Alden Richards for Snowcaps!

Saturday, October 31, 2015

When I was invited to the launch of Snowcaps' new endorser, I went for it because I love and have been using their soap for months already (blogged about this HERE). I wasn't expecting that the celebrity will be today's hottest star Alden Richards!

Your beauty is worth the wait! Sa tamang panahon? Hehe!

H&M Opens at SM Southmall!

Friday, October 30, 2015

Gone are the days when "family days" were spent an hour or so away from home. 

We used to go to Makati pa every Saturday or Sunday for mom to do her groceries, us to run some errands, and even just to shop or buy things. Now that gigantic malls have already sprouted here in the south, weekends are more comfortable and less stressful. Imagine my delight when I saw my favorite shops opening on this side of the Metro!

Yesterday, SM Southmall was packed with fashion lovers and shoppers as they opened the first H&M in the south.

Happy 70th Anniversary Max's Restaurant!

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

During yesterday's program for Max's 70th Anniversary Celebration, the hosts asked random guests about our memorable Max's experiences. 

I can't think of just one distinct memory at that time, because I realized it was a lot! Nothing grand, but little unforgettable memories and successes were spent in this restaurant. Max's is one of my go-to dinner place after a looong tiring day. Sizzling Tofu with garlic rice are my comfort foods. I can eat there alone in SM Makati, Festival Mall, or Glorietta after a day of meetings and events. I also had dinners with my parents in their Magallanes branch after a stressful bazaar weekend, it became our standard celebratory meal. Wherever and whatever Max's branch I go to, the service and dishes remain the same: good ol' comfort food, in a relaxing place, with consistent superb service through and through.

Max's Restaurant is, after all, a place for the family created by a family.

Jewelries are a big part of my life. I made and sold accessories as my main source of income for several years, and know which ones are of great quality and unique. One of these discoveries is Imono Steel Jewelry. 

Went to Unit 27 Apartment Bar + Cafe to find out more about this homegrown brand.

Pioneer Travel & Adventure Insurance + Bloggers Bootcamp!

Monday, October 26, 2015

"A ship is always safe at the shore... But that is not what it is built for!"

Aside from traveling, I love surprising myself by saying yes to adventures. I push myself by taking part on things that I am not really used to doing. I am not athletic, nor am I competitive. But I enjoy the thrill of experiencing things for the very first time because, to me, "everything is a story to tell".

My long-time weakness: trekking / hiking, as captured by Tracy during our Zambales trip last year, hehehe. This was my nth trekking experience, but I still can't get over my fear of slipping / falling (ayoko ng mga pa-fall! Char).

I know that Christmas is just around the corner whenever I see lights and grand-looking installations already being set-up around the streets and malls of Makati. Exciting times! But with all the thrill also comes the stress of the typical holiday rush. 

Makati, along with dependable lifestyle card MasterCard, makes sure they offer everything under their roof so that shoppers get variety and convenience without the need to go too far. 

Rustan’s World Wide Wear 2015

Friday, October 23, 2015

Rustan’s World Wide Wear, Wanderlust In Style inspires you to take a trip around the world and experience the international sartorial scene.

The month-long celebration culminated in a fashion show featuring the ultimate fashion for every travellers destination at The Gallerie of Rustan’s Makati last September 30.

With my two dapper boy friends (hehe) Paul and AJ!

Herschel Supply Co. #CityLimitless

Thursday, October 22, 2015

I realized that I have a lot of "spaces and places" photos archived on my phone, which I should have posted earlier for the Herschel event's contest (winner took home Php 50k worth of items from the brand!). I usually just use my iPhone 6 camera anyway, whenever I travel or just document beautiful sites and sights for my daily sns posting. 

Since it's a generation of visuals and real-time updates, Herschel Supply Co. introduced with great timing their campaign "City Limitless" for the community to celebrate the unique design stories from cityscapes around the world.

Happy List 1

The Kiehl’s Experience

My skincare involves facial wash and monthly facials, and that's about it! Although these helped me a lot from my former bad acne condition, I currently have NO skincare routine to help me maintain a beautiful and healthy skin. Nope, I've even stopped wearing sunblock

Good thing a visit to my Ate's favorite store encouraged me to be more conscious of what I put (and not put!) on my face on a daily basis. This was in Kiehl's Greenbelt 5 earlier:

Past Midnight

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

I kind of miss a lot of things tonight. Not in an emo, anxiety-ridden way (in short, not the usual, haha), but sort of just remembering past occurrences at a distance. 

I haven't had severe acne the past months, thanks to regular skincare routine which included monthly facials. But I do know how this skin condition is a stressful problem, a few years ago I suffered from breakouts even though I was way waaay past puberty stage. Nakaka frustrate!

First, I was super uncomfortable and really really self-conscious. Nawala ata self esteem ko for a while! Second, magastos sya because I've experimented on A LOT of different products and services just to find "the one", and even spent money on good makeup to hide these pimples.

I also did plenty of research and discovered that the best ingredients that can kill the cause of these zits are tea tree oil and sulfur (I've even used sulfur soap on my face before!). These two, btw are present in AcneCare Soaps!

Boon Tong Kee Rockwell Powerplant Mall

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Last week mocked my Ate's diet and gym life because she will never say no to good food, hehehe. After our hotpot dinner in Four Seasons, we ended workday weekday with a dinner in Rockwell Powerplant Mall's Boon Tong Kee - a very popular restaurant in Singapore.

Four Seasons Buffet and Hotpot by Vikings

Monday, October 19, 2015

Hello hello! Here's a tour of my new favorite hotpot place in the Metro: Four Seasons Buffet and Hotpot!

Virgin Labfest Campus Tour (CSB)

Fell in love with our local theater talents all-over again.

I find myself lucky when I get to experience new things that I enjoy because of my work. I almost forgot my thing for theater, though growing up I was always hunted down by this art form through required Shakespearean productions, to handling the lights, and heading the props and set-design crew. I was always involved in plays.

The past years, I've watched random theater performances, both local and international, and although they're all enjoyable... I think it has been a while since something struck me and made a strong impact in me as Hintayan ng Langit, one of the two local play productions I was able to watch through the Virgin Labfest Campus Tour, College of Saint Benilde leg.

Watched the plays with the Ruths:

Fall Forever

Button-down denim skirt, caramel brown suede jacket, leather boots, fringe, marsala top... Fall is indeed not just a season, but a fashion inspiration. And I see it EVERYWHERE the past weeks. 

We might only have rainy and sunny days here in the Philippines, though I can't help but dream of the rustling, falling, brown-red-orange leaves in beautiful parks. I'm obsessed! For now, I can only fall in love with people's style where they get to incorporate the feel and colors of this magical season.

Uniqlo All-New Fleece Concept

Saturday, October 17, 2015

I bought several Uniqlo fleece jackets 2 years ago for my holiday trips. But from this new lineup, they expanded and included highly fashionable coats and functional windproof jackets for Fall 2015 (providing more warmth for the chillier months ahead). Click read more to know more!

Bulgari Omnia Paraiba

Brazil's Bulgari Omnia Paraiba fragrance is the small of summer. Good tropical paradise memories came rushing in the moment I figured out the quirky and unique Bulgari perfume squirt bottle, illuminating in jewel-tone blue during its launch at the SM Makati.


A decade and 300 designs later, TW Steel continues to make oversized watches with an oversized statement. As it marks its 6th year in the country, the Dutch watchmaker celebrates with a photo exhibit featuring TW Steel's timeless pieces.

Attended the exhibit at the Shangri-La Mall with Zed, Christine, Arnie, Crissey, Rhea, and AJ:

Meet the New SM Woman

Friday, October 16, 2015

SM Woman champions a body-positive cause by providing the most diverse range of fashion for women of every size, every age and every style. I enjoy their clothes because they are up-to-date, and available in my preferred size L-XL. Thank you SM Woman! :)

The Halal Guys Opens in Manila!

Monday, October 12, 2015

2013 is a highlight for me because the whole family went to NYC for the holidays. Our main agenda was to attend the New Year's Eve celebration, an epic, bucket list-worthy experience that I will nevereverever forget. Aside from that, we also went to other touristy / must-go-to spots like MOMA, the broadway, and the Empire State Building.

One of the New Yorker experience that we had was lining up and eating at The Halal Guys. 

Living Life with B'lue

It was during my 2-week sickness / hibernation when I decided that when I am well and out-and-about again, I will make the most out of the remaining months of 2015. I want to bring my real self back--my more adventurous, passionate and creative side.

And I can't do this if I am not taking care of my health. With determination, combined with the right nutrients for my body, I am game for anything my heart is passionate for! During my bed-rest, I realized how hydrating is as important as the medicines I took. 

Then I discovered B'lue Water-Based Drink.

The show that set Seoul on fire is finally coming to Manila! COOKIN’ NANTA will be playing for a limited season at The Theatre at Solaire from November 10 – 15, 2015. 

Lifehouse Live in Manila #SpinnrLifehouse

The hiatus is finally over for American rock band Lifehouse as they reminded their Filipino fans of their impact last Thursday, October 8, at the Mall of Asia Arena.

That's me and Pax near the stage! Stood the whole time, thanks for the experience Niche and @SpinnrPH!

Céleteque Launches Own Makeup Line (With Skincare Benefits!)

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Céleteque has gone a long, long way. From providing skincare products to direct concerns like brightening, illuminating, anti-acne, and sun protection, the brand comes up with their own MAKEUP LINE called the Céleteque DermoCosmetics: dermatologist-tested, hypoallergenic, and clinically-proven to ensure that you can wear makeup everyday, and still care for your skin!

Read more on these exciting products below.

LUSH: To discontinue selected products, Coming up with new collection

Wednesday, October 07, 2015

Oh no! LUSH Philippines decided to let go of some of their cult favorites. In the next two weeks, better go to your favorite (super bango!) Lush store to stock up!

Find out below which LUSH products you'll say good bye to soon. :(

Maybe your best friend’s birthday is coming up and you’re wondering what to get for this special individual. Fortunately, there are several ways to select a gift that will be meaningful to your best friend. Consider a few things to think about when choosing a birthday gift for a best friend.

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A Personal Care Gift

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A Longtime Favorite

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Finally, no matter what type of gift you get for your best friend, he or she will be touched by the amount of thought that went into your selection. This is the best way to let your best friend know that you’re grateful for his or her friendship.

Back to Business?

Monday, October 05, 2015

I have to be honest, I haven't found my business "niche". 

People Footwear x Herschel + Collab with Bloggers

Sunday, October 04, 2015

I'm the happiest when they hold events in Alabang, and people really come. Yesterday, my friends went on a "field trip" in my turf as People Footwear and Herscel launched their Fashion Punctuation campaign at the Alabang Town Center. There were several bloggers who participated in the show, find out more below.

September Favorites

Saturday, October 03, 2015

When I look back briefly, September felt like a curse. I got really sick for almost two weeks, which made me miss two sessions with my teaching job, an art workshop I've been looking forward to, and two plays and TWO concerts I'd die to watch. Huhuhu. Why!!!

But of course, there's also something about the month that changed me. The 2-week hibernation also led me to a book that turned around my disposition. I've never felt so grateful in my life - and being thankful, even for the littlest things, made me happier. Isn't that the thing that we aim for anyway?

So, presenting the point of this blog post! Here are the things that made me gush last month:

1) Cover Girl Cosmetics

I've seen NATIVE all-over Instagram, most especially on friends who love to go to music festivals and those crazy out-of-town outdoor parties. It looks cool and comfortable (the shoes), and of course, matibay. 

No wonder the brand just came up with TRAVEL and world culture themed collection for Fall / Winter 2015. Went to Glorietta earlier to check out these new styles, and also to participate in their current promo! (Who wants a free pair of NATIVE shoes?)

Be one of the first to try Magnum's NEW White Chocolate Indulgence!

Friday, October 02, 2015

Say hello to the NEW Magnum White Chocolate Almond. It will be out in the market on October 5. Want to be one of the first to try this new flavor? Read on!

First of all, Happy World Vegetarian Day! I've been one since 2006 (or 05?), and have ever since been on the look out for alternatives to some dishes that I love and miss. I've tried vegetarian burgers, veggie hotdog, and vegetarian siomai, but for the first time, and finally, I was able to try a VEGETARIAN PAELLA earlier! I love flavored rice so so much, so this day made me happy! :)

Lunch out in Alqueria with Chuckie, Sarah, Paul, and Yen. Fun group! We talked a lot about travels.

UNIQLO x Lemaire

UNIQLO has so much in stored for us right now. For the fans, ready your shopping money before you enter their large stores (SM Megamall, SM North EDSA, SM Aura, and SM Mall of Asia)! I'm sure you'll find pieces you'd love for the coming holidays!

How Do I Look Asia's Zalora Shopping Party

Thursday, October 01, 2015

Yehey, I'm so happy every time ZALORA holds a shopping party. They carry a lot of brands, but I am very much in love even with their own label. Their clothes are all on point, stylish, and of course - they have sizes that fit me well!

So yesterday's shopping party was hosted by DIVA's How Do I Look Asia. Bloggers and personalities gathered in Zalora's Pop-Up Store at the Shangri-La Mall.

Fossil Fall 2015: Calling All Curious

I've known Fossil for a long time, with my St. Scho busmates donning a leather bag for school or a sleek watch - both too cool and seem to be must-haves even during the 90s. But I started appreciating the brand when I went to the States 2 years ago, and bought a long red leather Fossil wallet and a white watch. I love them both for their timeless design and good quality. It felt good to own them!

Anyway, yesterday Fossil Philippines invited people to their Shangri-La Mall store to welcome Fall 2015. I'll let you in on the festivities that afternoon...