Heroine Make Jewelry Eye Color Launch + Workshop

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

April 25, SM Makati

It's Japanese makeup season for me, and I'm loving it! Here's another brand worth sharing. 

Heroine Make, the fastest rising best-loved cosmetic brand in Asia, manufactured by one of the largest Japanese cosmetics manufacturers since 1825, Isehan; and distributed by Mandom Philippines Corp., recently showcased its latest product the Jewelry Eye Color to a select crowd at SM Makati.

The new Jewelry Eye Color by Heroine Make + Their other makeup:

Staying true to the persona of the brand as reflected by their brand icon Princess Elisabeth Himeko to educate the women of the world on how to beautify themselves; the highlight of the intimate event was the tutorial and make-up demo conducted by make-up artist and beauty consultant from Japan Sayuri Igarashi. Miss Igarashi has had more than 25 years of experience in Japan, Europe and in Asia where she currently serves as the make-up artist of KISS ME Heroine Make.

They served Japanese food while we waited for the makeup workshop with Ms. Sayuri Igarashi. Hi Yuki and Trice!

I learned a lot from Ms Sayuri's demo. Applying makeup also felt so much fun! Hi Kath!

Kath obviously LOVES her makeover! The look is so natural, and not over-the-top.

Miss Igarashi said: “I am truly happy to have had the chance to do make-up for a number of Filipinas during the event. Filipinas as you know, are known the world-over to have beautiful, healthy skin which is in fact the best canvass for make-up.”

This time, with Rochelle:

An interesting tidbit: The products of KISS ME Heroine Make are perfect for the Asian skin and weather where the demand for “all-weather” make-up that withstands the rigors of heat, humidity, rain and sweat are ever increasing. In short, no need for touch-ups!

Love the look! Aside from appreciating the new Heroine Make products, I also picked several techniques during the class.

“The Jewelry Eye Color make-up that comes in four special variants: Yellow Sapphire, Beige Gold, Pink Amethyst, and Rose Garnet; is super long lasting, water proof, tear proof, sweat proof and smudge proof, perfect for the busy and active Filipina,” says Igarashi.

After the event, I checked out the kawaii Kiss Me makeup counter at the SM Beauty Section: 

So much products I'd love to try! And since the brand is Japanese, ang cute ng lahat ng packaging! I am also sure of Heroine Make's superb quality. Excited to try them!

Congrats on the successful launch and workshop, Heroine Make! There was no wasted time. :)

Check out the newest Kiss Me Heroine Make Jewelry Eye Color, exclusively sold in Watson’s stores nationwide.

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