Monday, November 27, 2017

Hello everyone! Make sure to check out these awesome deals this holiday season! Ready? Scroll away! 😍

If I have to recommend a hotel for your South Korea trip, I will most probably answer L7 Hotels Myeongdong. Not only because I haven't tried any other hotels except this and some guesthouses, but just with this one-time stay it is already Anagon-approved.

Hangout with Friends @ Last Night's Locally "Fruit Truck"

Saturday, November 25, 2017

We've know of food trucks and ice cream trucks, but have you ever heard of a "fruit truck"???

Last night, I finally had the time to hangout with my best friends in blogging, Paul and Ava, as we experienced the launch of Locally Blended Juice Drink's Locally Fruit Truck at the BGC Passionfest. BGC Passionfest is a celebration of all things local, and event started around 6pm. Ang daming booths last night, but we decided to hangout with Locally.

Locally by NutriAsia is the first quirky Filipino juice line made with indigenous local fruits, and now the Fruit Truck is another first for them. Millennials and millennials at heart were there to celebrate the end of the week with good food, refreshing drinks, and great company. The place was also super jam-packed! 

Autumn in Korea: Everland Resort + Hwaseong Fortress + SM Town Stardium in DDP (DAY 1)

Thursday, November 23, 2017

After the honey almond nuts and packs of Lotte chocolates (Ghana) are gone, writing keeps great memories of a trip intact.

Alternative Korea Itinerary for the Seoul Nth Timers (Day 0)

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Everything was set for my final trip of the year, a ten-day, pure Tokyo autumn travel mid November.

Suddenly, and unexpectedly, I received an email from Cebu Pacific Air-JG Summit Holdings Inc-Korea Tourism Organization inviting me to a "Ladies Special" Seoul tour! Sumobrang excited and super G ako for this, especially when I found out that I will be with my blog sister Paxie! Sobrang swerte ng feeling! We were both freaking out on Viber, gushing over this sudden trip! Just months prior, we were even dreaming of a Busan ala Bromance (Jisoo-Nam Joo Hyuk) trip next year, and now we're finally going to Korea together!