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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

So, a few days ago, I had the chance to attend a Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf event. I think their 2014 Giving Journal holders ang nabibigyan ng chance to go to these monthly inspirational workshops and talks, all with different topics but with the common goal to "Brew Your Best Year".

Dress - Metro Department Store | Robe - Simone's Closet | Sandals - Naleigh | Shades - Les Moda | Photos - Arnie

Guest speakers for that afternoon were Rock Ed's Gang Badoy and international comedian Tim Tayag. Although of diff backgrounds and fields, they both shared how embracing their individuality placed them where they are now. 

Gang Badoy,Quote-unquote:

"Maybe you have to think of that thing / trait in you that gets in the way, but need to face."

To me, I think being painfully shy (to the point na maling hiya na at times) often hinders me to be a person that I am meant to be.

"Anong kaya mong araw-arawin? True love--in work, in people--sustains. In the end, there is not much work to keep up with something that you really love."

Tim Tayag, Quote-unquote:
"I am not compromising. Comedy is something I can do even without pay, it means if today I don't want to do it (because of feeling uninspired or drained), okay lang."

Narealize ko na like in blogging, there will be days na I have to stop muna to take a breather and refuel. I don't have to be pressured with anything and compromise the heart and my real intentions for starting this public diary in the first place.

Btw, about the outfit! Here's my very hippie look during Manila Sundance last Sunday. May nakapagsabi sakin na whenever I feel like uninspired to dress up, go back lang daw to my "roots". I think I've always associated myself to the hippie style, and kahit na I try preppy, donya, or street from time-to-time, I think that day I felt that I was really being me and I was happy and comfortable.:)

Photos during the Coffee Bean talk, which was held at their bistro branch in Net Lima Building, Fort Bonifacio. I attended with my equally inspired little sis Arnie, na parehas kong can't get over Gang Badoy's stories and insights. Idol!

To Arnie, it's about how we can utilize our blogs as a positive and empowering channel. We both hope na kahit papano in our own little online space we can influence others positively--same goes with my online shop, and the reach of Bloggers United.

"I talked about Rock Ed in so many different groups for 9 years already--but I still speak about it with so much passion. That's how much I love this cause." 
- Gang Badoy

"The furthest province from grief is gratitude."

At the end of the day, we all go through our own situations and problems--yung iba malaki ang kita sa trabahong ayaw na ayaw nila... Pero nasusustain financially ang passion na nagagawa nila every weekend dahil may trabaho sila. Meron namang mga overworked and underpaid, pero mahal nila ang ginagawa nya. Pareparehas lang tayo, pero asa mindset lang talaga nagkakaiba.

And how to Brew Your Best Year? By appreciating the simple days, and finding happiness in the ordinary... Like sharing hirits and a cup of coffee with a friend, long traffic but insightful cab ride conversations, and seeing my whole family complete, safe, and healthy at the end of a long day.

...As Gang Badoy placed it, "Sorry ang Hallmark!" ... Pero totoo! ;D


  1. That's what I want din for my blog.. to inspire others kahit super dami na ngayon blogs to view. Hoping my humble space can do good. :)

    Love the robe talaga on you! Winner!

  2. Definitely pulled off the boho-chic look.♥ You look gorgeous! :) Ms. Ana, I am one of your readers that you inspire so much ♥

    Ysabel of Pleasantly Chic

  3. This is so enlightening :) Thank you Ana ♥


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