And Then There's Regetta Canoe

Friday, May 06, 2016

Last night I was talking to my Ate about our college and post-college days of pure commuting and how grateful we are that in a way "kumikita na tayo" and don't need to hardcore commute (in short, may pang taxi na). I remembered having daily walkathons to go to my then accessories brand suppliers, with no choice but ride the bus / jeep / mrt even when I'm carrying so much things with me. Mahirap din maligaw or makasakay sa maling jeep... Wala akong pan-taxi to get to where I needed to be. So walk, and walk, and walk.

I think all these walkathons while wearing the wrong shoes lead to my bunion (a feet condition with no clear cause). Ang sad, I have the ugliest feet, haha, but I am proud of them because they took me to a lot of my secret suppliers and eventually to beautiful places during travels. It is important to take care of them because they carry your whole weight every single day. One way is to invest on good shoes like Regetta Canoe.

Learned more about this Japanese, Vegan brand yesterday at the stylish, vegan restaurant SUSI, Forbestown, Taguig.

They all gave us a pair. I got the classic version: with EGG HEELS like their logo, and black straps:

Yummy vegan sandwich made of falafel.. Super good. :p

I've tried the eco solution of using paper straws, pero ang hassle! I like that they serve shakes with metal straws. 

More about the brand: Created in 2005 by Yasuo Takamoto, Regetta Canoe was launched in 2012 bringing together revolutionary shoe-making material and techniques with the modern interpretation of the beautiful Japanese shoes the "Geta". The shoes have a canoe-like structure to bring maximum comfort and balance that will keep you walking day and night.

The five features that mark every RegettaCanoe shoe:

1) It corrects the posture of the body, subsequently alleviating knee and hip pressure which causes aches and pains in the long run. 

2) It reduces the impact on the feet.

3) The arch support improves blood circulation, lessening feet fatigue. 

4) While most RegettaCanoe shoes are open, it is crafted in such a way that protects the wearer’s toes and heels (curved up edge).

5) RegettaCanoe shoeis a vegan product. This means that the customers who buy their products are helping reduce animal suffering and environmental pollution because they are supporting a brand that pursues a vegan philosophy in the business they run.

Very minimal-Japanese fashion styling with the RegettaCanoe shoes:

During the intimate event, Dr. Edgar Michael T. Eufemio talked about common injuries people experience, and how it can be corrected with a few simple adjustments in our daily lifestyle.

Dr. Edgar is the President of the Philippine Orthopedic Society for Sports Medicine (POSSM), and the Vice President of the ASEAN Society for Sports Medicine and Arthroscopy (ASSA). With his training on various branches of sports medicine from all over the world, Dr. Edgar is a highly esteemed specialist who is more than qualified to advise us on what we can do to improve our orthopaedic health.

We ended the event with a little "stroll in the park" around Burgos Circle, as we tried our pair of Regetta Canoe: 

It is a bit heavy, but comfortable, soft, and very unique. I like its Japanese style, and would even wear it with socks! With so much styling to try with Regetta Canoe, I find it hard to not wear this pair for the next couple of days. It's my new favorite "mandals", providing the right elevation and balance in my every stride.

There’s nothing like the RegettaCanoe shoes— created with precision to make you look good, feel good, and be good to the earth. Follow them on FACEBOOK for more info and updates!


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