3 Children’s Shoes Your Child Needs Today

Saturday, September 27, 2014

The shoes your child wears will be important as they get older. They’re important for reasons of necessity, expression and fashion. You already know as a parent how many hundreds of different shoe options are available for kids. It’s difficult to choose the styles that are best for your child without overspending. The size your child wears will change in a matter of months, so you need shoes that are reasonably priced and still perform and function well. To aid in this, check out these 3 children's shoes that your child should have.

1. Rain/Winter Boots: You should buy a sturdy pair of rain and winter boots for your children once every year. Inclement weather boots are one of the most important pairs of shoes to buy for your children because they help to keep snow and rain away from their feet and legs. Kids love to play outside even if it’s cold, so they are often exposed to rain, snow and bone-chilling temperatures. Inclement weather boots protect your children's feet while keeping them dry and warm. There are a number of great children's boots available that will protect your kids’ feet while still keeping them comfortable.

2. Slippers: Parents often forget about purchasing slippers for their kids, but it’s really not safe to walk barefoot inside, so slippers are important. Many kids run around the house in their socks, but socks on hardwood floors or tile can make slipping and falling a serious hazard. Slippers have grips on the bottom to ensure that they are safe for walking or even running on hard floors. Making sure that your kids wear slippers while they are home can protect them from stepping on glass, nails and other sharp objects that may be lying around. It also helps to keep dirt and grime off their clothes and your furniture and out of beds.

3. Sandals: Finally, every child needs a quality pair of sandals. It's a rite of passage. Sandals can also be extremely comfortable for kids. This is especially true on hot summer days. When it's really warm outside, you don't want your children's feet to get overheated, but you also want to make sure they are protected. Sandals are great for this. Children love wearing sandals because they are super easy to slip on and off. You can opt for simple flip-flops or sturdy sandals that fit over the entire foot. Kids love both styles, and there are many options out there for each style.

Because of how fast your child grows, it can be frustrating when you go shopping for children's shoes. It probably seems like they grow a size every month. For this reason, it may be tempting to purchase very cheap shoes for your kids, but it’s still important to have quality protection and freedom of expression for your child. If you’re looking for quality-made Fabi shoes online for your child, look no further than Rina’s Store at These shoes are sure to fit the budget and style of any family.

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