in Twilight ang reference ko, haha) ata ang snowing (I heard). So etong Baguio outfit ko ang most prob uniform ko for this vacation (except for the fox, hehe, pero sa artsy Baguio normy normy yan and di ka weird kahit mag commute kang nakaganyan! Lovet!) -

Pink Fleece Jacket - UNIQLO | Pink Dress - AM Project | Boots - Topshop | Necklace - House of Harlow c/o Zalora

More more pa artsy goodness pag asa woods ang backdrop, hehehe! Sorry sa emote, f na f ko nyan! ;p Back in the arms of Mudra Nature, hehe. Thanks Pax ( for taking my photos!:)

My view when I look up to the heavens (naks) :) < 3

...More day 2 kwentos and photos in a bit! :)


  1. Love this look Ana. Been to Baguio a week ago and lovin the weather as always. :)

    Visit my blog: I AM JENNIYA.

    1. Thank you Jenniya! :) I miss Baguio weather narin! :)

  2. saraapp ng buhay didto!! I miss Baguio

  3. Awwww omg today pala alis nila tita!!! Pls extend to them my warm regards (naks lakas maka-OFW, hahaha) and enjoy their shala US vacayyy ♥ Cute cute nitong fox head paandar!!! Hahaha at normal sa Baguio yan??? KYOOOOOOTT!!!!!

    1. Hahaha! :D Ofw mode!!! ;P Thanks little sis, and yes kahit vendors naka dog's hat ... cute!!! :)


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